This Movie Has Every Stereotype 

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Laser Cat
Laser Cat 10 hónapja
Ugh, THIS guy is back?
Californium-252 11 órája
Bangy 2 napja
Aren’t we guy?
Humter 6 napja
is he? i didn't even notice
ItsAshplaz XXX
IKR 🤦🏻‍♀️
XxstylesxX 10 napja
I’m confused-
the weed thing confuses me cause like,,,, what if a minor ordered a pizza???? you're not allowed to do that gbkjdfnbkg
Jalmaurer Gaming
Jalmaurer Gaming 3 órája
Gr8 new vid danny
Jalmaurer Gaming
Jalmaurer Gaming 3 órája
Huh looks like some mystic pizza
Andrea C
Andrea C 15 órája
*goes to pictureofhotdog.com *gets virus
George Linson
George Linson 20 órája
I have an Aussie uncle who is born in India and looks like an Indian and he sounds very aussie
sour chuck
sour chuck 23 órája
The sophisticated dogsled simultaneously tease because thunderstorm splenomegaly destroy per a absurd toad. friendly, scary plate
Avery Nathan
Avery Nathan 23 órája
Little Italy has the same pronunciation as Leedle Leedle Lee.
Mother Of Pink
it’s saturday, not thursday.
squirrels aren't tasty
my characteristic was nose (because i don't get promts) and my outcome was just danny
Thomas Knight
I really felt like you missed the opportunity to comment on the fact that his outdoor rooftop patio has like 50 table lamps for some reason and that her grandmother announces that she's pregnant in the end??
their cat in the back made me happy
Rando Human?
This specific video of Danny's is one I can watch over and over.
Princess Madeira
It's weird how much you look like you ought to be a member of my family... like my siblings both look like you to a weird degree
Matthew McGuire
You and your wife are so cute :)
Jonathan Dunn
Jonathan Dunn 2 napja
I love Lauren and Nicole!
Gabriel Young Fence
6:42 we’ve done it! We found the woman drew
James Woznik
James Woznik 2 napja
The spiteful james emphatically measure because colony wessely switch out a acrid toilet. waggish, green grey grieving collar
Kieran K
Kieran K 3 napja
Funny story, one of my former co-workers was an extra in the scene where everyone is high and going crazy in the restaurant. He threw a paper airplane and it flew directly into Hayden Christensen's eye and they had to stop the scene. Fortunately, nobody knew it was him and he lived to tell me that story 2 years later.
molly kotes
molly kotes 3 napja
that scene where kylo ren and rey kissed was easier to watch than this movie
Cam Par
Cam Par 3 napja
little italy was filmed in the distillary district of toronto instead of the.......little italy district of toronto.....brilliant
Vivian Cox
Vivian Cox 4 napja
We need more of this MST3K-style movie commentary from you and your gf, that was so funny
Styrlin Rowland
My school just restricted pictureofhotdog.com I am angry
Styrlin Rowland
Lol, I got a pizza add before this 😂
Lemon 4 napja
2:15 I imaged a person with brown hair, when I turned it up to 100 it looked like cousin it from Adam's family and bigfoot had a baby.
Paola Coccioli
If you think THIS is a stereotypical film wait till you watch Holidate. Incidentally Emma Roberts is in too.
Elle Stirling
Elle Stirling 5 napja
Good video but the guy is kind of weird
User Name
User Name 5 napja
I would be so pissed if I was trying to catch a flight and this bitch was going through the detector taking one piece off jewelry at a time
Bailey Falk
Bailey Falk 5 napja
can u talk abt big mouth what do you think abt it
CoraKolourAC 5 napja
I am SO sorry you had to type those captions, I feel really bad for you.
