The 90s Guide to the Internet 

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Don't interrupt, Andrew.
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Pénélope Bourget
Pénélope Bourget 4 hónapja
15 minutes of my life wasted. Thanks Drew
•Karma Akabane•
girl I-
girl I- 2 napja
S R 16 napja
N008!1!1! 😎😎😎 i wAsTeD An ExTrA sEcOnD1!1! N000000000000B1!1! 😎😎😎
Ana G.S.
Ana G.S. 22 napja
I'm not sure why there are so many Community related comments, but of course I had to like every single one of them.
Vivian Russell
Vivian Russell 2 órája
3:00 "calm down dasha, with your feminist agenda"
Jimins Bitch
Jimins Bitch 3 órája
Emaleigh Schultz
Emaleigh Schultz 10 órája
Looking at the thumbnail I thought this video was about Saved By The Bell
Lunadust2.0 15 órája
Nancy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
S free 😌👍
alyssa !!
alyssa !! Napja
why does it look like drew and i have the same glasses,,,
Crybaby 666
At 1:42 he says it!!!!!!
Caroline Cooke
Kinda want Drew to play “Hunt the Wumpus” now lmao
and you act like a bahhka
anyone realise that at 8:07 is what wilbur soot used for his songs
Leah Sullyn
Leah Sullyn 2 napja
lowkey i want to bring back that rose emoticon though @>-,'-
silvertonguer 3 napja
Look at these lucky ass people with internet access in the 90s. I didn’t know the internet existed till 2006.
Alexis Carrion
So you’re telling me your name is Andrew?
Possum Boy
Possum Boy 4 napja
I met my boyfriend online, and we’ve been together for over a year now 🥺 I love him so so much and I am so grateful for the Internet...
Rylee G
Rylee G 4 napja
Omg Love bYtes Hahaha
BluBird 5 napja
AllThingsViv 6 napja
Me having watched this channel for God knows how long. Just realising you weren't born drew. AnDrEW I'm stupiud
Aubrey Schwager
oh i thought it was (a number of bad names in 3....2.....1) drewstopher drewliam drewander drewjamin drewmuel drewseph
Specularfoot 6 napja
"Spacefacts.info.web" sounds like some weird cyberpunk/space hacker indie anime that weirdly doesn't have much to do with space and features a girl who has to speedrun school to win a telescope to look at space and her main class she has to take is coding. Thus forming "spacefacts.info.web" Thanks for reading my ted-talk I'm hoping ted will talk next time he is super shy
Livi Coleman
Livi Coleman 7 napja
me when my dog barks as I sit in my closet "can you stop that I'm trying to have an existential crisis"
Alice Who
Alice Who 7 napja
Andrew, don't interrupt.
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 8 napja
Breaking news! Girl interrupts brother to tell him not to interrupt.
Adan Baldonado
Just opened my Disney vhs and there is a kids cuisine coupon inside that expired in '97 do you think they would still accept it
Edithnfran Pendell
andrew, don't interrupt
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid 10 napja
I really needed this to guide me through these new-fangled electronics
cath b
cath b 10 napja
the creator of SpongeBob said that his character is actually asexual so technically even for this show they had to specify the sexuality of their character
KaylaKaze 11 napja
Who did that boy's makeup? It's horrifying... oh, halloween. Got it.
daniella lopez
daniella lopez 11 napja
MAN bush was going to miami im so sad i miss that crap lol
Aubrey Schwager
if only i was born 8 years earlier
A Lemon
A Lemon 11 napja
“You may kiss the bride” *kisses* ANDREW DONT INTERRUPT
Abigail Julia
Abigail Julia 12 napja
Wow. Watching this video that was made three months ago is really nostalgic. Watching young drew really takes me back to the good old days
Aubrey Schwager
Oh i remember back in the good ol' days when drew still made videos like these. golly do i feel old now.
Jahya Mack
Jahya Mack 12 napja
Internet not "Inner net"
Nate Thegrate
Nate Thegrate 13 napja
1:15 bottom right when the
SaladAss 14 napja
Recognized the ending of the internet guide video from a Wilbur Soot song
Why does Peter look like hes being held at gunpoint whenever he talks
Jailyn Kraus
Jailyn Kraus 14 napja
This was the worst
Ashil Patel
Ashil Patel 14 napja
@2:32 it’s joe burrow
Fjodor F
Fjodor F 15 napja
Drew, you’re one of the only reasons I can still endure the unbearable shitshow that is the internet today. Thank you.
foxacid 15 napja
it's right here at your fingertits
pursang833 15 napja
Mom-So did you learn something today? Kid- Sure Mom, we found out where to watch snuff films on the World Wide Web!!!
CS 15 napja
*Andrew literally breathes* His sister:”Andrew, don’t interrupt😒🙄”
Denise Nicole Servañez
Tbf, I think Andrew meant to say “is it like sending MAIL?” Like snail mail hahaha poor Andrew
Lee Mulkins
Lee Mulkins 16 napja
this video was filmed a couple months before i was born and i dunno why that weirds me out but it does
Lee Mulkins
Lee Mulkins 16 napja
millennials say im 'baby' and gen zs call me a boomer there's really no winning here
Lee Mulkins
Lee Mulkins 16 napja
yknow what its because 97 is the threshold year between millennials and gen z so i always feel both very young and out of touch with the yoothz. the vid seems like its from so long ago but i remember all the stuff theyre talking about. the concept of time has bested me yet again
x Basketcase x
x Basketcase x 16 napja
ĐƏv Wøndërsp•kês
Cs188’s commentary on this makes it more informal than this weird guys review. Jokes aside, I love both videos Drew and cs188’s take on this weird 90’s internet guide.
:) mmm, what was in that Chili?
