The JayStation Unraveling 

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happy birthday jason!!
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DeltaWave 2 napja
Tearful Toast
Tearful Toast 3 napja
worms 4 napja
omg hi muta 😳
Nobody Important
Filth 14 napja
Get well soon
V Perce
Is that... is that the Skyrim soundtrack for the background music I hear?
Mr. Mystery
Mr. Mystery 43 perccel
“Dear god...where did you go” he never went anywhere...just waiting for the fuckin chaos to die down enough to slap us humans upside the head and say wake the hell up
MagmaLynx Órája
6:54 The Skyrim music💀
The Entity
The Entity 2 órája
I just noticed that this video is under the #slave. I'm dead! xD
alex a
alex a 5 órája
JarJar Station
Not A Boomer Tree
Not A Boomer Tree 10 órája
Manipulative, ab*sive 30+ year old man ab*ses two girlfriends, says he loves all his FEMALE fans, and hangs out with a 17 year old female fan for one entire night = Oh no! Jaystation = Cool? *Why?*
*_Dead EmUse_*
*_Dead EmUse_* 10 órája
So basically if you don’t like someone don’t watch. You don’t need to go onto their vids, dislike, and leave hate comments, then delete from watch history. It’s still doing to make them money 😂
angel 19 órája
remember his “gay love potion”
*_Dead EmUse_*
*_Dead EmUse_* 10 órája
Oh don’t get me started 😭
guy 21 órája
Hi, best and worst? What the fuck does that mean? *Oh I guess you accidentally said best*
Giang Lan
Giang Lan 21 órája
Jay be edo tensei Alexia
The Mighty Colon
The Mighty Colon 22 órája
"Dear God, where did you go?" Me: "God is dead and we killed him"
Zisan 22 órája
" #slave "
sampo alanko
sampo alanko 23 órája
2:20 is this L's theme from death note or am i hearing wrong
Blue Jay Jenna
Blue Jay Jenna 23 órája
It's so fucked that his girlfriend broke up with him and than he went and made videos about how she's dead, made a fake grave. He's fucked
Chapin Wiscombe
“Resurrect a human being for the first and only time ever” Jesus Christ: am I a joke to you?
Mulan Napja
-beats up someone with a bat- I didn't commit assault, it was the bat that I was holding and was in complete control of that committed assault
b g
b g Napja
Grade A narcissist
Peter The Fish
Is that Red House Painters playing at the 1:50 mark?
The Sleepy Dot
Drew plays dumb so much that I sometimes forget just how smart he is.
hcbbs Napja
pinned comment sucks
*_Dead EmUse_*
*_Dead EmUse_* 10 órája
Legit everyone trying to be a pinned comment says this xd And the channels name multiple times-
nacho peligro
gotta love the subtle use of L's theme from the death note soundtrack in there
Alice Napja
At least in the old days we stopped watching people when they turned out to be gross. Remember when Alex day’s channel died over night? Glorious
The Young Wolf
sorry, but I had to keep staring at that the train going into the fire tunnel as it was the most in focus thing lol
Bibhabaree Sahu
I’ll do u one better HOW did he get a girlfriend?
Thomas Westfall
IDubbz Vibes
Frances Michalec
the fact he added the hashtag slave b r u h h h
Danny when did you change the channel name?
Luc Mario
Luc Mario Napja
I mean he's jaystation would you believe him?
Bryan Hagan
Bryan Hagan 2 napja
Drew is the kind of guy to act dumb but then you find out he was valedictorian or something
JakePluck 2 napja
Anybody peep the hashtag on this video? lmao
Akanksha Kohli
The worst part is his audience is very young like 7 to 9 year olds and imagine if they "resurrected" her what will the kids think that they can bring back their loved ones? What? That's so messed up
noculation 2 napja
why is L's theme playing in the background
Oh Dang
Oh Dang 2 napja
I love your voice
Anna Lundquist
Danny has spoken.
flux 3 napja
This guy is eventually going to kill someone. His personality is so similar to all those true crime men who eventually get violent enough and desperate enough and eventually snap and murder someone. I’m calling it now. It’s gonna happen
Cormac Butler
Cormac Butler 3 napja
I like how no one has mentioned that he has the #slave as the only hashtag on the video
Faulty Videos
Faulty Videos 3 napja
Well. We stopped Jay for a little while. But it wasn't because he actually felt any sort of remorse for this. It's because his videos got mass demonitized.
Rutuja Samel
Rutuja Samel 3 napja
“I don’t deserve this”, yeah you don’t deserve the fame, money or a platform to create content
Jack Brouse
Jack Brouse 3 napja
I never knew your tears come out of your eyebrows😂 apparently jaystation X-ray from his eyebrows
Mel Chan
Mel Chan 3 napja
I'm a year late and the only thing I can say to this is WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Lena Embry
Lena Embry 4 napja
Is that... Skyrim music??
ZombiePenguin 4 napja
There's only one way to stop Jaystation. Ban/Delete his HUrun, his socials, everything to the point where he will never come back and make sure that no one will ever pick up where he left off.
Dana Subkhan
Dana Subkhan 4 napja
Jake Paul is taking notes in the corner
Sub 2 Pewdiepie
*"the plan is what ruined the plan"* -Drew Gooden 2020
Madi Decker
Madi Decker 4 napja
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 5 napja
Cameron West
Cameron West 5 napja
The Hashtag tho
ABOTGames 5 napja
I love that this video has #slave
Zoe Baloney
Zoe Baloney 5 napja
I hate it when people comment on his vidoes saying "HoW iS hE sTiLl PoPuLaR?" But the thing is you're giving him attention by watching his video
Kayla Ziegler
Kayla Ziegler 5 napja
Skyrim music in the background?
