The Dumbest Stuff I've Seen This Month 

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Internet bad.
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Preston Long
Preston Long 2 évvel
How to make money with a webcam: 1.) Sell the webcam
My mom said I can't be here
@Riley Jonas shut up
Scandinavian Raccon
Ah, Genius
MissNeko76 18 napja
Oh god that newscast was soooo.....THE lit!!! 😂.
s i p p
s i p p Hónapja
Omg I actually never thought about that 😦
Juan D'Marco
Juan D'Marco 3 órája
How abour giving waiters a proper salary?
The Chris Show
The Chris Show 11 órája
Thank you. Finally someone who gets it. Every year the new phone book arrives and it is the greatest joy in my life.
Abby H 2025
damn drew you roasted ashley
Ben di
Ben di Napja
Ben rwmber u had a hamburger and it came back up and you laughed so hard u bagan 9:45
Charles Frederico Jr
Can’t watch Star Wars but James Bond is ok
Toby Rightenger
Has Dr.Dre ever seen Star Wars!?!! I might save this tatoo!!
Andrew Phuck
Andrew Phuck 4 napja
Love you Drew! 💖
Katie Tree
Katie Tree 4 napja
I'm autistic and get the star wars joy. People don't make sense to poke fun.
Eason Wang
Eason Wang 5 napja
My favorite part is 12:50 to 14:00
psnKINGCOBRA 5 napja
I think the bigger problem is the tipping guy thinks it's worth "saving" $8 by not not tipping as much while spending $200 on two meals. If you can't afford to tip 4 more dollars, you can't afford a $100 meal
spaceagon - JellySpook
The news is lit!
Нет Ombréх ⭐️
Man, drew went all out on Ashley. ( which is good)
Mule The Donkey
its like when a small child uses really big words. Not that kids can't be really smart, but its funny.
elliot seph
elliot seph 8 napja
you could save hundreds by taking $4 off ur tip on ur 1 0 0 d o l l a r order t w i c e A Week - were not seeing a problem here ? no ? ok my b. time to go spend $200 a week on eating out bc thats normal
Lucas Sakelarios
George Lucas actually never watched his own films, never. That’s how he became so rich off of them.
Daniel Dugaev
Daniel Dugaev 9 napja
Ashley got absolutely fucking flamed lmaoo i love this video
Daniel Dugaev
Daniel Dugaev 9 napja
lmao why did Drew ever think this haircut was good
K. M.
K. M. 9 napja
I’m glad that Drew is also on the “let people like things” wagon
Malaz Bob
Malaz Bob 9 napja
She can turn that tattoo from “Dre” to “Dream”
Master Kenobi
Master Kenobi 9 napja
This is the better meme review
Khushboo Agrawal
No you didn't read it wrong I also saw Ashley bitch.
The Golden Bucket Studios
Im not poor and i watched star wars! *money slowly disappears*
Beans 10 napja
Mr. Star Wars looks like a really dumb and angry version of Vin Diesel
Cooper Hampson
Cooper Hampson 10 napja
Ashley probably would cry about her makeup being ruined but because that’s important to her it would be worth crying about
Emily Busby
Emily Busby 10 napja
Oh god. Only here in Toledo...
Bruno Ntahomvukiye
Like Drew I am pretty sure they knew what they were doing I’m pretty sure they knew it was going to be cringe. I’m talking about the news crew.
Stupid_ 10 napja
i heard my sister watch a video by you (the big eyebrow guy) and now i watch this for 2 years now
James Uhles
James Uhles 10 napja
It's cause he knows LOTR is superior. xD
echan whitcomb
echan whitcomb 11 napja
What if I don't tip anyone
ALPHA 11 napja
Man that guy being excited was so wholesome i think i will be smiling for the rest of my life
Carson Newell
Carson Newell 11 napja
Mesa watch star wars
xthatwhiteguyx 11 napja
Cosmichu 12 napja
When a new trailer for pokemon or zelda game gets announced i cry like a baby xD no one should be shamed for being emotional it's completely normal specially when it's something you love
Indy P. L.
Indy P. L. 13 napja
Do people ever consider that women love Star Wars as well....