Waffle Pancakes
Waffle Pancakes 18 napja
WAIT DANNY IS THE YOUNGEST OUT OF THE WE R TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE TOUR I’ve been watching the. For like years and I didn’t know that it’ll now
Quiznak! 18 napja
Making it (0-
Day Reldorito
Day Reldorito 18 napja
i was wondering how to download a browser. I was trying to play snake with my buds but couldn't ever figure out how to find them
Color Queen
Color Queen 18 napja
Right at my fingertits
saturncity 18 napja
Ghostee 19 napja
I like how Andrew laughs at his own jokes. Oh, sorry, did I say like? I hate it.
trulч grєgシ
trulч grєgシ 19 napja
Pumpkin Michael pumpkin Micheal give him a treat or *𝙝𝙚’𝙡𝙡 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩 𝙤𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙘𝙝*
David McCoul
David McCoul 19 napja
Rumor has it Andrew’s still interrupting ‘till this day.
Kunisake 19 napja
Mick Jagger has always looked scary
Keith O'Brien
Keith O'Brien 20 napja
This video is not just a guide to the internet... it's a guide from it
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim 20 napja
people in the 90s: the internet is new and very innovative people now: internet is all the same bla bla bla
Sandor Kocso
Sandor Kocso 20 napja
i love this channel but his face looks like shane dawson but with another haircut ;))
Sean Bucholtz
Sean Bucholtz 20 napja
Hey Drew! Is that The Contortionist's "Language" album on vinyl that I see behind you at 0:18?
Kowthar Abukar
Kowthar Abukar 21 napja
Andrew:crying in pain as he dies Everyone:Andrew don’t interrupt
Zoopla 21 napja
ur living in the old days
Frooglet Animations
My teacher showed this in class in 2020 Jesus Christ
E Stew
E Stew 22 napja
Peter and Dasha are so rude. They could have at least offered them a chair.
Trinity Thames
Trinity Thames 23 napja
Would have been funny if as the two friends were leaving,the little boy said,"lets's go see Barney."lol GREAT VIDEOS!
Nola P
Nola P 24 napja
Drew is my daily dose of diet john mulaney
adrien boudreau
adrien boudreau 24 napja
i kept thinking that when they said ``andrew dont interupt`` they meant andrew dummen her up
Myles' Underbite
just wait until they discover the Dark Web
Arianna Quiroz
Arianna Quiroz 25 napja
My mind: Wilbur Soot...
adrien boudreau
adrien boudreau 25 napja
I also love a internets
fat matt
fat matt 25 napja
What about the dial up sound effects?
fat matt
fat matt 25 napja
The orange wig with the 50s glasses is too awesome
fat matt
fat matt 25 napja
I saw like 2 minutes of adam Sandler hween movie......how does he get to keep making movies?
olvia 25 napja
The little kid looks likes Duckie from Pretty in Pink
Madison Lewe
Madison Lewe 25 napja
“Adults, avert your eyes” Me: Psh I do what I want
Ray Laventure
Ray Laventure 26 napja
Man, I want to write a letter to president Clinton...
Natalyia Kopack
Natalyia Kopack 26 napja
“Like in the old days” Me being traumatized for being forced to dissect a frog
Justus McKay
Justus McKay 26 napja
Wemdyz droo wem Wemdyz les got Wemdoys
String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ
ive spent the whole video trying to decipherwhat this means
Knight Raider
Knight Raider 26 napja
The wig from the Kim Possible video makes another appearance
Sam 26 napja
Lmao I hate that stupid Adam Sandler voice
quiplo 26 napja
It’s so cool to see people talking about the internet like in a way to almost advertise it. Since I grew up with the internet it’s always bizarre to see times when it wasn’t just e v e r y w h e r e.
Asher Twitch Streams
help how do i set up the world wide web i need to make an email that’s kind of like an email
theTRUEelectrek 26 napja
angel ASMR
angel ASMR 26 napja
Omg you’re hysterical!
Anna D
Anna D 27 napja
How Do I Open A PDF?
All I've ever seen is the cs188 ytp of this and seeing the unaltered one feels weird
Garrett Noble
Garrett Noble 27 napja
I laughed for two minutes straight at that voice crack
Imagine Miles
Imagine Miles 27 napja
Fun fact: My mom wrote a letter to the president and he actually responded
The Bronx Boglehead
Is Drew the only Magic fan?
Noah Janzen
Noah Janzen 28 napja
No one is talking about how this is the video of which the Wilbur soot egirl song ends
Mari Lu
Mari Lu 28 napja
Me finishing this video three months after it was posted watching Drew living in the old days
the horse
the horse 28 napja
ey the thumbnail is from that thing in the internet has ruined me
KillinMe Smallz
KillinMe Smallz Hónapja
I can't really overstate how much I love your editing...Not in that creepy way, but in the "I respect what you do," kind of way.
ncc1701 Hónapja
Just wanted to apologize as an Andrew for anything I’ve ever said
garbage guy 42
garbage guy 42 Hónapja
the source of the beginning of internet ruined me
Ser Abiótico
Ser Abiótico Hónapja
8:54 that disclaimer is interesting, i don't recall having one when i joined this internet of our (?
Jess Hónapja
I feel bad making fun of them because I feel like they were living in poverty without the internet
PillowBerry Hónapja
6:24 Then you use protection.
Valerie Familia
Valerie Familia Hónapja
yahoolagins hahahaha
Ilse Hermse
Ilse Hermse Hónapja
1:14 Maybe it's the graphics but what the hell is wrong with that kid's eyes? He kinda looks like an alien.
Nate Brown
Nate Brown Hónapja
Ha ha, old days-liver
Logan Prescott
Logan Prescott Hónapja
It’s 2021 now. Get out of the old days, you elderly stinker.
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