The guys who turned minimalism into a religion 

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The IDK place
The IDK place 3 hónapja
I accidentally ate my cat
JJ 28 napja
last reply phart
Stargirl Rocker
Stargirl Rocker Hónapja
I’m just replying to make it 500
B u m b l e B e e
Lol same
Personguy 2 hónapja
last comment lol
Bingle 2 hónapja
CloudSteele 12 perccel
10:10 is probably my favorite part of this video. Poor girl can't even think of one way that minimalism improved her life. At least the other girl was able to "get rid of 14 pairs of pants"; I'm not sure how that improved her life, other than now she has room for 14 new pairs of pants.
OnePumpMan99 16 órája
Started watching this the other day. I didn't finish the the last 30 minutes. What I want to know is why did they bother Sam Harris for this?? He didn't even add anything
Luna Ashleigh
Luna Ashleigh 3 napja
10:14 has me in stiches
Madi 4 napja
fuck minimalism i'm going to keep collecting every shiny rock and crooked stick I find
Marley Edwards
The email in the ad 😂
sadisticvans 4 napja
once i asked a girl why she had only 12 pictures on her phone and she said “i’m a minimalist 😌✨” but then she got grounded for using her moms credit card to buy $500 worth of slime the next week
clem fandango
clem fandango 4 napja
fill my gaping void with stuff, daddy
Stratusaurus 4 napja
there is an idiot above me
Serenaif 5 napja
Thank you for helping us see the elephant in the room!
Roksforbrains 6 napja
He looks like David Bowie and sounds like Jerry Seinfeld
Kyllä 6 napja
I was crying before i watched this bc, well not important and then a found this and forgot i was even sad, drew is so funny
Kyllä 6 napja
Sorry i ruined the mood
Farosh 6 napja
They talk like they originally wanted this to be a Ted Talk but Ted said no, so they went to plan B and just filmed their speeches in a warehouse.
Zac Revier
Zac Revier 7 napja
That one guy looks like he's addicted to heroine but also vegan for his health
Watermelime 7 napja
I had to watch this documentary in school...
Ducky 7677 Sloth
I don’t really care about humans... I just do and buy what I like for me not for others to judge me... dunno why I even posted this but for me cuz I’m sure I’m happy wo any responses
Max Riley
Max Riley 9 napja
Money is worthless, but you _can_ still give us yours.
veronica 9 napja
Jennette McCurdy had these guys on her podcast lol, they sounded less insane on there tho idk maybe just production
marie. 10 napja
Minimalism save me 🙏 and he- I mean it 🙏 can save you save you too 🙏
marie. 10 napja
Uhm all those random testimonial people are either in my city in NC or like a 20 minuted drive away so on behalf of the NC Piedmonts uhm we don't claim them.
fock menemalesm
Rene-Sance 10 napja
I was heavily into minimalism back in 2010 when it started to make traction. It's a good start to thinking about your overall relationship with things and people/time, but it can very easily become a religion of its own. It won't make you happy for long. It's quite strange how entire HUrun channels make money off the concept too. Looks more like an exercise in narcissism these days than a philosophy of life.
Shanyque Lennon
Shanyque Lennon 11 napja
Did these guys have a script they copy pasted into everything? Ultimate C students
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 11 napja
Minimalism changed my life. Before I decided to be minimalist, I had IV and drips all around me! The doctors were like "it keeps you alive" and all of that crap, but it was making me sad. It was cluttered, and took up like 1 foot around me! That's when I decided to go minimalist. I took off all that extra weight and suddenly my life changed! Because it stopped! now I am eternally stuck in a grave waiting to be reincarnated. Rumor has it I will be an ant, because apparently I have the mental capacity if one.. idk. But don't worry drew, I will make sure to eat all my fellow colony members to keep it minimal! :D
Ben Tucker
Ben Tucker 14 napja
Bob in marketing just wants you to buy a hamburger
Ashley Demko
Ashley Demko 14 napja
If you're rich and have no possessions, that *is* hoarding. You're just hoarding a bunch of paper that you're not going to use but could be life changing for other people, to like... buy food in order to be alive.
