My New Favorite Bad Movie 

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Hey look its Mollie
Ho t dobg
im bored
im bored 3 napja
@Astraestus lmao there is none
Coffee cup
Coffee cup 6 napja
@angela badn't
Coffee cup
Coffee cup 6 napja
Hey look, it's Mollie! Haha what a loser! Look at her, writing a comment, Mollie? Haha! How lame!
RevPex Hónapja
u made it too the bottom of all 495 comments!
Star Toot
Star Toot 2 hónapja
Zacry Carmichael
Zacry Carmichael 2 órája
Holy shit I remember this movie lmao
Nat Brown
Nat Brown 7 órája
Everyone just gonna ignore the "Dear Mr. Applebee" email at 17:34? Ok.
rakasa sangma
rakasa sangma 13 órája
she's 14???? looks more like 20
Kev Lim
Kev Lim 16 órája
The large scorpio radiologically comb because religion interspecifically repeat at a long ceramic. defeated, disturbed plane
Colossalis 18 órája
Why do Disney channel movie 8th graders look 3 years older than my 8th grade class?
Helen Bram Reyer
Helen Bram Reyer 23 órája
The lipgloss in this movie is aggressive
Issa 23 órája
This is just the movie Triple Dog but with less manslaughter.
Augusto Carrizo
does anyone else think that Yancy sounds like a 5 year old
john mcgee
john mcgee Napja
Garden Cat
Garden Cat Napja
Please show us your kitten?!
Microwaveable Water
Are we all just gonna ignore how well Danny edited the crash at 12:13?
Reflections And Resonance
That ticket seller was amazing in Serenity just a year later. What a career turnaround.
Jacob Payne
Jacob Payne 2 napja
I was excited for a little bit because I actually thought there was a "Michael Scott Mall Cop"
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc 2 napja
How DARE you not include the Old Navy freeze frame scene where they have to pretend to be mannequins to avoid Steve Carell
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc 2 napja
Okay but Peter is cute as shit
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc 2 napja
Lmao the kids nickname IS spongebob
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc 2 napja
How dare you her brother is VERY important, he eats peanut butter right out of the jar, thinks he’s on a spy mission, and splits three large pizzas with their dog
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc 2 napja
Okay but me and my friends watched this movie at EVERY sleepover and re-enacted the Spice Girls dance scene and the bras in the freezer and made treasure hunts for each other to complete lol
aaralyn 3 napja
ok but why is no one talking about 9:20 ??
Random 3 napja
As an overweight person I am very upset by how overweight people are portrayed in this movie like we aren’t all obsessed with food like that’s our only defining characteristic
Bread Last
Bread Last 3 napja
I got like 10 minutes into this video before I realized I'd seen this terrible movie before.
Anya Mack
Anya Mack 3 napja
i used to watch this every night w my brother it’s the best movie ever
Perla Mudenge
Perla Mudenge 3 napja
Knowing Alexa now she would cringe watching this🥴🤢
Perla Mudenge
Perla Mudenge 3 napja
« In four years I will be you!🤢🤮 »
Bunny Light
Bunny Light 4 napja
This is so random but the girl talking at 7:44 is Scout Taylor Compton and she used to date Andy Biersack from this emo band called “Black Veil Brides”. I thought she looked familiar then I looked up the cast and it was her 😭 anyways carry on
Megha Arul
Megha Arul 4 napja
I thought this was threat level midnight 💔
Marem Khasid
Marem Khasid 4 napja
Bruhhhhhh look at Brie larsons noseeee
Free To Be
Free To Be 4 napja
The fact that I had this on vhs and watched it so many times and have it memorized. 🤣
alyssa !!
alyssa !! 4 napja
drew's voiceover at 5:58 sounds so much like josh gad as olaf,,
Super effective Comment
More of this please
Rukalin 4 napja
11:36 Drew, we didn't need to know about your fetishes
Rylie Moates
Rylie Moates 4 napja
I thought that was Kalynn and Weston Koury in the thumbnail
Raquel Torres
Raquel Torres 5 napja
I thought that was Ross Lynch
Young Jest
Young Jest 5 napja
This fellas good
Dresha802 5 napja
I love the way he edits the scenes, like the one with Yancy, where the guy is talking to her and he edits it so she says "this is the worst night of my life"??🤣
gɪve me mɪlk
i remember wtahing this movie at 3 in the morning-
✨Apple Juice✨
My god, I used to love this movie so much. I would watch it on repeat when I was like seven and just fantasize about high school. Now I'm about to graduate and I wish I could tell my younger self to throw away that DvD.
dobbz 6 napja
cool hail the sun vinyl.
Grace A
Grace A 6 napja
The teacher looks like a cheap low budget ugly Spencer Reid
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
picture of the day admit no one
Kakyoin Noriaki RFID official
shark box and lava girl
Mitchell George
Why is Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm in this?
lyra hanson
lyra hanson 7 napja
not even a mention of evan peters' intense side plot of him being in a coma for three hours,, unacceptable
Olivia 6 napja
Secret Love
Secret Love 7 napja
I watched this movie whenever my cousins and I had a sleepover
Mazelex 7 napja
You have to watch me mega shark vs. crocosuras, the movie budget was 100,000
paige 7 napja
React to the movie sleepover
Tajko Redden
Tajko Redden 7 napja
Holy shit I didn’t know quicksilver was a crackhead in teen movies
NiE 8 napja
I thought this movie was a fever dream
Emilee N.
