The Most Epic Movie Ever Made 

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5 stars.
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These comments are gonna be crazy as fuck until you pin one. I think that you shouldn't pin one just to piss everyone off this time.
Leo Uchiha 69
Leo Uchiha 69 9 órája
@Sofia’s Small world that’s kinda sick
Pug With Boba
Pug With Boba 5 napja
“Rules were meant to be fucked”
Vorticaldisc484 18 napja
Ah wtf!
Benblade Tv
Benblade Tv 22 napja
Stacey Mulligan
Stacey Mulligan 23 napja
William Kalu
William Kalu 48 perccel
Here for the rated R superstar
bean shadow
bean shadow 4 órája
Baby I hear the blues a-callin. Tossed salad and scrambled eggs. Oh my.
thecutter1983 19 órája
I respect Kelsey Grammer too much as an actor to watch this video after 2:07.
Milo McMahon
Milo McMahon 20 órája
To be fair, turning down the exposure in post is how they turned outside scenes from night to day in the old Jane’s Bond movies. Maybe that’s what they were going for, or maybe they were just stupid.
Michelle Mercil
I want “Rules were meant to be fucked” on a t shirt.
getdebi 2 napja
best ad read ever
Charles Bronson
To be fair, kelsi also played sideshow bob
Taco Sloth
Taco Sloth 3 napja
Money Plane CashCopter BANKNOTE BIPLANE
Animator Ireenie
5:54 This could work, but he executes it very poorly. You have to put at least two fingers into his mouth and then basically rip the cheek off (or, well, try to) in one fast move.
PabloBro 4 napja
Me, who just watched vikings: Yo, that's Kjetill!
The movie feels like what Christian parents think “teen movies” are like.
zoe f
zoe f 8 napja
KaileyDeemer 8 napja
Kelsey also plays side show bob
Wasn’t expecting to see Edge 😂
The first Sharknado is in no way self aware or ironic, that's why its so good like Dark Dungeons its strait-laced absurdity is part of the charm. That's why the Sharknado sequels suck they're self aware and become a bad satire of itself
MeninA Feia
MeninA Feia 10 napja
No its the zootopia trick, the carrot pen trick.
Julia Hallenbeck
Seeing Edge play with a daughter triggers me. If you've seen Haven you know why.
It's Kayla
It's Kayla 11 napja
Edge being in this is making me lose my mind
XxAwesome GlassesxX
Can't wait for currency caravan or buck boat
Georgia Overdrive
Looks like Kelsey blew all his money on coke
Tremoral 13 napja
You should review the shaft movie, not the tv show
Shiny Abbad
Shiny Abbad 13 napja
I'm 90% sure that the tablet where they watch the cobra this is a Nintendo switch
Gimme 50bucks
Gimme 50bucks 14 napja
I swear, I'm getting sick of recording
oitette 15 napja
I think he's doing it to put it down jack's throat to make him throw up? Ew Tact-finger1!!1
Greasy gurl
Greasy gurl 16 napja
i thought it said monkey plane and im very disappointed
Sairaj R. Kamath
🎶Hey baby, I hear the blues are callin', tossed salads and mooo-ney planes🎶
Alleeus 18 napja
‘Currently in your recycle bin’ so true .😂
phanfinger 20 napja
I feel like Kelsey Grammar is better than this. Buddy, you're supposed to be making bad musical movies not regular bad movies. He weirdly looked like he enjoyed saying 'fuck' so much.
A 20 napja
When you aren't paying attention: "This movie is only eight minutes long. And I skipped the first forty of it."
Noah Sichel
Noah Sichel 20 napja
fishhook is a real thing
dimensionalremi 20 napja
c o k e v a u l t
iNeon _Playz
iNeon _Playz 21 napja
Money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, money plane, Dude F**king An Alligator, Money Plane, money plane, money plane, money plane.....
Edge is no longer a former WWE wrestler, but as you've used a photo from Backlash 2020 I'm surprised you didn't know that already.
im19ice3 22 napja
i have to admit i was more amused by fraiser going off than i thought i'd be. i do love that they had money on the money plane. they did look like they were taking it seriously, cant help but wonder about the talent of whoever convinced them to sign on, how cool they made it sound and then they witnessed it go off-course in person.
Puteri Adleen
Puteri Adleen 23 napja
You’re doing so good! Take care
Kojo Bailey
Kojo Bailey 24 napja
Rumble time!
Bailey McBride
Bailey McBride 25 napja
*2021 Royal Rumble winner Edge
Newbier 25 napja
when is cash copter coming out?
Spaghetti Tacos
Spaghetti Tacos 25 napja
I clicked on this video thinking it said "monkey plane"
S.C. Wood
S.C. Wood 26 napja
At least Kelsey Grammar is... trying?
Nathan Derbyshire
Edge won the rumble
Sunny Shukla
Sunny Shukla 26 napja
Me: bored at the start of the video "it has Kelsey Grammer in it" *ALL IN BOIS*
zachary johnson
zachary johnson 26 napja
They should have made it a comedy
Xurism 27 napja
The Contortionist in the back immediately caught my eye. 4 months later.
RCJunior 27 napja
To be fair, Kelsey Grammer is also Sideshow Bob
Iggy Boi
Iggy Boi 27 napja
Monta Zvejsalniece
its the ✨ i also did my report on expres vpn✨
heil metropolis
heil metropolis 27 napja
Who’s here after Edge wins the Royal Rumble again?