JZ MC 14 napja
I have a feeling that these guys are not actually minimalists and actually have a ton of shit
Timmy73 14 napja
i dont need minimalism I live in 1979
Duffy 11
Duffy 11 15 napja
“Dad this is the American dream, not my dream”
Charlie Nault
Charlie Nault 16 napja
The mike falzone doppelganger is freaking me out
Samantha Brummitt
Not to flex but this is the only video of yours that I haven’t seen 😎🙏😎
Rebecca Sylvernale
I remember I bought one of the books a few years ago and I tried so hard to like it because I liked the idea of being environmental/having less meaningless stuff but then they spent like 30 pages talking about how they cut fruit out of their lives because *sugar is excessive* and I was like hm okay maybe these guys are kind of a joke
Tyler Lynch
Tyler Lynch 17 napja
These guys are absolute turds
I'm bringing dabsy back
Minimalism reunited me with my parents
M MJ 18 napja
I'm not broke, I'm a minimalist.
KICKBOY 18 napja
That one guy looks like he does impressions of both you and christopher walken
jman 18 napja
I watched most of the documentary but never finished and didn’t really know why. Maybe it’s because I too felt it was kinda weird and a little extreme. The basic message of the video is good though.
Old Weird Books
Old Weird Books 18 napja
“Replacing all my possessions with Josh and Ryan:” a journey with Josh, and Ryan
PinkBlossom 18 napja
This seems similar to their first movie. This is a great review 😂😂😂
PinkBlossom 18 napja
I’m so confused now lol
PinkBlossom 18 napja
This looks like the same movie I watched last year....
RADIO W.F.C. 18 napja
I don't throw things away until they break I'm not a minimalist I an just stingy
hy 19 napja
minimalism is the aesthetic language of gentrification
Sunset sardonyx
Sunset sardonyx 19 napja
2:33 That music cue Drew sounds like Defying Gravity
Heaven's Door
Heaven's Door 19 napja
Ryan Nicodemus sounds like the descendant of a great wizard who's just a boring frat boy who just uses magic for beer and parties
Kitty Saya
Kitty Saya 19 napja
1:25 "which... acutally aren't things" *Vsauce music plays*
Dadood Frumcheers
Not steve buscemi & jared leto making a documentary
our remote
our remote 20 napja
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 20 napja
I had a shopping problem a while back. It wasn't impacting my finances but I didn't have a healthy relationship with consumerism. I was at a really difficult time in my life and getting a package in the mail every week was about all I could look forward to. I was constantly scrolling through Wish and Amazon trying to find the best deal for the same item, none of which I really needed (or even necessarily wanted). I still find myself drowning my dissatisfaction with my life in impulse purchases, although nowadays it's usually snacks. I know because of my dad that I'm probably more predisposed to impulsive and addictive behaviors. It's a weird line to walk because naturally, we do need to buy things, (especially hobbyists like myself who need supplies for their crafts), but it's hard to know when that purchase is actually justified. I find myself driving home from work and wanting to stop by a store, any store, so I can just fill that little divet that place leaves in me. I used to be really interested in minimalism, and although I don't think I could ever practically go full minimalist, I think it's something worth looking into again. I'm really glad you brought this topic back into my brain and gave me a new HUrunr to check out so I can research it more.
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 20 napja
Why is the little man jumping in the background? I think the tripod must be loose or something. Is it just jiggly?
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini 20 napja
Whats even funnier is that they sell minimalism like a religion that if you have lesser stuff you became much happier and having more stuff = less happiness. Minimalism is a lifestyle not a spiritual belief
cobiebeef 20 napja
It sounds like an AI produced it lol
Ritz Scythe
Ritz Scythe 20 napja
Sometimes I forget that Drew has good sponsor ads and almost leave the vid early.
