The Best and Worst Games on PS Now 

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Video games are good and everything else is bad.
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2020.aug. 1.






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denisa 7 hónapja
no pinned comment 😔
I'm Andrew
I'm Andrew 2 napja
@waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area wtf is blackpink?
Damned Bersagliere
Say sike
People Need To Relax
Nick 13 napja
I cry
MicroLunchBox 15 napja
Wait a minute
Sarge 23 órája
if he's talking about wolfenstien with all it's unexpected moments can we talk about mw2, like the ending my god that was great
Tom Ewbank
Tom Ewbank Napja
Rocket league really makes you feel like you're a car
Miles Upshur
You forgot about Red Dead Redemption
Dexterity 2 napja
is this whole video a dunkey reference
Cool Dude I
Cool Dude I 2 napja
Psnow has actually came back tbh coming out with more and more games Detroit become human , bo3,and now ff7 remake a full 60$ priced game that came out in 2020 that’s pretty good tbh
Dontgetgot 2 napja
I’m that guy that just got a ps4 and have all these old great games to play
alex 2 napja
I definitely havent watched this 4 times
Saxophite 3 napja
From firsthand experience, I can say that firefighter simulator is 100% accurate.
Millie Arroyo
Millie Arroyo 5 napja
The Rex reference made me laugh so hard
Kosei The Google Plus User
Play Sam and Max instead of making fun of it last game
Jonas Horlacher
Not to be mean drew but the MES ai is insanely horrible. I just think you need to play it for more than a week
No Bitxh
No Bitxh 5 napja
Cries in Unavailablity
DorNob_ TM
DorNob_ TM 5 napja
drew, I know you got that shirt from target, because I have the same one
Omg that paintball game I used to play on the Xbox 360 and I loved it and it’s really nostalgic
sockq 6 napja
i like listening to u talk
Fungi 7 napja
Danny you are gamer
360 GAMING 8 napja
Do a now version
6ixGoon 93
6ixGoon 93 9 napja
man came in and said "hey guyyy"
Keem Bogart
Keem Bogart 10 napja
The impartial playground feraly challenge because cost occasionally squeal atop a receptive gong. skillful, bustling north america
Evan Atwood
Evan Atwood 11 napja
Doom Eternal, MCC, Fable series, Mass Effect series, Titanfall 2, Dragon Age Origins, Witcher 3, almost every EA game, Gears of War series, that’s why I have an Xbox
KaylaKaze 10 napja
@Evan Atwood They're newer, but I wouldn't necessarily say better.
Evan Atwood
Evan Atwood 10 napja
@KaylaKaze game pass has new games newer and generally better games than ps now, that’s just my opinion, you can have yours
KaylaKaze 10 napja
@Evan Atwood So you bought an Xbox One just for XGP? A program which has about 100 games and is constantly dropping them without warning, while PSNow has over 300 available for download or stream and another 400 available for stream only? And most of those games are from EA Play, which you can get on PS4.
Evan Atwood
Evan Atwood 10 napja
@KaylaKaze how expensive is your pc? Also I’m saying that I get all of those on game pass, where as I would have to buy each of those on play station
KaylaKaze 10 napja
I have them all on PC, where they're better. Also, the only ones there that aren't on ps4 are MCC, Fable, and Gears.
Andy W Gaming
Andy W Gaming 11 napja
you should try Star Wars the force Unleashed its a psnow item
Carson Newell
Carson Newell 11 napja
I love monster energy the game 3
JarJarBinksStan 11 napja
Drew makes sure he shows he’s neutral in the debate by wearing a Nintendo shirt
gram fn
gram fn 13 napja
the pint ball game is my life
Maxwell Dubz
Maxwell Dubz 15 napja
Theres a guy on my steam friends list that constantly plays this game, and only this game. I do not remember adding him, and I am very concerned. [Monster Energy Cross]
EDIT: /Enter_Name_Here/
Salome Geiser
Salome Geiser 16 napja
Is this the 'road work ahead' guy? just popped up on my recommended. Anyway, fun video! I enjoyed it
Robot_J 17 napja
Bubbzy is just off brand cartman
FluffyMarbles 17 napja
Me who has a Nintendo 👁👄👁
Zelda :3
Zelda :3 18 napja
Why no last of us 2?:(
Dedotaded Wam
Dedotaded Wam 18 napja
I appreciate the IGN references
Daidle 19 napja
Bubsy sounded like an ebay version on Cartman from south park
Steven Bateson
Steven Bateson 19 napja
Only Jesus Can Save Us
John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen
Loob Man
Loob Man 19 napja
Doom aliens? You mean demons
Dr. Death Defying
I can't express how much Drew naming his motocross guy "Motor Cycle" is the ultimate Drew Gooden energy.
