Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies 

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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden 2 hónapja
These movies killed so many of my brain cells that I forgot Emma Roberts’ name.
DerpyDood 14 napja
The Beets
The Beets 14 napja
This was such a funny video bahah
Jonatgan 15 napja
do you understand the panic that raced through my mind at the thought that i hadnt known emma roberts all along
you're a VICTIM.
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin 22 napja
I actually thought you were intentionally saying Emma Watson on purpose.
hongjoong tiddies
it’s funny cuz i’ve seen my mam watching all of these
Vanz 5 órája
KickAHobo 15 órája
Glowing hobo you say?.. interesting.
DBAlex 20 órája
I am currently experiencing body aches and I’m hoping this video will help me fall asleep :)
Jillian McQueen
Are we not gonna talk about how the sisters husband in holidate is ALEX MOFFAT FROM SNL???
Bruce Wayne
"There's a few games" and then he doesn't say Die Hard, the best Christmas movie. Fuck you.
Coffee and Fripes
hahahaha this video was funny. Made me think of Cinemasins
CrUSheDMeLoN :3
I'm not gonna lie I actually thought this was a video danny made and then I saw drew and I-I just i uhh -_-
Harrison Seeber
Salemkitty5 3 napja
In the thumbnail I legit thought the women on the right was Danny Gonzales
Ender Pup
Ender Pup 4 napja
Teachers are payed OK after ten-year kicks in. But I've never heard of an ivy league middle school.
Elizabeth Magai-Townsend
I think the worst Hallmark Christmas movie is the one about Chanukkah
Caden Pichler
Caden Pichler 5 napja
How Netflix Destroyed Christmas Directed by Drew Gooden
Mason plays some stuff
Netflix's only good Christmas movie is Klaus.
Frooglet Animations
“While she is British she isn’t princess of Britain I know it doesn’t make much sense” Empress Matilda: I’m gonna have to stop you right there
Lady Bug
Lady Bug 6 napja
The only Christmas movie that good is home alone
Abraham Mathew [Sanish]
4:26 but why does that guy look so similar to Drew
Yassin Abdelrazek
Drew Gooden is hands down the funniest man on HUrun
yuvan 7 napja
yep I agree
Kalana Sandaruwan
"somebody wrote that" - Drew Gooden 2020
Валерия Векслер
Okay but who would watch this knight movie when it's literally Kate&Leopold but so much worse?
QuietGrave 7 napja
this is an endorsement of there being too many famous emmas. emma stone and emma watson are sick of sharing space with julia roberts niece.
NSD_ Maniac
NSD_ Maniac 8 napja
Danny, I thought u made an entire video about why The Santa Clause is bad. Why did u just say it’s good????
Snoodle Dumpling
20 seconds in and I must like for Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever. I think I may even subscribe because of that. Also, I prefer the interpretation that Ms. 'I'm a middle school teacher with a GUEST HOUSE' is some kind of trust fund kid that decided to go into teaching for the funsies/to give back to society. You know, like rich spinsters used to do.
Sara Speargas
Sara Speargas 8 napja
Me and my girlfriend watched knight before Christmas together and it’s no lie our new favorite movie. It’s so bad it’s good and it’s just entertaining enough that it isn’t infuriating to watch.
Taktik FN
Taktik FN 9 napja
OMG we watched christmas on the square to put up our tree h i i f y o u a r e s t i l l r e a d i n g t h i s g o d b l e s s y o u r s o u l
LEGO head 27
LEGO head 27 9 napja
Horse ate my shirt let’s ride the horse
Petrishta Arias
A Princess for Christmas wasn't THAT bad
the police one was really realistic
A.Ham_ antha
A.Ham_ antha 9 napja
omll the actor who plays the doctor in the last movie is an actor in a completely different show where he also plays a doctor and omg they're in the same universe :()
Julian McGrath
Vanessas British accent tho 🤮🤮
preternatural 10 napja
is it just me or does vanessa hudges sound a LOT like nicki minaj lol
Katie Hulbert
Katie Hulbert 10 napja
The 1.1k dislikes are all from Vanessa Hudgens
Liam McDermott
Liam McDermott 10 napja
The crone is trying to make knights go to the future leaving the kingdom undefended
Aislyn Dela Rosa
I kinda liked Holidate tbh lol. Emma WATSON definitely did a great job portraying Emma Roberts in it.
