Rich People Have Bad Taste 

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shrunkenmonkey5 28 napja
The pinned comment sucks
your bread body pillow, I know you have one.
As someone, who’ve read this comment, I can confirm that this is true.
Eric Sama GG
Eric Sama GG 6 napja
Ben Duckles
Ben Duckles 7 napja
Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
IanRush9 Perce
having a huge house is like building a city in a single player world only to then realise that no one else is in the game
Azrael 9 perccel
0:55 Yes. Yes you do
Sypher 45 perccel
sometimes Drew's videos feel like a fever dream
Hunter Lai
Hunter Lai 48 perccel
when are drew gooden and john mulaney going to host a podcast together
Crazy Rabid Squid
Crazy Rabid Squid 54 perccel
5:18 this room reminds me of a footnote on page 16, volume 1 of Karl Marx's Capital. "In bourgeois societies the economic fictio juris prevails, that every one, as a buyer, posseses an encyclopedic knowledge of commodities."
James Boulger
James Boulger Órája
You got to wonder about things like this when you here about things like Kanye West having to get a divorce and move his 100+ sneakers out of his house. He must hire summon to "turn" the sneakers exclusively in a giant sneaker display room.
Mint Solstice
Mint Solstice 2 órája
Man, eat the fucking rich.
RoxNotKiddo 2 órája
This video is hilarious
papergun 3 órája
YOu are laughing at their bad taste and they laughing at your bank account. Actually, you are still stuck in a couple squares feet condo.
Crazy Rabid Squid
An enemy stand
An enemy stand 4 órája
The rich spend more money on creating spaces where they cant see the working class than the working class has to spend.
kshamwhizzle 5 órája
there's a giant house just outside Calgary I think belongs to like a Saudi oil magnate or something, and I shit you not he has a huge gold plated pegasus statue out front.
Baseilus 5 órája
Drew Gooden sounds like a radio dj from GTA V
D L 6 órája
People this rich cease to be human and become one with their possessions, or rather their identity completely revolves around their belief in material possessions. Such persons should be forcibly stripped of their ludicrous wealth by the coming people's revolution, their assets distributed to the underclass, their homes made into stables and bunk houses for the homeless. And they themselves should be publicly flogged and have dirty old dollar bills stuffed in their mouths as the proletariat cheers on the dawn of the new era. But yeah good video :)
Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace
We hire the bear to lay on the floor and pretend to be dead.
Ye et
Ye et 10 órája
3:18 (intense Kung Fu music)
amelia 11 órája
holy fu ck the giraffe story was so funny 10/10 drew
Sanjana Sagar
Sanjana Sagar 12 órája
rick people don't have a bad taste. they can just buy whatever they want
Jordan sloan
Jordan sloan 12 órája
Dude you are freaking hilarious, I think the same way
oldmac 12 órája
no one noticed 12:34
HungLikeARooster 12 órája
Do you need a Batcave in your house? The fuck kinda question is that?
Green Berry
Green Berry 13 órája
why is the dark crystal in that house
Эллочка не Людоедка
Ever heard of Putin's palace?
Totallyawesome 15 órája
Dude I want that Giraffe myself...
Samanta Luna
Samanta Luna 15 órája
For that kind of money I would buy a bunch of old mansions and restore them, turning them into private residences, local museums or event locations. But I'm a sucker for old architecture. 🤗
1 1
1 1 17 órája
dakota lied about the limes?????!!! 😦😦😦😦
Gusto Gold
Gusto Gold 19 órája
drew gooden is a last dinosaurs fan? taste. nothing but TASTE.
Fazila Zaman
Fazila Zaman 19 órája
Why am I just discovering your content
Dinosaur Cool guy
Dinosaur Cool guy 21 órája
does ANYBODY know where his shirt is from :(
AmericanToast 22 órája
You should’ve had the title be “rich people have poor taste”
Dvdmovie Malley
Dvdmovie Malley 23 órája
Bruhhh reptilians strfkr kiss me
Andrew Gonzales
Andrew Gonzales 23 órája
Good shit bro 🙏
skylar elliott
i just think that before you buy a mansion, you should spend a night in like, a regular person's apartment. that way they would appreciate all of the insane shit they have, and they would spend their money on furniture they'll actually use. really i think mansions shouldn't exist in the first place but if you're gonna have one, at least make it good to live in
Did anyone else only click on this because they saw Dita’s home in the thumbnail? 🐅 🐅
Vans Dy
Vans Dy Napja
I hate big houses too. It's gonna be a pain to clean it.
