Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess 

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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Call Me Bill
Call Me Bill 4 hónapja
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
ParrotPlays 8 órája
carealoo744 2 hónapja
I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day
carealoo744 2 hónapja
Haven't seen any of these shows
Night of the living wolf
*saids enthusiastically*
No No No No
No No No No 2 hónapja
Very big deal
taylor swiftie 13
I actually watch(ed) I Can See Your Voice and I always scream at the person about how dumb they are and they end up being right about the singer
aiyana white
aiyana white 40 perccel
i can see your voice is one of the worst shows ive ever seen but dont get it twisted ken jeong is my favorite man on this earth
Mandy Kolody
Mandy Kolody 40 perccel
Me trying to convince my grandmother to get the internet Grandma:why do I need the internet Me:that's where everything is Grandma:I don't understand it, l don't want it
Abbey Cat
Abbey Cat 3 órája
Legitimate comment: my parents pay $200 per month for wifi; phone; and cable. Our wifi only works half the time (we have Mediacom). How do you find cheap enough wifi?
KickAHobo 4 órája
G4 is coming back; on HUrun, buddy!
SilvioKLC 6 órája
I like DVBT
The Sleepy Dot
The Sleepy Dot 6 órája
Cable is so stupid, now that you mention it (or rather talk about it for 25 minutes)... I mean, you pay a flippin fortune monthly, and still get to watch more ads than you would if you went to a site dedicated to pop-up ads.
The Sleepy Dot
The Sleepy Dot 7 órája
Actually, Netflix also has an algorithm that recommend you stuff based on previous shows or movies you've watched, and also changes the thumbnails/promotional pictures to what the predict you are more likely to click on.
Leah Sullyn
Leah Sullyn 8 órája
this is completely unrelated to the content of this vid but i love your atla shirt drew :)
LlamaLord 10 órája
You can have *every* streaming service instead of cable
Cherry R
Cherry R 11 órája
the fucking kingdom hearts voice lines are so funny
Emilie Snow
Emilie Snow 11 órája
im confused was that the start of the canadian national anthem at 5:31
Corimoon 11 órája
Marko Novakovic
Marko Novakovic 12 órája
Hey man, why you gotta bash Scrubs? Scrubs is like Brooklyn 99 but in the medical genre.
Restless Bear
Restless Bear 12 órája
1:59 This is just Eurovision but less European.
Restless Bear
Restless Bear 12 órája
Britain: Pop idol America: American idol Sweden: Idol
Donovan 14 órája
my dad only keeps cable because of tcm which shows all 60+ year old movies lol I used to watch Harold loid with still do sometimes !o!
Jacob Guenther
Jacob Guenther 19 órája
I haven't had cable for almost ten years and i've never missed it. Sure, some really good shows have come out but i can just stream or buy the blu-ray set. Cable is a dying enterprise.
My penis is small, but
Yeah TV is stupid, 1/3 commercials and all Actors are almost always pricks who think they are hot shit and TV manifests them. It’s expensive and they scam you and I can’t wait until TV dies. Times are changing and it’s kinda expected that if you have ads shoved down your face every 5 minutes it will be free. Yet TV thinks they can charge 10x more than any other providers and be 10x as worthless. I remember the days of having to remember what time a show was on so I could be home and watch it and then coming home and the TV listings changed and I catch the end credits.
Knight Enchanter
Knight Enchanter 20 órája
The original (Korean versions) Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice are amazing. The American versions are a f**king travesty in comparison. Also I like the procedural crime dramas and med dramas, they make for good leisure watch as they're episodic so you can jump in any time and wouldn't miss a thing. In contrast I hate dramas with overarching plotlines nowadays as I do not have the patience to watch the same shit get dragged on for 31212 seasons.
Kristy M
Kristy M 21 órája
I will not tolerate this Criminal Minds slander
scrabble with Cheeto breath
I watch every single one of those government organization shows...
Dead Slushie Walkin'
Drew: "And constantly interrupted by ads-" *AD PLAYS* Me: you clever son of a gun.