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison 18 napja
Bruh every time I see him on screen all I can think of is goddamn Money Plane and it's becoming a problem lmao
TheGuy 27 napja
My girlfriend got mad at me cause i wouldnt stop saying “money plane”
Corey Cooney
Corey Cooney 27 napja
5:17 that one clip was cut off at just the right time to make the fraction of this single part better than the whole movie and funnier than it too.
Ron Pincock
Ron Pincock 28 napja
Lol, when he puts his finger in his mouth its called a "fish hook" or "fish hooking" where im from, its dirty fighting. Can really hurt but its more of a last ditch thing youd never do it attacking someone from behind 😂
Brayden Munro 2
Brayden Munro 2 28 napja
"Rules were meant to be fucked" Idk why but I love that quote more than anything
Brayden Munro 2
Brayden Munro 2 28 napja
If you like crappy, low-budget movies, download Tubi. It had movies like: Velocipastor, The Amazing Bulk, Transmorphers, Thor The End Of Days and many more rip-off, low-budget and bad movies
saradrawsstuff 28 napja
All of the swearing sounds edited in
Inuiri 28 napja
I genuinely think that they meant spectating when they said speculation which is the most embarrassing thing ever
AntiHeroine 28 napja
Another great sponsor plug
dr pill
dr pill 29 napja
why does it sound like they were all scared to cuss and had to work up the nerve to say fuck
Sandtalon 29 napja
I can’t get “dude fuckin an alligator” out of my head thanks Drew
S.C.P Foundation
Edge from WWE holy shit
James Priest
James Priest Hónapja
Was he shooting borg?
Mrs.Kelly Miracle
"dude fucking an alligator" everytime🤣
Ari TheInsecureRat
s n a k e
Jayydabest Hónapja
Is no one gonna talk about edge
Tabby Road
Tabby Road Hónapja
Kelsey has about 9 kids to support and a few ex-wives. That’s probably why he was in CashCopter, or maybe it was for the incredible script, but I’m guessing the money.
Eli Dab
Eli Dab Hónapja
9:54 Dark-Mode Drew
Dan Gilmour
Dan Gilmour Hónapja
the gang does lethal weapon 7
Carter Springer
Carter Springer Hónapja
“I NEVER LOSE” **Dies Aggressively**
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts Hónapja
The debt submarine
Dolla Sign Stee
Dolla Sign Stee Hónapja
sweety i know you love when your dad gives you a concussion has me dead
Mysterio Hónapja
9:55 I would like that because I listen to you late at night and fall asleep to this
vizthex Hónapja
everyone knows Ms. McGillicutty married a cuban musician.
AJ Vinoski
AJ Vinoski Hónapja
tf? why didn't the alarm sound? they didn't even answer any pagers
Hey Guy!
Hack Hónapja
nice skit for expressVPN
CMB Productions
CMB Productions Hónapja
Is that Edge?
cxrbon Hónapja
11:51 does screaming make the gun more powerful?
adamyes SDVX
adamyes SDVX Hónapja
drew is the only youtuber I know that makes the sponsor segments entertaining
friedpillows Hónapja
no one's gonna talk about how bad the shots looked at 11:49?
Cheecho Hónapja
My favourite part was the ad
kevin the pigeon
the cursing sounds like it was edited in.
twopaste Hónapja
Jonathan Thurston
Do these bad movies have bad cameras too? You can tell by the quality that it is a bad movie, right off the bat.. SO I guess I am more or less curious as to what makes it look like that. Love the channel btw man, great job :)
DragonBagon123 :O
I'm not epic enough to wacth this...😔
Before anything I just want to say that I am wrong
Drew makes the best ads out of every HUrunr
Ben Smart
Ben Smart Hónapja
him or comment etiquette
I hate dolphins
I hate dolphins Hónapja
is the daughter played by the same little girl who was in another video where she's all like 'Im 12 and im pregnant and i dont give a fuck'
Usman bhatt
Usman bhatt Hónapja
Ratna Kode
Ratna Kode Hónapja
lysh lysh
lysh lysh Hónapja
that was the funniest ad read sketch ive seen in a while
Zer0 The Assassin
*I CAN'T LOSE!* *BAM* The best part of the movie. I especially love the cutaway.
dangernoodle Hónapja
Drew: "What the hell is going on down here? I can't see anything, cause you turned the exposure down!" *Me being a fuckin cat*
SugarMunki Hónapja
i love the scared-confused teacher at the end just saying "go to the principals office..."
the man shoots the bottom of his chin and the bullet comes out of the top of his head,great logic movie
xanax Hónapja
Teacher: Why are you wearing a crop top to school, missy? 👓👵🏻🤨 Me: Rules were meant to be fucked😎
Spirit_og69 Hónapja
This the guy from big mouth or?
Alex Valdez
Alex Valdez Hónapja
There's also a Money Train.
Theo Blackett
Theo Blackett Hónapja
Haha "cool your jets" dadum shhh cuz money plane
Crafty Gal
Crafty Gal Hónapja
The Lawrence brothers have been in hollywood since they were little boys. Maybe those actors just wanted to support their project.
Do It Like Will
Do It Like Will Hónapja
This is a very underrated Drew Gooden video. It's so quotable.
Skinny White Boy
You can stick your finger in someone's mouth to fishhook them, which if your strong enough, you can rip off a chunk of someone's face