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In today's video, Amanda explains Neopets to me, I explain Runescape to her, and we take a trip back to the crafting table to try and recreate the world's most useless bowl.
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Please comment something nice about our cat she's very self-conscious.










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Prison Mike 2.0
Prison Mike 2.0 44 perccel
Tabbi Meeker
Tabbi Meeker 4 órája
I’m in my feelings that I’m minutes from O-town and have not met/become best friends with Amanda yet.
Lilly Angel
Lilly Angel 7 órája
Man these are amazing effects, R.I.P Amanda. What happened in Afghanistan stays in Afghanistan.
Squigl Net
Squigl Net 8 órája
Fourteen consecutive years of neo pets. That is dedication.
Thomas Africa
Thomas Africa 8 órája
Amanda looks like my third grade teacher. She was +-26, swore like a sailor, and was probably the best teacher I've had. Now that I think about it, I learned how to swear from her lmao.
Torie Gunstrom Gunstrom
What's her username??? I need more neofriends. Amanda if you ever see this friend me. My user is tacobellhotbox
ChaZ-E Napja
But she was a war hero and a martyr?!
hannah M
hannah M 2 napja
I am honestly regularly sad that I don't remember my log in for Neopets.
Ashlynn Barber
If Drew's editor (or if he is his own editor) edits Amanda's videos, I would 100% watch every video she posts
eihwaz359 2 napja
I have a problem. I see Gilmore Girls for exactly 2.3 seconds and im flippin out. What the- but i love the mass amount of amanda. Thats that was the point, yep
Squishy Variety
The second u guys made that tape bowl and Amanda left to make popcorn, sirens went off outside my window in the middle of the sentence “This looks great”
Bruh moment
Bruh moment 2 napja
Drew looks like 20 but is married to someone who looks 30. He hit the genetic lottery I believe.
E.B. Evitt Voice Acting
Ah, a Jellyneo fan. She has good taste in neopets fanwesbites.
Super effective Comment
Is roomscape?
Super effective Comment
I wish I cared about anything as much as Amanda cares about neopets
blake fieri
blake fieri 3 napja
hi amanda pls add me on neopets 7neopepe1 i love u
AbirReact 3 napja
10:14 I love this...
AbirReact 3 napja
Someone explain the Afghanistan joke please...
Damara Dayton
Damara Dayton 3 napja
It's on Danny's channel, watch the video with Drew of them reading a fan fic
She looks like Cody Ko's girlfriend
RandomMannith 3 napja
they are eating shrimp crackers hope all is well much love from CALI?
Elijah Nope
Elijah Nope 3 napja
jesus christ amanda’s neopets account is older than me
Jade rs515
Jade rs515 3 napja
this comment regards the sponsor: okay but which netflix has gossip girl? cuz im in canada 10 months after this video & that 70's show as well as gossip girl were nonrenewed contracts netflix let go.. sad
Aqua Mina
Aqua Mina 4 napja
Wow! I remember playing neopets as a child!
Magic Lee
Magic Lee 4 napja
you’re cat is glowing lately
Magic Lee
Magic Lee 3 napja
@Titan Raps I love you
Titan Raps
Titan Raps 3 napja
You’re dumb lately
Le Pie
Le Pie 4 napja
Amanda’s husband is kinda funny he should make videos
Luan Gil
Luan Gil 4 napja
this is the most interesting boring video ever. swear to god, i have never been so entertained with something so mundane as this and i love it
sharky dude
sharky dude 4 napja
the cat in the background lol
Euan Irvine
Euan Irvine 5 napja
Drew owns nice clothes. That is all.
everope 5 napja
Glad you're not wearing a Coke shirt, being white and all
alyssa !!
alyssa !! 5 napja
loving this amanda content
alyssa !!
alyssa !! 5 napja
holy fuck amanda made her account a week after i was born,,, bruh
Zozo Phonchkey
I’m a neopets addict as well. (:
Rylee G
Rylee G 6 napja
Shreya R
Shreya R 6 napja
Omg Amanda is so awesome!! Oh and Drew’s just there.
Baz Marquez
Baz Marquez 6 napja
13:15 his shirt looks like it says spm
0:01 Drew, it's February.
Just Another Random Disney Fanatic
Who else knows Neopets because of the odd1sout?
Incognito 7 napja
u gae
Justin Hamilton
is roomscape BBDNSVSBD
AntonLuvs /Gwenlps 18
Your cat is very cute. I’m writing this because she’s self conscious. You’re self conscious too so I guess pretty cute too but not as cute as BimBim.
sleepy 7 napja
the afghanistan memes are cool and all but where did it even come from hfjd ive been watching this channel for like a year or two now but i honestly still dont know where the afghanistan reference came from help-
boomer funny jim gaffigan
the one comment at the beginning of the video
Kasper Haxen
Kasper Haxen 8 napja
Drew in 50 years Grandkid: granddad how did u get that scar Drew: well I was making a life hack for my little stinkers
prolly the only real life hetero couple that makes me think "relationship goals"
Fernando Robinson
Gambling, betting and investing. So only gambling?
Sava Bien
Sava Bien 8 napja
Why does Amanda keep Drew around if the cat is allergic to him?
