Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess 

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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Call Me Bill
Call Me Bill 7 hónapja
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
Andrive 4 napja
Bread Slice
Bread Slice 11 napja
okay, bill
Gaia The Leafwing
Gaia The Leafwing 2 hónapja
ParrotPlays 2 hónapja
carealoo744 5 hónapja
I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day
Nibberbobber 9 órája
Woah woah woah... You can’t forget about Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
Dee 14 órája
Kind of kills me that he mentions American Idle was a ripoff of a British show by a different name, and didn't realize that Masked Singer is originally a Korean show. It's also called Masked Singer. I feel like a simple Google search should've found that. P.s. I only know about the original Masked Singer because I watch KPop way too much.
Randomness Central
Randomness Central 14 órája
Drew: constantly interrupted by commercials Ad: plays
Cam Adams
Cam Adams 15 órája
Stream everything illegally. Sorry, I dont pay
AlphaDream 18 órája
none of the streaming services make a profit tho ... it won't last
Nasreen Shah
Nasreen Shah 21 órája
My cable provider charge 7 to 8 dollers a month 😅
Eric Olmanson
"And constantly interrupted by commercials" *add plays* Me: how do I learn this power
Eric Olmanson
"Sense! Like sixth sense!" They're always like that where they make a really vague connection
Lisa Chaffin
Not to mention most of all the cable shows are on some form of streaming service
Banagan Napja
Go Brian!
The Annoying Peanut
9:35 is when an ad played. :)
Omteria 2 napja
Can I just point out that if you live in Ireland or the UK you may be aware of the "TV licence". Now to anyone not in the UK or Ireland or any country that has this system, it's basically a licence saying that you own a TV officially. Now the reason this was brought in was to fund government funded shows and news which I and other people already hate as it could allow false information and propaganda to be place into our show which yes is a bit of a stretch but another reason is that people hate the shows as well as their just not very good so people opt out of getting a TV dish and just use a chrome cast. Well in Ireland due to people paying less and less for TV, instead of cutting the spending and leaving to independent company's, if you own HUrun TV you also need a licence. Which is extremely bullshit as your basically paying for a piece of paper saying "I have a TV lol" and you don't even get the show god forbid if you wanted them. And you may say "oh I'll just not pay the licence" bad luck as they dead ass have people come to your door to check if you own one, they don't even bother to check if own a TV in the first place and you get fucking punished if you don't own one, like legit court summons. So yeah TV licences are pure bullshit and thank you for coming to my ted talk
Ali Kriegel
Ali Kriegel 2 napja
I feel so bad for my in-laws, and I really hate long-term house sitting for them because they have zero internet options where they live, unless they want to attach it to a satellite service that also provides them "cable" TV. So they also pay an additional ~$80 for the internet, and if they use more than 10 gigs in a month each additional gig has a ~$30 a price tag. They also live in a cell service dead zone, so there's only one cell phone company that they can use, and it's not 100% reliable depending on what part of the house you're in. It's like cool, you've had the same cell service provider for 20 years, but it's only because you literally have zero other options.
Kilian Rayleigh
My parents still have cable. I think it's mostly so my dad can watch the news.
Bi5anca 3 napja
I didn't know that the office that we all know was a copy, and I just watched the first episode of the original and OHMYFYCKINGGOD it's ridiculus how much they copied o didn't know how to react
Cecily Griffis
Xfinity/Comcast is mine and they're the best we've ever had
nathanforthew 3 napja
Drew seems like he would love the show psych
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
Alexej Martens
Algorithmen comment
0:32 maxmoefoe
Sarah James
Sarah James 4 napja
masked singer is korean..and has been around for 6 years lmao
Spacey 4 napja
I can’t wait until “hollywoo stars and celebrities, what do they know? do they know things? let’s find out!” becomes a real show
Fran Smiljanec
I love how he put an ad in the middle of him saying "constantly interrupted by commercials"
izzy 25
izzy 25 4 napja
The people on Riverdale are idiots and it’s a really shit, cringe show And I love it
Sahiba Dhillon
Nikki Love
Nikki Love 4 napja
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Anastasia Kardash
Getting an ad for a cable company right after Drew says "...and interrupted by commercials" is comedy gold
Lucia Maria Ortega Flores
I just discovered his channel I subscribed cause he has a Is This It vinyl on his wall
Aussie Gordon
Aussie Gordon 5 napja
Growing up we would buy a $12 TV antenna and we would get like 60+ channels depending on where we lived and that was that 🤷‍♂️
inma co
inma co 5 napja
wow just realized that the mask simger is in America too and not only in the Netherlands only i like the dutch version more the costumes are better and stuff 🤷‍♀️ btw i can see ur voice is in the Netherlands too now
Eric Protheroe
as soon as he said " constantly interrupted by commercials" an add started
Dabaka93 5 napja
When you said "constantly interrupted by commercials", the video got interrupted by commercials.