Drew can you adopt all 2.96M of us
Big chungus
Big chungus 20 napja
GroovyNipple 21 napja
Never trust Nicodemus. Just don’t. It ain’t right......
Michael Franke
Michael Franke 21 napja
Idk my stuff makes me pretty happy overall. Not the end all be all but I like my stuff and probably wouldn’t be happier without it
laureb !
laureb ! 21 napja
I watched this video a couple of days ago, today in my AP World History class we were assigned to watch the documentary and describe the “consequences of consumerism”... all i could think of was how weird it was
Megzilla Siren
Megzilla Siren 21 napja
I’m 2 minutes in and they just sound upset about boat purchases. 🙄
Xintract 21 napja
never really got the appeal of buying a book about minimalism, seems kind of counterintuitive, but 4 of them!?
AniekvL 21 napja
Matt D’Avella actually is the one who directed both of the documentaries
Marque Philpot
Marque Philpot 22 napja
I was uncomfortable cause that guy Josh looks like the Red Scull from Captain America
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 22 napja
I'm stuff 😳😳
-Giraffe Elbows-
Uh oh
high priestess subliminals
3 months later still thinking about how this guy looks like an older and tanner drew
S Wilson
S Wilson 22 napja
I watched the first doc and I was like they are just lost people
DingDong 22 napja
You mean hum... Jesus?
Nobody 22 napja
The first dude looks like he was hit a few times with a frying pan. 100% Grifters and I really wish those idiots that give them 20-30 dollars a month would fucking learn.
VagueOutline 22 napja
Drew: "welcome back to a very specific rant, that almost none of you will care about." Me, whos comfort video this just became: -._-. But seriously if Drew ever reads this I wanna say that I watch this video when I'm like, genuinely depressed (like I do with all your videos but this one especially for whatever reason), and it makes me feel way better. Don't ask me why because I don't know. You're just really funny, and I appreciate it. I'm proud to be a little stinker.
Robbie Stalker
Robbie Stalker 23 napja
When I see minimalism I think of relatablity idk why though
Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson 23 napja
Hey Vsauce, minimalism here!
Tyler Ray
Tyler Ray 23 napja
I like b-reading
Jesse Vandamme
Jesse Vandamme 25 napja
I really loved this video, thanks!
Lydia Holland
Lydia Holland 26 napja
But if you buy all four of their books, are you supporting minimalism or maximalism?
Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦
Cujows 26 napja
Thanks bro, I plagiarised this for a review 😀👍
Tanner Harding
Tanner Harding 26 napja
I was confused for this entire video because I originally misread minimalism as “millennialism”
matthew mounts
matthew mounts 26 napja
Minimalism is the new form of Buddhism. They just swapped out the fat bald leader for a anorexic with hair plugs.
VagueOutline 26 napja
10:38 Drew I totally agree with your point but thats literally how my mom quit smoking.
VagueOutline 20 napja
@Brandy Johnson that’s how quitting cold turkey works. She smoked for like 5 years.
Brandy Johnson
Brandy Johnson 22 napja
Then she's not addicted to it. I think this is for people who are addicted to it ,like if you tell somebody who is addicted to drugs to stop doing drugs it's not simple.
Adrien Mikael
Adrien Mikael 27 napja
Ryan Nicomedus, huh? Nikomedus is what my father calls for my *cat*
Echofox 27 napja
Honestly, minimalism has been a cult since its peak with art (at least). People would only claim that art is when there's nothing but a line smack dab in the middle of a canvas... thanks Barnett Newman. There was even rules to how one has to be minimalist and how to paint at one point. It was very rigid and that was back in the 50s/60s? I can't remember lol. I took a class on it not too long ago so...