Yourleft AirPodpro
God it’s been so long since I’ve been recommended Drew I forgot how genuinely funny he was
kitsukos Napja
my grandparents have paid for spectrum/charter for as long as i can remember, yes, i'm 13 and have lived with them almost all my life. i feel horrible for their bank accounts
Devils Deck Of Cards
the CW app cuts in like 3 or 4 ads every like 10 minutes. like 4 ads in succession. So i kinda watched half of the new superman family thing until the ads got too tedious.
Mokhie Lisitsyn
Capitalism breeds innovation
Darth Malgus
My dog hates your video. I put the headphones on him and he hated it. You need to improve your quality
Moses Embrey
I got a Comcast ad while watching this
Nicholas Folk
So hold up, GI James is a sergeant first class?? In an AIR FORCE UNIFORM?? With UNIT PATCHES ON THE SLEEVES??
Cormac Donnelly
American tv is unbelievably different to the rest of the world
Deku Leaf
Deku Leaf Napja
Brooklyn 99 does this but at least it’s funny
Who buys cable anymore? You'd have to be a fool!
BeeGroovy Napja
They're are good ones, you just have to spend hours removing most of the bad ones from your feed.
MegaGinia Napja
Ummm . . . Rugrats MD?
Susboy95 Napja
Lmao he put an ad right after he said constantly interrupted by ads
I'm neither a poet nor a artist
They took all this ideas from korean shows
LTMC Media
LTMC Media Napja
Why does cable even still exist
fn0va Napja
They're actually bringing back G4
DaniDan Napja
I actually have friends that don't have cable and just stick to streaming services I wish I could convince my mom to do the same
Hanako Napja
“Constantly disrupted by commercials.” *commercial begins to play
alba muñoz
USA is wild
bunnii Napja
my boyfriend loves 911
Shannon Moore
And wifi is such a necessity these days it should not ever be as expensive as they charge
Shannon Moore
But then all their commercials and ads say no hidden fees ever ..they jack my bill up constantly and have every excuse in the book ..and if u have an outtage-u don't get reimbursed unless u ask! Unfortunately they're our only option at my apt complex & they rob the f out of us for shotty service
Neon Ice
Neon Ice Napja
Thankfully we can actually have ways to actually hurt and boycott these cable companies, unlike 20+ years ago.
Charlee Extoria
It’s 3:00 am and I had no idea what he said it’s soo late 😅
Lord of the Jams
they really placed a paramount + ad here
Zander Ruelas
Zander Ruelas 2 napja
“Cobra Kai” HE SAID IT . . \___________/
mooravity 2 napja
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon 2 napja
*the shirt* *I love it*
Lock-Jaw 2 napja
@6:48 whatchu got them handcuffs for bud? 👀👀
Ann Maria Ajoy
pop rocks
pop rocks 3 napja
Does anyone else remember the guy with the Afro from America idol who was a judge and I think he was a child physiologist or did I dream him up
msd 3 napja
this is making me want to finally check out that Jim Carrey movie Cable Guy
Saxophonicus 3 napja
Loser Men
Loser Men 3 napja
Love this vid, but don’t dog on my boy Scrubs, it is the best comedy ever to be on tv
Phantom Menacing
stebo gaming
stebo gaming 3 napja
As a fellow orlandonian with spectrum internet, I feel your pain.
Ben Chesterman
Government takes more money left anti capitalist idiot
Audrey Bea
Audrey Bea 3 napja
My tv has cable now and it gets like 300 channels and me and my mom have no idea how it happened bc we aren't paying for it, it just showed up on our tv one day and hasn't gone away. We still don't use it tho just streaming services
dheddie 3 napja
i have tried to get my dad off cable for like 5 years, but he literally makes ads for a living so he like feels weird being like “i don’t wanna sit through my own ads but i’m gonna make you do it”
Emm Gee Archive
The next sequel of FBI series next to FBI: Most Wanted is... *FBI: Open Up!*
Mango Conchile
IFC used to be great :(
Watts Up
Watts Up 4 napja
“In 720 P, censored, and constantly interrupted by commercial” **gets an ad**
Chris Barnett
Chris Barnett 4 napja
There’s a strand of hair going down your forehead and I can’t stop looking at it and it’s driving me insane..