Shannon Hogan
Shannon Hogan 5 napja
I watch this video so often I think I need you and amanda to just start a channel where the two of you watch movies
Hades 5 napja
Drew: pick one characteristic of that person. My brain: taco Drew: turn that slider up to the max My brain: *t A c O*
Horo624 6 napja
hot dog needs pistol
Fiona Piazza
Fiona Piazza 6 napja
As an Italian I can confirm that pizza is not the only Italian food
Zann Christo
@Fiona Piazza are you implying that the American media poorly portraits other cultures to the masses, while making millions and getting pissed when they are the ones getting their culture wrong? *Lies, disgusting lies*
Fiona Piazza
@Zann Christo no no! It's true! We eat canolis aswell
Zann Christo
You must be lying
Duckster -FOS
Duckster -FOS 6 napja
I speak for behalf of America, we don’t want this movie. Give it to Britain
Eitain Hzaeil2
I bet drew gets destroyed by long fast food ads
Mini0n_FTW 8 napja
i gotta say, when you work at a family owned pizza company, you do eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is both awesome and not good at the same time
Ria Shivam
Ria Shivam 8 napja
"CoWs aRe SACRAD IN 🇮🇳 InDia" his accent is literally so stereotypical
Lindsay Stough
That's the fucking tela-marketing voice
Tori's world
Tori's world 8 napja
Thats more pizza in one movie than in 4 season hetalia!
cloud 8 napja
now this is pod racing
bob the tomato in a maid dress l
i think the pizza competition and the bikini contest happening on the same stage is the best way to describe the movie
SnippyKat 9 napja
Of course it was filmed in Toronto drew ya silly goose, it's way cheaper to shoot in than new york
Eggzima 9 napja
BushyDev 9 napja
Hotdogs are garbage
GrunkDani 10 napja
okay, a real scene of them all high slumped as hell, chowing down on some pizza, would make the movie significantly better
Rokie YT
Rokie YT 10 napja
oh its my boi... omg thats anakin.
Ana Carolina M
Ana Carolina M 10 napja
spiking someone's pizza with weed though wouldn't that just make the restaurant sells more pizza?
Lindsay Stough
I think you need a license to sell stuff like that
Luca Carchedi
Luca Carchedi 10 napja
Lol it’s Thursday
Luca Carchedi
Luca Carchedi 10 napja
But is wensday
Hooks Fishing
Hooks Fishing 10 napja
Damn I'm not used to people saying my name ”Hayden” in TV and movies etc 😆 Kinda weird Hayden Kingdom where ya at
Jean McLachlin
Jean McLachlin 10 napja
I live near Toronto's Little Italy. A whole bunch of strangers stopping to look at the main characters is the least Toronto thing about this entire film. In Toronto, Canadian politeness means being aggressively disinterested in strangers' drama -- you look away to give others their space.
Sofis skter Roksana1254**
The elated girdle subsequently dry because butcher prognostically switch over a second-hand vessel. penitent, lying rat
Cormac Butler
Cormac Butler 11 napja
Hayden Christensen was also in a show called the higher ground, let that sink in for a second
Cynelle Khent Ann Vasquez
Well that was painful
Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25
The fuck is anakin skywalker doing here?
Caramella Biological
Honestly this movie should’ve been named Pizza the premiere
Sockk _
Sockk _ 12 napja
“ Sponsored by pizza.”
Urban Leger
Urban Leger 12 napja
The guiltless storm reciprocally fence because grouse observationally fasten off a necessary stinger. flashy, uncovered answer
It was Friday
T P 12 napja
Speccy SquareGoLike
you silly dingus poo poo head... it's tuesday
chxrish 12 napja
Ugh I thought this was Amandas channel!
PvPower Gaming
PvPower Gaming 12 napja
The kid who played Anikin in phantom menace, because of the extreme criticism towards him as a kid, had a mental breakdown where he got in a fight with his mom and then got in a several mile police chase.
Azul :l
Azul :l 12 napja
great, now it’s 1:30am on a sunday and i really want pizza.
Ruth Barkey
Ruth Barkey 13 napja
The airport security scene. Didn't the same thing happen to the same actress (Emma Roberts) in We're The Millers?
Truman Way
Truman Way 13 napja
Isnt it funny when a cop sexually harassed someone. Great comedy.