Alexis Carrion
Alexis Carrion 10 napja
Hey drew learn how to put your neat beanie on
MahoganyGamer 10 napja
I am suicidal
Etho 11 napja
This movie did not preserve to do Ghost.
Aaron Koenders
Aaron Koenders 11 napja
Hey guy
SquidKid 23
SquidKid 23 11 napja
Lol my grandpa turned on the knight before Christmas all on his own and was glued to the TV the whole time while we were playing games.
Arcan_you_stop Please
Clayton Anderson
Not Emma Watson....
Nick Longbucco
Nick Longbucco 12 napja
Came here for the cheeky comments, stayed for the steamy Drew on Drew action with MS Paint
ibrahim hassan
ibrahim hassan 12 napja
I like stranger kids -Drew Gooden 2020
maybevoltz 12 napja
why is Trisha Paytas the old crone?
Ruby Heughan
Ruby Heughan 12 napja
The fact that I hate my dad and he was an extra in the princess switch 2 just makes sense tbh but he did meet Vanessa Hudgens but he didn’t get a photo or signature so I hate him more now :)
Liam Warren
Liam Warren 12 napja
For every good Netflix show at least 700 actors are sacrificed
Bees Animations
Bees Animations 12 napja
4:48 yes
Cassidy Fowler
Cassidy Fowler 13 napja
Please watch 'A New York Christmas Wedding' -- it's about exactly what it sounds like. But there's a twist, they're lesbian ghosts!
Adrian 13 napja
My friend was in go go corie Carson
Joker 246
Joker 246 13 napja
Heres how netflix ruined itself It took off every season of victorious except season 1 It deleted total drama island Captain underpants.......do i need to say more? Teen titans go who even watches it on netflix Another teen tians go it has more seasons than loud house and victourious combined I can make an entire book of how much netflix is garbage now.
KELLY PotterHead
Im gonna watch these horrible movies
Caroline 13 napja
im trying to think of something funny to comment, but i cant cause im laughing too hard
Hanna Wroblewska
you ever get a Vanessa Hudgens ad on a video talking about Vanessa Hudgens
Henry W
Henry W 14 napja
"hey guy" How did that start?
Hallie Jordan
Hallie Jordan 15 napja
Why did i just see an ad with vanessa hudgens for nExPlAnOn
Mr Fish
Mr Fish 16 napja
Great video to watch while getting dominated in r6 ranked 2/10 stars
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin 16 napja
16:27 "You know what, I don't think I will be celebrating Christmas anymore." Lol, he threw Danny under the bus with that one.
avery yeet
avery yeet 16 napja
As I was watching this I got an ad for happiest season😐
VAYK8 16 napja
you can tell americans made the knight before christmas because they named someone yet to be knighted SIR Cole. sir is only given to men that have already been knighted. theres my nitpick lmao
Amadeo Dubratt
Amadeo Dubratt 16 napja
Sure there were three of them this year. Next year she will multiply...
HumbabaStudios 16 napja
Varsha Hegde
Varsha Hegde 16 napja
I literally got an ad from Netflix when I clicked the video. Coincidence? I think not.
Marls Berlin
Marls Berlin 17 napja
Talking about the Vanessa H. one.
Marls Berlin
Marls Berlin 17 napja
First off, the stupid film is a very awful rip off of Jean Reno HILARIOUS film "The Visitors" mixed up with a silly film with Hugh Jackman "Kate & Leopold", all of that but made by an incompetent idiot and acted by your High School theatre group. That's it (first and last)
thicc dragon
thicc dragon 18 napja
I like drew's buuty
Sierra 19 napja
“You know when you bring a giant bottle of laxatives to a Christmas party just in case” People with ED’s: 👁👄👁
AKU 20 napja
The Floor
The Floor 15 napja
Vosem 20 napja
You know what, I loved A Knight Before Christmas, is sappy, is basic, and yeah it wasn't accurate but I don't care Drew
bean shadow
bean shadow 21 napja
Christmas Moose and Christmas Moose Goes to Summer Camp!