Okay but why wasn't the "effortless" door automatic, if you're that rich just make it so all you have to do it push a button.
Daniel Michniowski
All I'm saying is, if I've got that kinda money, I'm not thinking twice about buying weird shit. Worst case scenario, it ends up in the garage.
Chris Oliva
love it.....I actually noticed with very well off people with extra large homes (did some work for charities and organisations, so thats how I got to know them - however not even type of wealth what you are discussing here). They tend to only use a few rooms (usually the average size, because I guess that feels like a real home), and ignore the rest of it...... Also an idea you could discuss is....how well does something need to be made for the purpose it is meant for? Simple e.g. does a wallet need to be gold trimmed? obviously not. (Secondly I noticed a long time ago, some "knock offs" would be made a well as the luxury brand names (this may not be the case anymore, as many things are made shoddily). Now I think of these things if I ever start to think "ooooh that would be nice to have" nips that feeling in the bud. I hope you can understand my idea. Thanks for the laughs....
Tori Caryl
Tori Caryl Napja
ya all my guest can play arcade games they just have to use the atm so they can pay for the arcade games
Chudds Mackenzie
Unlike poor people who are renowned for having great taste
Pazuzu 17 perccel
Actually true
carlie fox
carlie fox Napja
dakota funny for that idc
Alex Glaze
Alex Glaze Napja
My flower cutting room has four stories and a walk in closet. Feel poor yet?
ON Napja
Noooo it is for money laundring and the art work is for tax write offs never was about the living.
Crazy Rabid Squid
Zoe Zhou - Project ME
Sigmund Albertus
3:29 Trial by Stone!
Xanxer Napja
When Drew calls u a homie:✨😭✨
Cyber Chicken
9:30 *For now*
jamie silaban
2:22 Bono in a Howie Mandell costume. SPOT ON! Can't unsee it now.
Beloved Of Christ
Lord Jesus loves you 🤍
Alexis D
Alexis D Napja
I don't....how can....can you imagine not being a millionaire but a BILLIONAIRE and being able to afford to end poverty for thousands of people maybe even millions and just....not....just buying four swimming pools and seven vacation homes and an island you visit once every two years? Like these people don't like most of the things they buy, they like the idea of it. Then get bored and more outrageous with this purchases. I don't care how good you were at making movies idc if you made the cure for cancer, NO ONE deserves that much.
Crazy Rabid Squid
I know right! If I had that much money I would put it all into stuff like leftist organizing for the revolution, or actually helping homeless people by providing them access to job searching and also clean clothes for interviews and stable financial support. Maybe I would start a community garden. Definitely something actually useful.
Erez Napja
Poor people have rich taste
Orangutan Guitars
8:50 top 1 saddest moments ever
*"now this room is what I use to drink milk while putting my socks on and while watching my private Justin Beiber concert!"*
Alex Paul
Alex Paul Napja
Whomever uses the Home Theatre close your fuckin room!
Alex Paul
Alex Paul Napja
The Houses look too big and too empty.
K. Miranda
K. Miranda Napja
Hey so.....where tf is drew??
saralli Napja
i'm sorry but that man talking about his 1st floor theater like it's a revolutionary discovery was the funniest thing i've ever seen. rich people are out of this world
Aaron Billington
You got me with the cutaways . Brilliant
Morningstar Of Darkness
Give this guy a medal
Ali Akram
Ali Akram Napja
This is the second video where I've noticed a last dinosaurs album in the back. Drew impressing me with his international music knowledge with that Yumeno Garden and In a Million Years 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jesse Heidgerken
The windy russia canonically suit because landmine understandably disagree round a unbecoming digger. melted, remarkable windchime
TimothyTim PSP
Hey gaaaaaaaa!
Ultimate Loser
When having a good taste is our only comeback as broke people lol
HappyMeal Napja
2:20 i actually thought this was howie mandell until they zoomed in a camera. wew looks like howie could hire someone to stay away from work
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
Rich people really do be buying simple ass stuff for thousands of dollars (ex: I saw a vid where a billionaire bought a ping pong table for over $15,000)
Carl Johnson
This comment was pinned by Danny Gonzalez
Anna Napja
My husband loves watching these videos and every time he does I lose my mind at those crazy houses and their ugly interior
Iderus Namamee
That one prequelmeme just turned this amazing video into a masterpiece.