Lewis Palmer
Lewis Palmer 6 napja
12:37 lmao
amy :l
amy :l 6 napja
gogglebox is still going and only 5 seasons are on uk netflix so imma keep itv and the bbc for news because british politics are a mess :,)
h k
h k 6 napja
I hate that America ripped off two good Korean shows and made them worse somehow 🤨
Liam McDermott
Drew: and constantly interrupted by commercials HUrun: ever heard of hulu
Fearsome War Engine
I have not paid to see any tv content in almost 17 years, why would anyone pay for this shit lol
Kittikat4124 7 napja
Legit got two spectrum ads on this video
God 7 napja
I like the "shirtless Obama" thrown in there
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean 7 napja
All those shows he mentioned like law and order and etc the reason people like like them is because people like my mom who are middle aged like to watch it
who knows
who knows 7 napja
hey. 911 lone star is about firefighters
Love 7 napja
I’m a confusing expensive mess
Levis Hogea
Levis Hogea 7 napja
I haven't watched cable TV in years. personally speaking, the only thing interesting on cable TV was the Discovery/Science channels or the cartoons. I hate sports so I never was interested in them.
Anika Flores
Anika Flores 7 napja
0:40 like 5 minutes ago i sang the same song lol
OgamerNL 7 napja
Holy crap American TV contracts are confusing and misleading as fuck....
Clara Jaeger
Clara Jaeger 8 napja
the fact he's this mad in an atla shirt brings me so much joy
Mtobsessed 8 napja
Came for the commentary on stupid tv, stayed for the rant on cable
Cody Khaos
Cody Khaos 8 napja
I miss G4TV so fucking much bro. It was a sad day when they went off-air
Cody Khaos
Cody Khaos 8 napja
4:59 what about NTSF:SD:SUV
Jake of all trades
I lost it at the “later that night” with the law and order noise
Sawlty-suite 8 napja
Drew uhhm your background tv is shaking
Stella Cook
Stella Cook 8 napja
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Bald Bread
Bald Bread 9 napja
9:35 i got an ad here lol
hendrix 9 napja
lemme rant about fucking spectrum. we have laws against monopolies. I'm a flexible dude. if something ain't how I want it, I'm willing to compromise. but I cant with internet. spectrum is the only fucking ISP in my area and many other areas around me. and its not like I live in fucking the middle of Wyoming. i live in a small-mid sized town like 30 minutes out of my states capital. like eh???
Vexed Fallen
Vexed Fallen 9 napja
Another fun thing about cable is that if you try to cancel it because the person paying for it died they will still fight tooth and nail for you to take it up for them instead, despite you know, everything. We had to provide a death certificate when my uncle died, to cancel his fucking CABLE
Blue 9 napja
Blue 9 napja
To be far Criminal Minds is pretty great for binging.
I dont care what anyone says, criminal minds slaps.
Alexandra Mitsis
ncis is pretty good.
Shua 9 napja
dr fortnite bleus
Katrina Swalby
Katrina Swalby 10 napja
Thank you for making and sharing your content. I needed to laugh today. 💚
Walker K
Walker K 10 napja
My grandmother pays for cable for two reasons: 1) If she missed her team's WNBA game she'd die on the spot 2) She has no understanding of computers and everyone in the family except her has given up on her ability to use one
Joshua Hurston
Joshua Hurston 10 napja
I got an ad when he said full of commercials
Toby Constantine
Bonded so hard over watching G4 after class
Sup Lol
Sup Lol 10 napja
I stopped watching this video at 4:46 to join my modern music class just to talk about the masked singer-
Berghen Lenzini
Berghen Lenzini 10 napja
When Drew said the ways you are suppose to watch shows in 720 p, censored, and constantly interrupted by commer - and there was commercial
Z3ps 10 napja
Someone: *eating cheese* Me:*steals cheese and throws on groung* Someone:why? Me:cheese bad Someone: yes Like if agree
Admin Team gaming
21:41 whats that? The subtitle writer mistook food for dude? I guess 5 year olds are doing subtitles now.