Sava Bien
Sava Bien 8 napja
There is something so inspiring about a grown woman talk about Neopets
not my real name
Dont diss cling wrap
Neptxne 9 napja
Neopets can trans?
Autumn Alexandra
Yo I have the same iron we should collab
Autumn Alexandra
Yo I use the same popcorn too
Paige Kormann
Paige Kormann 9 napja
okay time to give your channel to bimbim now
Henry Harrell
Henry Harrell 9 napja
I thought Neopets was a sponsor to I skipped it and found out its the video
Rakoon 10 napja
The wrap only sticks on stuff you don't want it to
Alexis Carrion
Alexis Carrion 10 napja
She’s an Angel dude. You guys are a great couple.
Ariana M
Ariana M 10 napja
I love how he says he gets bursts of energy “late at night” and then he says “like 10 PM”. How cute.
Eliza Qasim
Eliza Qasim 10 napja
. Hi
Sarah Michelle
Sarah Michelle 10 napja
How did we go from RuneScape to cats I mean I’m not upset by it but I’m just confused
Olivia Graves
Olivia Graves 11 napja
The problem actually was she got greedy but then he got overly competitive
I genuinely consider the part on neopets a documentary. I didnt even know it was a thing
Ethan Rabbitts
Ethan Rabbitts 11 napja
Whenever I watch this video I get pissed off when drew doesn't get to explain RuneScape.
Emily Gibson
Emily Gibson 11 napja
real life hack.. freeze ur cling wrap & it won’t suck :P
La Ka
La Ka 11 napja
he looks like chic from riverdale
Samantha Deaton
Samantha Deaton 11 napja
when she said "your pet pets can have pet pet pets" i actually scream-laughed
stinky goober
stinky goober 12 napja
Emerald Rain
Emerald Rain 12 napja
i pressed pause accidentally and thought drew was just standing still for a hot minute
Chris 12 napja
anyone know the song at 0:25 ?
Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown 12 napja
why do i feel like drinking a Pepsi now
Jack Knight
Jack Knight 12 napja
This is legitimately making me miss playing Neopets. It got me when I saw the map.
Joey Wythe
Joey Wythe 12 napja
A slorg wiggles by
thi party!
thi party! 12 napja
6:12 aren't those shrimp crackers or am i wrong??
Doggaraffe 12 napja
Welcome to the Amanda Show.
Pre Malone
Pre Malone 12 napja
Yo forget Amanda, give the channel to your cat, she could give us tips about hunting and stuff.
nicholas cocco
nicholas cocco 12 napja
Amanda looks like if drew had a child with Cody ko's girl friend
Bodie King
Bodie King 13 napja
4:00 makes me laugh so hard😂
The Bronx Boglehead
You’re making a bowl with bowl? You got a better way?
KELLY PotterHead
I wanna see them play webkinz
Cello Strings
Cello Strings 13 napja
0:01 Me: *cries in February*
TheFlaming Ash
TheFlaming Ash 14 napja
Gib applesauce
Fishe 14 napja
10:12 the acid's really kicking in
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 14 napja
i love bimbim's paws
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas 14 napja
I actually wanted to know about neo pet s
Kenny kohen
Kenny kohen 14 napja
I actually wanted to hear about RuneScape
chac h
chac h 14 napja
7:36 to 7:57 what song is this??
KeyLeigh Huffman
Your cat is beautiful
KeyLeigh Huffman
Your cat is beautiful
John Pavlosky IV
lol not gonna lie, you guys are a wicked cute couple.
Pik Pokt
Pik Pokt 15 napja
I would watch Amanda all the time if she was a HUrunr
sinjin swimming
sinjin swimming 15 napja
Petition for an Amanda channel 😔🙏
flaminghead1va 15 napja
Drew, it's nice you keep dating her even though she plays excessive amounts of a game meant for kids. Also, this my first time commenting on any of your videos; I nominate this for best daydreaming sequences, lol 👌
Nameless Man
Nameless Man 15 napja
is this truly your wife or an afghanian guy in disguise ?!
edith 6 napja
He's in denial
Katelyn Shafer
Katelyn Shafer 15 napja
Why do I look like Amanda
Vamp 16 napja
Neopets summed up: Gambling, fighting and starving your pet by "accident"
ICAT Yet 16 napja
My mom lost our Neopet passwords..... don’t know if our accounts still exist
Alexander Mitchell
The homely airship coincidingly book because hovercraft resultantly smash anenst a alleged fog. unwieldy, jazzy blizzard
Jakey Baby
Jakey Baby 16 napja
Lol all summer
Rockin' Roland
Rockin' Roland 17 napja
Your Neopets can have pets And your Neopet’s pets can have pet pets And your Neopet’s pet’s pet can have pet pet pets
ARK 17 napja
Amanda is the exact person you would think Drew would be married to.
MonstrDart 746
MonstrDart 746 17 napja
Neopets sounds like hypixal skyblock
qtc1xpz YT
qtc1xpz YT 17 napja
Wow, it’s so cool that Drew sacrificed his own finger for a HUrun video. Commitment
jjuupo 17 napja
Petition for dumbass cat to have a toutube channel
Leonard DiBello
Leonard DiBello 18 napja
The neopet volleyball game is lit