Elijah-James mac
Ahh the best Netflix shows, the chess one, stranger kids, and my personal favorite, African American Mirror
Kunisake 22 napja
"Also, one if them is British" No she isn't
Ray Laventure
Ray Laventure 22 napja
Never mind the fact that if he were actually from the 14th century, he would be speaking a kind of proto-English that wouldn’t even be intelligible to someone in 2019. *also he would smell like ass*
Madison shaw
Madison shaw 22 napja
dash and lily was actually pretty cute, it’s a good series when you want to turn your brain off
J. B
J. B 22 napja
lumpkinella didn't change a bit throught these years. she is a robot afterall.
Eli C
Eli C 23 napja
4:29 Drew's best reaction I've seen
Al McK
Al McK 23 napja
You see this comment. Drew sees 3 of them.
Soo Binny
Soo Binny 23 napja
I couldn’t finish holidays. And I watched both the Princess Switches and ENJOYED THEM
Soo Binny
Soo Binny 23 napja
All I am saying is if Netflix makes another Princess Switch, I very much will be watching with absolutely zero shame as a grown 24 yr old woman
How Do I Make A Username?
Drew, that's not Emma Watson... That's Emma Stone!
Raspberry Mint
Raspberry Mint 24 napja
@ 8:12 : I was curious, so I checked; europe is skunkless. Haha, skunkless losers!
Peach Tea
Peach Tea 24 napja
How did a 14th century English knight in England time travel to 2019 and end up in Ohio? seems like this film was just trying to be the original thor film but on Christmas.
CloudyGames 24 napja
Netflix holiday movie that doesn’t suck? Have you heard of Klause????
Anupama Mehra
Anupama Mehra 24 napja
The real question is, HOW do we go to Google?
lol z
lol z 24 napja
the couple in a california christmas are married irl
Chris Baldonado
Chris Baldonado 25 napja
As a mall employee in the midst of a pandemic... everyone goes to the mall
Sunny Lapis
Sunny Lapis 25 napja
I've been procrastinating on this video because my mother watched the princess switch movies the day before this video came out and I didn't want to ruin my illusions of her joy
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston 25 napja
In the knight before Christmas the Denny’s diner scene they’re basically stealing the coffee shop scene from Thor! I mean think of something else maybe?
RiteofWriters 25 napja
It was a small reference, but here's some necessary clarification: A Princess for Christmas is NOT Netflix's brainchild and this absolutely wonderful, fever dream of a Christmas film should never be credited to them. Thank you.
Lilac Gooseberry
A story involving Christmas, a hot love interest, Vanessa Hudgens and a fairytale-esque plot: *exists* Vanessa Hudgens: 16:35
GalacticGore 516
They should use the resources from filming one to film like 12 at once and then just shoot them at the same time and have the movies be interconnected but theirs 12 versions 🤣 you can reuse the set and it would be confusing af
tatothepenguin 25 napja
"I cant get my printer to connect!" "Need a hand?" I spat out my water. LMAO
Artlovegirl98 26 napja
Okay ngl I loved all the Vanessa Hudgens christmas movies. It's just candy! You can't expect it to be anything more than that
Abby's Sanctuary
I put on The Knight Before Christmas and my family roasted me. I’m no longer allowed to choose movies
Abby's Sanctuary
I’m ashamed to say I binged these Christmas movies... shamelessly. Yeah there was never any shame
Okay, he said Emma Watson, but that’s not Emma Watson, right? That’s Emma I-Cannot-For-The-Life-Of-Me-Remember-Her-Last-Name
ReeKi 26 napja
isn't the last one the second movie of emma roberts he roasted? lmao
Sara 26 napja
is Vanessa's name actually Vanessa in the movies or does drew just call her that
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas 26 napja
A California Christmas was good. Granted I was drunk when I watched it but from what I remember it snowed a bit
Lina Adorbsx
Lina Adorbsx 26 napja
I hate the pinned comment