A.W. 28 napja
I saw Dave Ramsey for like 5 seconds and I had a horrible memory of high school and my financial literacy class
Debo 28 napja
They are so dedicated to minimalism that they deleted creativity from their lives.
Cody Weaver
Cody Weaver 28 napja
If they weren't talking like Youth Pastors trying to warn about the dangers of porn and skateboards.
jax k
jax k 28 napja
“and while rome is burning, there’s still time for shopping at ikea” YEAH OFC there’s always time for ikea...
Lindsey Kaemingk
I had to read one of their books for my English class, and it was incredibly repetitive, like I get it, you don’t like having stuff
PeevishPolonium 29 napja
It was so minimal it was zero.
Nari T
Nari T 29 napja
Maybe try ✨Buddhism✨
Sierra Farnum
Sierra Farnum Hónapja
Ok I'm not trying to brag or look upity here but is anyone else not concerned over material goods like at all? I mean I definitely don't want to be stressed over necessities but if that's covered I don't want anything else other than maybe 2 sugary drinks (like boba tea) a month. Like I don't want clothes or decor or furniture or to eat out or anything rlly. And if something starts to break, like my computer or phone or shoes, I wait till they're completely 100% unusable. (Again, not bragging, this legit doesn't matter and I can't imagine why someone would care if others cared about materials, like that doesn't make sense to me. Just wondering if others have the same relationship w material items too).
Maija Kuusisto
Maija Kuusisto Hónapja
Not them trashing ikea, when I know damn well where they bought those dim lights
Trey Stone
Trey Stone Hónapja
The bearded guy looks like a long-haired Metroman.
schiggy2319 23 napja
He's the Grocery Outlet brand Jared Leto
Damn, I always fill my voids with drugs, sex, and Club Penguin
Juan Hansbrough
Juan Hansbrough Hónapja
Their book looks soo interesting and I would love to buy it! But that would be another possession and I don't need more of those in my life
adian Hónapja
have you been working out Drew? Looking good!! :)
Reina Algabri
Reina Algabri Hónapja
Why would you get rid of pants, doing laundry every isn’t fun.
spedracer4U Hónapja
Guy should get minimal with that forehead he's sporting.
Pumpernickel Hónapja
totally the cadence of an evangelical youth pastor
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
These people ruined the ideology/philosophy of Minimalism...
Zakarii Tsui
Zakarii Tsui Hónapja
I myself am a minimalist, and I just want to let you all know that these two guys are right in the sense that we have a consumerism problem, and minimalism does help a little just like vegans does its part to help animals. But their cult-like approach is off putting. Research minimalism outside of these guys, and if you dig it then cool, if not then oh well. I use minimalism as a way to help ME, and it's definitely not for everyone. I never liked owning a lot of things, so it was a natural step for me to give up what I felt was junk. But that's what I was comfortable with. I also think minimalism is a broad spectrum. There's people who don't use furniture. There's others who have plenty of furniture but it is all used and serves a purpose. I have little to no things in my apartment, but I have wall shelves with pictures of my girlfriend and pets because minimalism to me isn't the elimination of things, but giving space to the things you value most. First and foremost the "minimalist" journey is for the benefit of you. If you want to make a change go for it, but if you want 5 closets stuffed with clothes and 8 throw blankets on your 3 couches then go for it. :)
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng Hónapja
I hate that one guys hair. The skinny one with that pompadour.
Credits unknown
Credits unknown Hónapja
Micheal reeves been drugged out pf his mind explaining the hedonic treadmill has more sense than whatever they say.
Per Ole
Per Ole Hónapja
Basically, two rich guys, who chose to be minimalists, tell people, that you feel happy with less stuff. Tell that someone, who is really poor. Ah, and by the way, rich people are more happy overall, there are studies proving that.
tobias wood
tobias wood 12 napja
the s t u d i e s please
Money4Nothing Hónapja
"Action Items" is a common business term. I had no idea you were such a businessperson.
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