Losing Your Relatability 

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s m
s m 4 órája
Can't believe the lollipop incident 😞 Deplorable people! Did they not have any consequences for that?
M Saunders
M Saunders 6 órája
I have that exact same shirt!
Asher is a qt
Asher is a qt 15 órája
lyrics: Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang spent three racks on a new chain (yuh) my bitch luh do cocaine Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show 15 órája
the only thing the mansion is good for is running around and playing hide and seek with a friend
ramona's shit show
ramona's shit show 15 órája
they're the type to expect everything to be presented done and perfect to them... oh wait..
Quindera Taylor
Quindera Taylor 16 órája
"So this is the toilet" 🤣
3 Ricegums, 4 Ace families and a partridge in a pear tree
natobear lol
natobear lol 2 napja
ur just a jealous hater smh my head 😤😤😤
yayayarelis 2 napja
He’s got nothing on my friend when it came to the shoes. Home girl needed three big uhaul boxes (the kind of box that stands up and is about 4ft tall) to move all her shoes that she insists on keeping them all in their original box. Her closet was filled from top to bottom from side to side lol THAT MAN IS A JOKE!! Their “gym” LAUGHABLE 👏🏼 his flex is weak sauce.
Noisy Roo
Noisy Roo 3 napja
Man it may be really traumatizing to see your many of your chickens that are your best friends die throughout the years.☹️ But at least I’m not like that girl who has to move MANSION to MANSION. Man, she has gone through a lot.
Noisy Roo
Noisy Roo 3 napja
11:00 My dad would build walls, ceilings, floors, and all parts of the room by himself, he renovated most of the rooms in our house. Is it really that hard to hire people to do it all for you? 👁👄👁
A name Woah
A name Woah 3 napja
As someone who appreciates Jenna, I appreciate you mentioning her. Your right
d0lllteef 4 napja
another rly good example is liza
Randomness Hotel
You and Danny should react to The Royalty Family i wanna know ur opinion
Oskar Schwindler
Money doesnt change people, it reveals them
Matthew Mackerras
I always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but in the beginning it was just so srow and flustrating.
Melophobia 4 napja
Ben Paulík
Ben Paulík 4 napja
You know something is wrong when you go out of the gym and you don't want to use stairs, because it is... what? Too physically difficult?
Dallas Brown
Dallas Brown 5 napja
I can't stop looking at your neck
Megan Is Awesome
I come back to this video all the time. Everything is so well said.
Nick Keesey
Nick Keesey 5 napja
Good title
Agame 5 napja
He said flustered 😂😂
Beaston Gaming
Usually sorting by new makes you lose hope in humanity, however it fortunately seems as if the people watching Drew Gooden are mature enough to not watch that garbage
AnniKa 5 napja
They have merch with "Family over everything" ... They forgot to write "except money" down there
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 5 napja
Meanwhile, Felix (Pewds) is so happy with his inflatable pool and home gym that looks like a torture chamber xD
Tristan Radeka
I work for a company called Surv, we do odd jobs like moving and painting and landscaping, and we get a lot of really wealthy and not so nice clients, those are usually the people who treat you poorly and are passive aggressive and just don’t appreciate the work you’re doing. The ace family pegs me as those kind of people
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 6 napja
I got that MTV shirt too Drew at Target!
MrDylanski 6 napja
I just got out of the Navy after six years and all I have to show for it is major depression, severe anxiety, hearing loss, and a fucked up knee and back, but hey, at least I get 10% off my meal one day a year and I never had to worry about my mansion taking too long to be built.
zayenash 6 napja
my family and me literally built are entire home by are selves while having to fight to survive and they have people build one for them and fucking whine about it not being perfect >:(
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 6 napja
These types of youtubers are like this generations version of Kenneth Copeland and Jim Bakker and shit lol. Can't believe people fall for this stuff.
Friddy S
Friddy S 6 napja
How do they make money? If it's strictly from social media, this isn't sustainable spending. How is he gonna keep that $10 million mansion and 10 cars and 3 kids covered in 10 years? What's his bank account looking like in his 40s and 50s?
Bob The pigeon
0:06 I know right I hate it to
Aubrey Adour
Aubrey Adour 6 napja
"I am not having a shirt on".. sorry Drew but nothing you say will ever surpass the funniness of that comment
Cody Khaos
Cody Khaos 6 napja
simon 6 napja
This is making me flustrated I think >:(
M C 6 napja
The goddamn smoke detector low battery chirping.... Also, I bet these idiot don't own a single book in that entire warehouse for their egos.