Snowleopard 0
Snowleopard 0 13 napja
11:06 btw for the Ashley segment
Thomas Willie
Thomas Willie 13 napja
He looks like knock-off Vin Diesel if he got left in the microwave a little too long
ObservetteMARCH 14 napja
What’s wrong with wearing cargo shorts!? I don’t get it. Look, there’s even an emoji for “cargo shorts” 🩳 Where am I!??
Alex Veld
Alex Veld 14 napja
I am fan of this Ashley rant
Greyrayin ?
Greyrayin ? 14 napja
Ig George Lucas is just gonna parish
Brett Stout-Rojas
Did you guys know if you spend less money, you'll have more money?
Neil Kaushik
Neil Kaushik 14 napja
I always thought Drew was gay with Gonzales, and was just kidding about Amanda being his wife. Feel kind of stupid now...
kami nnadi
kami nnadi 16 napja
shame he didn't continue that adread, it was one of the smoothest transitions i've seen by far.
Jamo 16 napja
The most bird like Drew’s looked in a thumbnail
Caleb Evors
Caleb Evors 16 napja
What a weird thing to ask: has a woman tattooed HER name on YOU? Do women just go around tattooing their names on people? Are straight people okay?
Ana Salinas Monteiro
your old videos are gold..
Jdbrz Music
Jdbrz Music 17 napja
good thing I've never seen Star Wars
Rayan Boutrig
Rayan Boutrig 17 napja
this is not funny, i just finished watching revenge of the sith, and i see this video talking about aliens and there alien machines. What are "girls" and what are these machines you call "wealth"
MissNeko76 18 napja
If you can afford $100 dinner once a week then you can afford the extra couple of dollars to give to the wait staff who make like nothing an hour....
Alexa Motionless
i love how drew called her a bitch, it must of taken courage because other youtubers would just say something more kid friendly. i fucking love how honest drew is
Future Soup
Future Soup 19 napja
This video is bullshit. Not even George Lucas has a general idea of how the force works
Very Christianboi
10:17 this made me physically unwell
our remote
our remote 20 napja
dark gooden
Darn Good Content
I'm sorry, I just noticed the webcam girl's hand????? excuse me???????????
Lobster the Mobster
Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson 21 napja
I love, LOVE this channel. I have watched almost all of Drew's videos in like 2 months. They all have made me laugh!
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones 21 napja
Oh my god, Drew getting really passionate here
Annalee Scott
Annalee Scott 21 napja
my dad is probably the hugest star wars fan i know and he's married with five kids. Take that Mr. Plenty!
Debo 22 napja
Saw her twitter. She's a Trump supporter, explains everything.
Francesca Perron
Guess what you little stinker, I am a girl that has watched Star Wars! And I talked to myself this morning so hah!
BlueBerry 22 napja
5:15 I ass of 61
Starkid Pottah
Starkid Pottah 23 napja
Get fucking rekt Ashley, you bullied a guy for no reason and therefore got told off by all of Drew Goodens fan base.
Demise, Devised
Demise, Devised 23 napja
"Han died at the end" "WHAT MOVIE WAS IT?????" (In fear that it's The Force Awakens" "It was Tokyo Drift" "You have to let it go, the accident was 15 years ago"
Ashley Jo
Ashley Jo 23 napja
me, a person named ashley, sitting through this entire video thinking about how i should rewatch the entire star wars franchise
Altus Show
Altus Show 24 napja
I'm really disappointed in you drew. Claire was just trying to engage in the one thing that brings her joy and you had to tear her down for it. So what if you don't like bullying, I don't even really like bullying that much but who cares? I wish I could find the amount of joy that she finds in bullying that guy for finding joy in star wars. Let her have her thing. Otherwise pretty good video! 3/10
A lil trash :v
A lil trash :v 26 napja
Thank you for making me happy on a bad day ^^
aria 26 napja
use my code imalittlestinker80
Jessies.Rose 27 napja
anybody can shit on Star Wars but have they seen young Harrison Ford?
Ruster_warrior 27 napja
10:00 this is the best thing ive seen!
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 27 napja
Yeah, pretty sure all the millionaires and at least 1 billionaire involved in making Star Wars have all seen it. And Drew has seen it, and he's a multimillionaire.