Maussiegamer 10 napja
9:40 that was smooth
Jules Chavez
Jules Chavez 11 napja
drew i am high as fuck and LOVING the passion in this video, like this is the best video essay on youtube
Elstonn Gunn
Elstonn Gunn 11 napja
The only serious cop show that is actually entertaining to me is the mentalist and that’s literally only cus of Simon baker, he literally is the star of every scene and also Tim Kant the rest are either annoying or stereotypical but Jane and cho are gud
Hengenpen 11 napja
I didn’t expect to see skip bayless in a drew gooden video but yet here we are
Tobias Taraba
Tobias Taraba 11 napja
In Germany most channels are free, and the state owned media is great for the News :>
Leticia Turis
Leticia Turis 11 napja
this is literally a copy of a show with the same name in south korea (the masked singer)
Kayleigh Hoban
Kayleigh Hoban 11 napja
Can i just say i rlly like u as a youtuber but greys anayomy is the best medical program out there
Kayleigh Hoban
Kayleigh Hoban 11 napja
Me just her while hes listing of tv shows: watched it, watched it, yes, good show , watched it , no? Mmh any way , yes, yes Edit: and alot of these are good
MoonNoodles 11 napja
The only reason why me and my grandparents have cable is : 1) Louisiana service for anything is HORRIBLY BAD ! 2) We watch a lot of local channels we could not watch anywhere else ex:( rodeos , our local news channel and weather channel ,) 3) sports
Oscar S
Oscar S 12 napja
How is this even legal
Regicide2952 12 napja
9:35 I love how an ad plays right here
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval 12 napja
Honestly with every company I have to call and complain to pay a reasonable price. $44 spectrum tv in the app and the $89 for upgraded faster internet until I can get fiber in the neighborhood I switch to that lol besides sports it’s absurd
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval 12 napja
I just found this channel and love it lol spectrum was charging us over $200 for ONE DVR, tv+internet. The internet we have without tv is $89 lol might switch to Google lol my dad was paying for that and I had to lowkey get mad at him but regular adults just don’t know or keep track of it.
Fabio 12 napja
we pay for internet for like 40 dollars and cable comes for free for no reason and in my country they actually have a channel named lared thats like ten times better than the whole other channels
MrSlice 12 napja
My grandpa only watches cable for live sports😂😂😂
Logan Patterson
Logan Patterson 13 napja
i think a police like show that didnt get enough love was numbers.
Spaggity 13 napja
Malachi 1
Malachi 1 13 napja
Listen boy criminal minds is fucking awesome
Capable Woman
Capable Woman 13 napja
Love you said commercial and one popped up
Anna Baker
Anna Baker 13 napja
Drew: "let's say it should be like, $10 a month" Me: "it's like a $100" Drew: "what's that? It's like a $100?"
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes 13 napja
"who is the host of evrything else" jkghjkjbjkfs
Mr. DD
Mr. DD 14 napja
Before switching to government sponsored fiber in Sweden (the government sponsor the infrastructure the internet provider is still private but we have now way more options). The old internet provider we could only provided 10 mbps speed (no cap), they charged an activation fee, the subscription was pricier than our current subscription which is 200 mbps (no cap) and when we cancelled they wanted the garbage modem they provided back or else we'd have to purchase it.... for approx. 100 USD....
Terminal Cantcer
But House MD is GOOOOOOD
Joe B.
Joe B. 14 napja
Credit where credit's due-- Dick Wolf has a fantastic name
TimeFind 14 napja
My dad has a 10$ a month thing that gives all the channels that cable does
NaTeesha85 14 napja
Okay but The Rookie is actually very good and different if a little far-fetched lol.
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