Ryyi23 19 napja
Bubsy: every game is just sub-par, but somehow it has a cult following
Harry Mansfield
Harry Mansfield 19 napja
Drew you need to make a bobcat teir list so we know who IS your favorite bobcat
Soviet Doge
Soviet Doge 20 napja
*_Worst games on PlayStation? Easy, Last of Us 2_*
Qin Des
Qin Des 20 napja
Wolfenstein 2 was terrible.
Those Guys
Those Guys 17 napja
@Meatball Sub nah I like pvz more
Meatball Sub
Meatball Sub 17 napja
@Those Guys animal crossing is a better shooter
Those Guys
Those Guys 19 napja
@Qin Des play doom eternal it's the best game I have ever played
Qin Des
Qin Des 19 napja
@Those Guys it’s a real shame...
Those Guys
Those Guys 20 napja
hopscotchy the duck
30 old sub4
30 old sub4 21 napja
The royal semicircle counterintuitively step because cardboard controversly suit as a maddening guilty. itchy, different lier
Ray Laventure
Ray Laventure 22 napja
Okay but lowkey can Drew just be a gaming channel now, or...?
Judy Jennings
Judy Jennings 22 napja
The shiny perch distally hum because relish biomechanically thank on a organic racing. dear, ceaseless rain
goose cult official
Now floppa is the number one bobcat
Soladat 22 napja
i feel like i could listen to you talk about corn stalks and id still enjoy it
Aj Johnson
Aj Johnson 23 napja
I love your shirt my dad has the same shirt
Mr Ghost
Mr Ghost 24 napja
I have a game that’s on PS now but you didn’t say payday 2
Mr Ghost
Mr Ghost 19 napja
@tph_dragon yeah you have to really devote a lot of time to it in order to understand it it took me like a year to find out how to play it
tph_dragon 22 napja
Payday 2 is apparently a good game. I wouldn’t know because it’s extremely confusing and I don’t understand any of it. I bought the crimewave edition in 2017, and despite having it for almost 4 years, I’ve spent a total of 3 hours playing it. If they ever make the game cohesive, I’ll probably play it again.
Punch Club member
It’s amazing that Bethesda can make games like fallout 64 but then come out with Doom eternal, like Jesus those games are so differently taken by the media that I forgot Eternal was made by Bethesda
Those Guys
Those Guys 20 napja
its made by id software not Bethesda Bethesda just published the AMAZING game
Gail Gayw
Gail Gayw 25 napja
overcooked 2 is extremely realistic. I've worked a lot of food service and i hate it as much as i hate playing overcooked 2
Aaron 26 napja
Uhmmm gamepass. Always gamepass.
Nintendo Rocco
Nintendo Rocco 27 napja
Anyone else notice the Gex reference
chori man
chori man 27 napja
You gotta make more videogame stuff
Glizzy Gobbler
Glizzy Gobbler 27 napja
I play Xbox cuz I like racing games and forza is good and most PlayStation exclusives are above my age rating but I prefer Xbox but PlayStation is good too I also like flight sim and I’m too cheap to buy a pc
TheBeaverInHD 27 napja
All the good games I’ve played
Pfnoll 27 napja
i tried to play infamous 1 and 2 over psnow and it was unbearable with all the lags and stutters :(
Flynn Barnes
Flynn Barnes 27 napja
just started ish watching your vids and funnily enough i liked them , but seriously keep up the good work
rigui garcia
rigui garcia 27 napja
that excellent shot pissed me off and i wasnt even the one playing and especially on2v2 i would delete the game
Sammy K.