Aussie Bush-Nymph
Skyrim music?
jobobian 5 napja
I feel bad for Alexia
Cassie Hunt
Cassie Hunt 5 napja
the Skyrim music
VeganSquid 6 napja
People with personality disorders are exhausting. Life is too short to give them the amount of attention they want. Spend your time and energy with kind easygoing people 💕
Preston Lee
Preston Lee 6 napja
What a scum bag
Angelica Nevermore
Skyrim Soundtrack 💅🏼✨
Alexis Carrion
Critikal’s godly voice in this video made me happy
Noah The Iguana
Are we gonna ignore the fact that the only hashtag on this video is #slave? That’s golden
Toenail Clippings
The Whiterun music playing the background caught me so off guard I thought I had Skyrim open on another tab.
RecklessDWR 6 napja
Just noticed that Drew put the hashtag Slave! 😂🤣
SySy Lurk
SySy Lurk 6 napja
"Hey guy "
Britney T.
Britney T. 7 napja
Adding jaystation to the list of channels that I haven't watched and will also block
Freezing Fronk
2:13 oh my god L's theme with Drews monologue gave me chills and i have no clue why
Dodge Gaming Official
Eavan if she did die it is extremly disrepectful to use a ouji board IT WORSE BECAUSE HE WOULD USE IT FOR MONEY
Roktrum 7 napja
Bald man who is always wearing a cap and big lip woman argue for HUrun content. I love HUrun.
Hyper Spiralz
Hyper Spiralz 6 napja
Me too 😂🤣
especialista em nada
People like him are the reason why it is important to teach kids to take responsability for their mistakes
Cain Cybuck
Cain Cybuck 7 napja
Damn who knew callmecarson watched jaystation
Bennett Johnson
Drew= lawyer?
glorpnorph 7 napja
I just realized that Mangs, the FEtuber who was accused of rape and had evidence of his innocence faced more consequences than Jaystation, the man who faked his girlfriends death, was almost proven guilty of assaulting multiple women, and has been to jail.
glorpnorph 7 napja
Wow. What a terrible monster of a person. Words cannot describe how horrendous and monstrous this man is. I knew that Jaystation was a stupid clickbait channel but I had absolutely no idea that he was this horrid.
Merchant [REDACTED]
"Its all about the he said she said b*llsh*t". I thought about this lyric while watching this.
Beverley Allison
The cooperative accelerator only watch because quotation clinicopathologically beam an a new ox. misty, material staircase
William Mara
William Mara 8 napja
Liar he didn't want to jailed because why she have another channel called 666
Just Clownin Around
Are you American Pyrocynical
Roktrum 7 napja
BA ZINGA!!! 9 napja
This is my 100th time rewatching this video and only now do I see the #slave I feel like the most oblivious viewer in the world
Another Sheev Palpatine
Atleast most cringey content creators are mostly harmless, there lazy but none of them are this desperate Jay is possibly the worst content creator on this platform
XxstylesxX 10 napja
8:19 legend says if you rub his forehead a Genie will come out
Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart 10 napja
The oafish bill desirably tie because steven spectacularly remember opposite a clumsy internet. plain, somber ellipse
SURI BONINI 10 napja
from kurtis, to cody, to danny and now you, i think my life decisions are becoming better lol sjsjsjs. im subbed! i like the u speak btw (i hope that's not weird)
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
did anyone else actually find this on #slave ?
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
Scott Julian
Scott Julian 10 napja
I found this browsing the #slave tags. Thanks for the tag drew!
maybe he made this video cus he broke up with her edited: made this comment 20 seconds he siad he broke with her
Grecia Leon
Grecia Leon 11 napja
"dear god, where did you go?" -drew 2020
miss girl
miss girl 11 napja
“I would get bullied in school and shit” good.
miss girl
miss girl 6 napja
@Roktrum they started this , I’m proud of them
Roktrum 7 napja
if only the kids who bullied him could see the shit that people say about him now
Jean Brannum
Jean Brannum 11 napja
I would hate to be living near him. Imagine your upstairs neighbors crushing a laptop with a sledgehammer at night
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 11 napja
Nobody: Not one single soul: JayStation: MY DED GURLFRAND
Roktrum 7 napja
thanks for explaining the entire video with a nonsensical joke
an idiot
an idiot 11 napja
#slave ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
Probably a Raccoon
its a joke about how jstation tagged one of his videos with "#/slave" (im putting a slash so it doesnt actually rejester as a tag)
SerrorWasHere :3
Does enyone remember he's "friend" that went "missing" in a hotel if I remember on the 18 floor I think.. Yea- BULLSHIT-
The Pez Dispenser
Sorry for abusing my girlfriend and lying about her being dead, I was sad
So Vidushi
So Vidushi 6 napja
Ur forgiven
Valeria Aguilar
Valeria Aguilar 11 napja
Thought this was posted a few days ago, realization hit me like a truck
Real King
Real King 11 napja
the fact this video has #slave makes it funnier
mm carts34
mm carts34 12 napja
The fat faulty singer rhetorically unfasten because lipstick philosophically groan underneath a terrible quilt. chemical, relieved granddaughter
nina helane
nina helane 12 napja
it’s the skyrim soundtrack in the background for me (1:40)
Anyanka 12 napja
3:11 jesus: am i a joke to you?
Victor Clemen Pua
Can u resurrect Laura from Afghanistan at 3 am
Roktrum 7 napja
nono, she only went MISSING in Afghanistan she might not be dead
Rainbow Charm
Rainbow Charm 12 napja
Is it only me or i heard him say 'hey guys!'
Austin Kemmer
Austin Kemmer 12 napja
My mother works so hard for us to just get by. Meanwhile this dude just makes shitty content and gets so much money from it. I don't understand this world seriously.
Brian Branch Jr.
happy 1 year anniversary