Charlie Taylor
Charlie Taylor 13 napja
hot dog needs hot dog
E.t 14 napja
Jackson Brooks
Jackson Brooks 14 napja
me who recognizes Anakin as soon as I see the thumbnail *cries in nerd*
Ginna Allen
Ginna Allen 7 napja
ikkkk it hurts my soul
Jack Knight
Jack Knight 14 napja
Watch "Holidate" next!
Mean Pee
Mean Pee 14 napja
Drew... What is the name of your cat? They seem like a lovely little bugger.
tommy marcanio
tommy marcanio 14 napja
This is in the same universe as the amazing spider man
Natalie 14 napja
The way you say Toronto makes me laugh.
Zahul Puello
Zahul Puello 14 napja
2:23 soooo.... they like to fuck street lamps?
Andrew Cundiff
Andrew Cundiff 14 napja
this movie is free to watch on youtube now btw
Hannah 14 napja
why does hayden christensen look so... crusty
Rylee G
Rylee G 14 napja
Oh no Hayden :(
Sierra Carbajal
Sierra Carbajal 14 napja
Depends what your high on
NotQuiteHuman 14 napja
If I in this move I wonder if they would make me the depressed gay or the flamboyant gay
SFreeman 14 napja
Questish Ben
Questish Ben 14 napja
8:29 I'm sorry why is Adam from top Gear USA in this movie
Jaker2123 15 napja
Ok my real complaining lol What is that stupid accent?! Is he from good fellas? Seriously! Stoooopppppppp He doesn’t even look Italian ... up or down ...
Jaker2123 15 napja
WHATS WRONG WITH BEING FILMED IN TORONTO????? HUH??? HUH, GUY??????? We have Italian immigrants!!!!!! HUH???? HUH??????
Dean Quibell
Dean Quibell 15 napja
Fun Canadian fact: Guy asking about his pizza at 6:02 is the Canadian Tire guy Ted Simonett
Daniel de Andrade
I mean, if you're pretty coked up, "I like to move it move it" becomes an anthem
Doc 15 napja
Pizza time
Reagan Le
Reagan Le 16 napja
"I have the high grounds Nikki!" "You underestimate my pizza!" "Don't eat it" "AHHH" Nikki get a 3rd degree burn from eating a pizza that's been sabotaged by the competing pizzeria.
Micah Guillemette
It 4am why am i laughing so hard???? 😭😭😭😭
kinshuie 16 napja
can we please just talk about the girlfriend hayden had for that once scene and never got brought up again
Sierra Kaye
Sierra Kaye 16 napja
i have 0% ethnicity
TheAp397 16 napja
i imagened somene with vitalgo and then it becomes there whole sk9n
Apoorva Pachori
Apoorva Pachori 16 napja
The guy speaking in the overly-Indian Indian accent is so weird it hurts my regular-Indian ears.
zyzyfuss 10 napja
Ashley A
Ashley A 17 napja
It's Thursday and he said it's Thursday and what
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke 17 napja
9:36 isn’t that same actress who played the aunt in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
YelloBanana64 18 napja
it's pizza time
NorwegianOwl 18 napja
I like Hayden more in Star Wars. Like, who doesn’t?
Nathan Drake Subway
8:20 Elon Crust?
Dr. Death Defying
It's not Thursday. Unsubscribed.
Matthew Oswald
Matthew Oswald 18 napja
Drew and his wife have the exact same sense of humor and I love it!!
Rainy Weather
Rainy Weather 19 napja
Why does this vid have 1.5k dislikes???
Peaceful Peaches
Fun fact I am eatching this on national pizza day
Christine D
Christine D 19 napja
Hayden Christiansen did a couple of movies I do like. I did enjoy watching him in "Awake" and "Shattered Glass."
Christine D
Christine D 17 napja
@String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ oh yeah I did like him in Star Wars too. I just meant there were a couple of movies I like him in besides Star Wars
String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ
i think hes good at diversity, for example i liked him in starwars two AND starwars 3. impressive how hes able to be in movies that even have different numbers!