ACB IXI 28 napja
That yeet . Damn that yeet
nadine 29 napja
obliterated Ashley McBitch
hiropon 29 napja
yeah tips are bullshit though, I'm sorry Americans. genuinely it's insane they expect that from you.
kidforeverplz 29 napja
10:34-10:56 goes for AAVE as well.
Dina Radika Oktavianti
Bad marketing is still a marketing
Ashley Cole
Ashley Cole Hónapja
my name being ashley 👁️👄👁️ ouch
Poop Man
Poop Man Hónapja
Or just don't tip the waiter
Kai Baker
Kai Baker Hónapja
I want your nose.
izzy chan Nyan Cat
I went down on my back too hard and it made a sound and it now hurts, it feels a bit better now but it did NOT feel well
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton Hónapja
Okay but Drew’s eyebrows are perfect
Elizabeth Sullivan
Mark Hamill has money. Pretty sure he's seen Star Wars
zachisebi Hónapja
Wait a second. He tipped 17.76$ on 100$ which is 17.76%. But 17.76% of 108.88$ is 19.34$. What the hell?
Judith Barnes
Judith Barnes Hónapja
All the clapping in this video scared me a little
Colton Taylor
Colton Taylor Hónapja
Even someone like YOU, who sucks, in every conceivable way, can find someone who'll put up with it.
Ew Woerm
Ew Woerm 26 napja
Alex Craft
Alex Craft Hónapja
There are few things i love more than when drew just gets REALLY mad and just yells at me for 20 minutes then tells me about a cool product/service
Kati Farias
Kati Farias Hónapja
has a girl ever tattooed her name on you
StatiCraft3712 Hónapja
In order to save that $400, you'd have to spend almost $13,000 eating out in a single year. Yeah, I found the better way to save money.
Sad monkey gaming
In Australia we dont tip people get paid by their boss
Eon Oreo
Eon Oreo Hónapja
I haven’t watch star wars yet but i do want to see, but the point is no girls want to talk to me. So you do the math
Elwène Llp
Elwène Llp Hónapja
Can we talk 2 secs about this Ashley girl and her Twitter bio. "Freedom fighter" ? Really ? You're not even free to like Star Wars without her shitting on your fucking face. The guy doesn't even know her, he's never done anything wrong to her but she still finds a way to insult him on Twitter, in front of everybody, for something as trivial as liking a popular licence of movies like Star Wars. And she's a.... "freedom fighter" ?
I feel like i have never seen drew this angry before.
Boba Tea??
Boba Tea?? Hónapja
Hol up. Isn’t the tax dude’s math wrong? Cause we’re talking eating out everyday for seven days a week so that would be $4.00 x 7 days x 2 (to represent the amount of weeks) which would equal like $56.00?????? My math is probably wrong tho
Megan M
Megan M Hónapja
"Not accidentally dumb" is how I feel when I fail my college classes after never attending lectures
HG 80
HG 80 Hónapja
I live in Canada and it wasn't until this video I realized how fucked the US is. There are arguments about how much to tip a fucking waiter instead of the restaurant paying them a reasonable amount. Why the fuck is minimum wage 7.25$ an hour, thats bullshit.
The Senate
The Senate Hónapja
What is an woman?
kimmi ann
kimmi ann Hónapja
"If you don't have talent, be an idiot" I died when the Paul brothers flashed across the screen. Also, we need to get rid of PrankInvasion. He's worse than Joey Salads.
kimmi ann
kimmi ann Hónapja
"If you don't have talent, be an idiot" I died when the Paul brothers flashed across the screen. Also, we need to get rid of PrankInvasion.
I feel like this channel is your therapy, Drew.
Mister Justice
Mister Justice Hónapja
I have a little over a million dollars in my bank account. But I do not have multiple millions, could I still be considered a multiple millionaire though
song._.athority Hónapja
Dear Ashley StBitch. If u hate star wars and ppl that love it sm, why? Why tweet if out and get urself attacked. Sad.
Poe Davis
Poe Davis Hónapja
oh phew im safe as a star trek fan shjddhdjhd-
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