Emilee N. 8 napja
2:08 the fact that there were people at my school that actually talked to teachers like that...
Sliced Bread Incorporated
i watched this for free a couple years ago w t f
esteban collazo
The brainy father-in-law generally apologise because equinox totally decorate unto a unarmed lycra. harmonious, quarrelsome daffodil
DrMantisTobboggan, Gonzo Dr
5:26 "fun-ness"
Veronika Roman
Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m going to make it through your videos without having an asthma attack from laughing so hard
Eddie Tozier
Eddie Tozier 8 napja
Pietro!! QUICKSILVER!!!!
i see evan and all i can think of is James March
Language is a great album!
Mosiah 9 napja
I'm 28 years old. Why did I watch this all the way through? Dammit, Drew.
Suranjana Rahman
9:28 I SPIT oh my god
Alexandra Shiff
Alexandra Shiff 10 napja
At 4:57 in the transition someone is painting their TOE NAILS with WHITEOUT, what is this movie?!
ً 10 napja
Toefood 🤘😴 😳👋 🧑‍🦲👈
ً 10 napja
Benjamin Spike
Benjamin Spike 10 napja
Police approved minor date website jeeesus christ
Lou Reed
Lou Reed 11 napja
My girlfriend is looking at me like I’m a lunatic from across the room because of how much I’ve been laughing watching this video😂
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller 11 napja
the guy that played the "SpongeBob" character, in this movie, is the same guy that plays in "American Horror Story"
Sofis skter Roksana1254**
The grumpy patio geographically interfere because landmine currently spill around a momentous pet. fast, spicy tile
momo supa dos
momo supa dos 11 napja
at the intro its almost like he dosent want you to buy his merch
cami apperson
cami apperson 11 napja
I love that he just refers to evan’s character as evan
shannen cj 22
shannen cj 22 11 napja
Steve carell is just that good at acting even in the weirdest movie I've seen this month. He's so good at hiding his sadness to act in this weird movie
Lucille Holmes
Lucille Holmes 11 napja
BeetleTwoese 11 napja
Peter looks like a fat Ben Shapiro
Madeleine Grace
Madeleine Grace 11 napja
4:57 she’s painting her nails with white-out. Seems pretty normal to me
Alexis Carrion
Alexis Carrion 12 napja
Gr8 duBbing
Alexis Carrion
Alexis Carrion 12 napja
I love love Evan peters. So much
Chelsey Angel
Chelsey Angel 12 napja
"I'd slam the door in your face" made me scream laugh
No Context
No Context 13 napja
You got us drew, girls keep draws of milk in their room.
kimberly wachsman
I can’t tell you how many times I watched sleepover. Like my dvd of it was so scratched from watching it so many times.... ah the fucking best
gmizzac 14 napja
You stupid p.o.s. *kisses her lol
Julieta Lara
Julieta Lara 14 napja
hEs SoRt oF a WaCKy GuY
Deanna W
Deanna W 14 napja
Alexa Vega!!
Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde 14 napja
I like how it autocompletes "yell at me". A pretty common phrase at an e-mail
William Karbala
William Karbala 14 napja
The boy the fat girl falls in live with looks like if ben shipro got locked in hostess factory.
Ethan Rabbitts
Ethan Rabbitts 14 napja
14:05. Drew Gooden finds out the point of Scott Pilgrim vs the world.
Jazmyne Inthavongdy
Ew ew ew she was 16 and he was 22 🤢🤢
Joe Bo
Joe Bo 15 napja
young quick silver
slither ken
slither ken 15 napja
8:16 I legitimately thought that was dwight schrute
melissa straker
melissa straker 15 napja
Um is shr painting her tonails with white out .... WHY SHOULDN'T I HAVE DONE THAT
Madison Sussi
Madison Sussi 15 napja
i love this movie sm
#teambruhify 15 napja
**looks at title** b u d u m t s s s s s
octomistic 16 napja
the scene with the teacher in the bar made me want to crawl out of my skin. Why did he let his middle school student ruffle up his hair. b l e h
Doggaraffe 16 napja
His name’s Dave and he’ll be wearing a brown jacket and red tie? *swoon*
Lee Mulkins
Lee Mulkins 16 napja
hey if i saw a woman in a red sequin dress skateboarding down the road and doing kick flips i would probably fall in love too
Ruth Barkey
Ruth Barkey 16 napja
SUMMER GLAU!!! Now I almost want to watch this movie.
white out in place of white nail polish is a hack they *DEFINITELY* saw on Troom Troom
Corbin Shelley
Corbin Shelley 16 napja
I'VE SEEN THE PART WITH THE SHOWER SOMEWHERE AND NEVER KNEW WHERE I SAW IT FROM UNTIL NOW. I honestly thought that I may have dreamt it because it's so weird; but no, it's just the movie that is so weird.
Lorenzo Matthews
drew do you use lipstick
Katelyn Shafer
Katelyn Shafer 16 napja
Also if they just got out if school why was it June like her calendar was open to June
The empty Water bottle 6996
F in the chat for mr. corrado 😔
The empty Water bottle 6996
Tbh they’re kinda weird and is just cringe
Simphiwe Khuse
Simphiwe Khuse 16 napja
I'm dead this is too funny🤣
Maggie Miller
Maggie Miller 16 napja
I’m just saying that this was one of the most significant films of my 6-year-old life and although it was a gross misrepresentation of preteen-teenage life, it very much defined my life.