Marley Ota
Marley Ota 4 napja
yeah no you really have to talk about 911 lone star it is fricking RIDICULOUS
Flying Walrus42
8:08 wow G4🥲 id watch AOTS, XPlay and Ninja Warrior with my dad and brothers religiously.
Ryan Wiley
Ryan Wiley 4 napja
Well, someone FINALLY said it. Drew Gooden is my Fox News. In that I can just turn him on, say “go,” and cease thinking for myself, secure in the knowledge that whatever Drew says, it ain’t gonna challenge me in any meaningful cognitive way. That sounds like an insult, but this dude has had consistently good content for his entire online career. To turn the idea of “No, see? Fox News is actually a GOOD thing!” Into a compliment would require too much brain resources (like a high-90s% of the total available). I love you, Drew. I wanna have your wife’s baby! Out of my penis!
Ainsley Matthews
now i know this man did not group criminal minds as the same as ncis miami do not do my man matthew gray gubler dirty like that
Robert Hannigan
9:35 "...in 720p and constantly interrupted by commercia-" *ad begins to play*
Flapps McGee
Flapps McGee 4 napja
Drew looks like Steve Buscemi before that accident that caused his eyes to bulge out.
Hank Bishop
Hank Bishop 5 napja
Animal planet
Julian Flores
Julian Flores 5 napja
La reproducción asexual produce descendientes que son genéticamente idénticos al padre
Jack Boon
Jack Boon 5 napja
“Constantly interrupted by commercials” SPECTRUM - WE ARE TOTALLY NOT A SCAM
callme cold
callme cold 5 napja
13:36 uncle iro
Jos Ron
Jos Ron 5 napja
I'm currently getting my internet through Comcast. They'll get their money one way or the other just raise the cost of Internet.
Beck Paterson
Beck Paterson 5 napja
Lmao as soon as drew said movies that are filled with commercials I got an add
Liam Shanley
Liam Shanley 5 napja
Spectrum charged me a CONVENIENCE FEE because I could (had to) install the router myself due to the pandemic!!!!
p1uf 5 napja
Hippy Happy Builds
Drew: «Wich you can watch the way it was meant to pe watched, 720p and with a comercial playing all the tim- Me: *gets ad*
Alina Rose
Alina Rose 5 napja
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t King of Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice originally Korean shows??
MISSed Bandwagon
Sora deserves justice!!!
NEXboy Productions
Drew: “and constantly being interrupted by commercials” HUrun: AD
lauren bingham
and everthing on cable that’s coming out weekly is on hulu or youtube
Lily •_•
Lily •_• 6 napja
"And constantly interrupted by commercials-" HUrun: **proceeds to play ad**
No one likes you Charles Dugan
5:57 criminal minds is an okay show its not about the cops as much as it's about the murderer but it still has those annoying stereotypes
No one likes you Charles Dugan
Ken Jeong ran out of that community money
Kelly Schutz
Kelly Schutz 6 napja
This video turned into Spectrum slander and I am so glad someone is finally talking about it
Kelly Schutz
Kelly Schutz 6 napja
What we’re not going to do is mix scrubs with greys anatomy
sad frog
sad frog 6 napja
But Drew, that thumbs up took a lot of effort. Your lucky they didnt charge you the walking fee.
Funny Jerry
Funny Jerry 7 napja
When he said “constantly cut off my commercials” he was cut off my a commercial (mid sentence even).
Olivia Graham
Olivia Graham 7 napja
Lol at 5:32 it's the Canadian national anthem
one broken light bulb
cop catch bad guy shows are all propaganda, but there's so many bc they're popular. they aren't contradictory points
Javier Marino
Javier Marino 7 napja
Drew more like drew
Drake Rencher
Drake Rencher 7 napja
only time an ad placement has made me laugh
Linda 7 napja
Is Fox the only channel that he watched?
Gwen D
Gwen D 7 napja
why does the outlet in the background look like a lowercase “a”?
Greg David L
Greg David L 7 napja
Ryan George says thanks for saving HUrun