Bee Mo
Bee Mo Napja
the guy has 2 seperate kitchens so him and his cursed family don't have to interact with the help, unbelievable
Uthark Runa
That is Bono dressed as howie mandel
Mohammad Farhan
a private JB concert huh? goddamit i dont even like justin but that got me seething with jealousy. Rich people do be livin in a difffernt planet
Makoto Kaidou
01:39 that couch is the worst. Just imagine you're looking for your remote TV or losing your earings.
Lucid Validity
The materials will never fill an empty hole in there hearts
“again, idrk what a computer is, i think i saw it in a movie..” *flashbacks to 3 laptops falling on the floor*
Cedarlleaf Napja
Hope your doing well drew
Peter Gregory
Peter Gregory 2 napja
POV: Drew is dead and you’re watching his last video.
J_respect 14 órája
@Vi you have subs because you are a girl
Vi 23 órája
shinigami956 2 napja
why they make house with like 12 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms!! WHY??
Gina Milfort
Gina Milfort 2 napja
plz make a new video drew what’s wrong 😳😔
Pardon me,
Pardon me, 2 napja
A large house and property is a good investment. If your business goes bankrupt and you can't afford bills, you can sell it and still live comfortably in a smaller mansion.
Αλέξανδρoς Άγγελος
why he say hey guy?
Cohen Steiniger
I just subscribed, now I'm truly Greg
t r
t r 2 napja
Drew post another video or I'm gonna have to turn on notifications
t r
t r 2 napja
ok so I just did that, you're right, but you are still obliged to post a new video
Oscar Santiago
4:32 was adorable 💖
molly kotes
molly kotes 2 napja
“and he makes the sound that anakin makes in the phantom menace”
Aadhi Raveemathi
"...when your enjoying your movie with the door closed, if someone enters the outer door, it blinks the lights on to alert you of their presence..." Abe Lincoln really should have bought this
DavisK Napja
fucking brilliant
Foxtrot 2 napja
Missed the opportunity to call this video "Rich People Have Poor Taste"
Hectatus Breakfastus
I built a house once, the home owner wanted a rustic wall. They spent over $20 000 for this feature wall which was rotting wood. The guy who built it drove to the country and took down broken fences and threw em into his pickup and drove off. Not too sure if he had permission from the owners of the fence but I hope so lol. "Hey where are my cows?"
NOICE 2 napja
wrist cutting room
Microwaveable Water
Before you get discouraged, realize that getting a $100,000,000 mansion isn’t that hard. All you have to do is become a CEO of 10 companies and have a big inheritance. Besides that you also have to become a massive entrepreneur. Also, since you’re “working hard” you might not be able to see you’re friends for the next 20 years. See? It’s not that hard.
liliablair 2 napja
This was too funny I’m almost afraid to admit it for a reason
Strawberri Gacha!
While us broke broskis have taste
Bjorg Bjorgingson
The poor have nothing
lnxlnx 2 napja
As a fan of both baroque architecture and Phantom of the Opera (and therefore would 100% buy a big ass chandelier and a too big for one person castle if I had the money) I feel attacked.
It's the same principle on shows like Say Yes to the Dress: the more expensive the dress is, the more overdesigned and ugly
Luiza Nascimento
*me:* seeing this while working and studying for about 12 hours every day. *yes, time to eat the rich*
John Banks
John Banks 2 napja
Anyone else google if drew was assassinated for promising to look into gamestonk? He promised to upload tomorrow, it’s been 3 weeks.
Logan Cap
Logan Cap 2 napja
If I was rich, I would have a nice everyday house and then my Star Trek DS9 replica house
Lemonade Skies
Hot dog needs whip cream
Julianna 2 napja
you know, your hot dog website has the "put some ketchup on it" , "put some mustard on it", "put a corndog on it", "put a pickle on it", "put a hat on it", "put a basketball on it", "put a new year on it", but I would love to see "put a ring on it", I feel like at this point it's the only acceptable choice
Oh Dru jnuior , I made 🥚😳
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