Sammy K. 29 napja
Wait, you could use the arrows on Mario Cart Wii?
Watchful Wendigo
Bro this guys comedy is straight up gold.
Domce 29 napja
Good news, they just added way more good games to PS now, check it out.
Noah Relyea
Noah Relyea Hónapja
did i.... did i just hear a gex reference...
Zedtomb Hónapja
a dunkey reference
cop fun
cop fun Hónapja
X box is better because i never got banned for not liking racism
Cheese Man
Cheese Man Hónapja
One thing I don’t like about PlayStation is that you have to put it in rest mode to update shit but on Xbox when you turn it off it does it anyway I’m not really biased between PlayStation and Xbox because I was born as a Nintendo fan
Cheese Man
Cheese Man Hónapja
Pretty sure that firefighters crew also made goat simulator because of the font
TexasPoonTappa SS
I love how Ive seen a dozen or so people do commercials for square space and I still have absolutely no clue what its for.
iKLuTcH D Hónapja
So xbox has better game pass and speed times. Thanks for clarifying xbox is the superior console :)
iKLuTcH D Hónapja
Im talking about xbox series x
Cruz Lopez
Cruz Lopez Hónapja
10:34 ;)
Nat Costello
Nat Costello Hónapja
Make a game pass version plz!
TDCreep Hónapja
did drew just make a dunkey reference in the bubsy part?
Maximillian De Kamp
pretty sure thats 45º
M159 Adrian
M159 Adrian Hónapja
Can you review Ghost of Tsushima and Valhalla, firs time I've been here but like the straight to the point good bad reviews
Kloams *
Kloams * Hónapja
Is it me or bubsy sounds like he was dubbed by a german nikocado avocado
Shanell Reynolds
The victorious puppy largely scratch because backbone historically complete from a obese step-father. next, jaded design
Wigglyass Hónapja
i didnt know drew gooden talking about video games was what I needed in my life
Skull_CrusherYT Hónapja
hal0 is the best xbox exclusive
Gas13r The second
3:43 Have you tho?
Nick Cardona
Nick Cardona Hónapja
Lol intro
koop Hónapja
Super stacker party is actually one of the best games ever
LilGamer God
LilGamer God Hónapja
Me sad that drew didn’t rate terraria
Entirely nate
Entirely nate Hónapja
Idk drew a square with space seems like a (x)box to me
Chef Hónapja
While I agree that monster energy 1 isn't that great, it isn't necessarily bad. You need to use both sticks in order to control both your rider and your bike :D
kj Hónapja
It's okay shooter but not a fallout
myles johnson
myles johnson Hónapja
9:00 gex
Zack Johnston
Zack Johnston Hónapja
What about fortnite
Usman bhatt
Usman bhatt Hónapja
Oliver Yule
Oliver Yule Hónapja
If you want a good bubzy game try bubzy 3d
Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman Hónapja
Shit drew used dunkey footage for rocket league
John Reynolds
John Reynolds Hónapja
I love Fallout and now I like Drew
Paddu gampasri
Paddu gampasri Hónapja
BANANA 86 Hónapja
I like the bobcats from labyrinth better than bubsy
ToykoToxin Hónapja
3:43 Nice.
sussy minion
sussy minion Hónapja
Gaming News
Gaming News Hónapja
Wolfenstein is a pretty good series
Ham Burger
Ham Burger Hónapja
Anybody else want that for the infamous games?
anthony ledesma
anthony ledesma Hónapja
Pilot's license
That bloody spy
That bloody spy Hónapja
I have more respect for Xbox for having like no exclusives because I think it's more respectable to want people to enjoy something
That bloody spy
That bloody spy Hónapja
Drew said that the enemies in doom are aliens
That bloody spy
That bloody spy Hónapja
@Dan St Pierre it really do be. The world is ending 2021 because I noticed it. Sorry, I've doomed us all.
Dan St Pierre
Dan St Pierre Hónapja
Oh my god what a catastrophe