Mr. Dunce
Mr. Dunce 8 napja
If he has trouble going all the way downstairs, he’s not using that fitness gym right
Theunknown 8 napja
Well they are relatable In the fact that most people that see their videos want to punch them
Too Many Opinions
I believe the subscription button was at the top super early on
Left _Ventricle
I mean it is hard to build one’s own home, that’s why there are professional construction workers.
Marianne Wilson
I wouldn't want to clean 11 bathrooms. I have to clean the one bathroom we have every day, and that's not my favorite task. Even if I was a millionaire, my dream home would just have a really, really nice small cabin in the mountains. In my mind, big houses just don't feel like home.
Wolflee66 9 napja
why would you dip pizza in ranch?
Doda Garcia
Doda Garcia 9 napja
I am so confused when I learn about HUrunrs like that couple or those Dobre twins and so on. Why do people watch them? Their lives seem so mundane, their content so amateur and half-assed. I feel really out of touch trying to figure out why they get millions of views and have folks walking around wearing merch with their names on it. (To be clear this is not passing judgment on those creators or their fans because people can like whatever they want - it just confuses me at what the appeal is supposed to be.)
Wickle pickle Wackle smackle
There was a girl in my school who wore ace family merch all the time She was 13.
Matthew Bunn
Matthew Bunn 10 napja
2 bedrooms, oh yeah, flossin with the big dogs.
Carolina Lawson
Carolina Lawson 10 napja
you started showing clips of the ace family and I ALMOST accidentally disliked your video:((((
PayBaf PVZimp
PayBaf PVZimp 10 napja
also mr beast never lets the wealth get to his head. he only uses his money as a meduim
sarthak srivastava
In India almost everyone builds their own house 😂😂
socc 10 napja
Everyone on HUrun should feel ashamed for giving these idiots enough money to afford these things
Moody Mochi
Moody Mochi 11 napja
Lol and now they’re moving to Miami... the saga continues...
Jamo Stardust
Jamo Stardust 11 napja
"My wallet is just too heavy, with all my fat stacks of cash! Its annoying because I buy so much stuff, and its a real workout."
ghostbunny 11 napja
great video danny!
fr00ty-t00ty !
fr00ty-t00ty ! 11 napja
No because i thought you were Danny on the thumbnail
Aussie Gordon
Aussie Gordon 12 napja
Bold of you to assume I’m wearing pants
Alpha Beta Zeta
Alpha Beta Zeta 12 napja
I’m not kidding. The very second I heard i can see your butt, I had sat up, butt over my phone, procrastinating after the shower... I’d be a schizophrenic if I wasn’t so apathetic
Charlotte Thomas
this video was so reatible
howisurday 13 napja
13:35 at like 1 point in 2009 it was above but ya know its been a minute since the
Sarim Faruque
Sarim Faruque 13 napja
Tbh I can't stand these square type of houses. If you're gonna build such an expensive house, I'd prefer that good ol neoclassical georgian colonial or gothic/romanesque revival victorian or maybe one of those medieval castles
Original 13 napja
I'm flustrated at these people 😡
Lisa Setiawan
Lisa Setiawan 14 napja
Drew i know you wouldnt read this but hear me out. Lately there is this rising star in my country, she is super rich(their parents are) and the content is full of showing off what she could buy. But the sad part is, people love her because people cant have what she have. They are happy to see people rubbing their wealth to your faces. I feel like its not relatable at all
Joe B.
Joe B. 14 napja
Dude complained about having to *walk* from a *treadmill* to his bedroom
Sazzling 14 napja
If they want a house the size of a mountain just live in the mall
Alexa 14 napja
James C
James C 14 napja
I respect the contortionist vinyl. 0-0
Pepto 15 napja
I miss JennaMarbles :(
Haha, I spent an entire winter building my house back in 2018-19. This family is pathetic. Love your house tour.
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 15 napja
Lmfao. This fucking man child........ Doesn't know how to say the word frustrating. ....... I'm sure that girls parents are so psyched that she's dating a dude who can't get above two syllables without having trouble 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 15 napja
The way he's sadly looking into the camera literally makes me want to vomit. Also. I grew up in project housing.... I was incredibly grateful for the small gifts my parents could provide.... When they could provide them.... If as a young naive and impressionable kid I was exposed to this where he convinces his child audience that these are actual problems.... I can't imagine what an insufferable twat of a person I would have been to my parents... Oh... You saved up for a year and a half to get me this? But.... They have THIS.... And they have 12 of them. Literally REPULSIVE.
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 15 napja
"it's a big dissapointment" .............. ............................. I don't think you know what that word means.
Nick Johnsen
Nick Johnsen 15 napja
That child is fucking TERRIFIED and does not want to go to some loud scary game that has NOTHING to do with her. And he's just like "but money ..... It's your event you HAVE to go"..... You know he's "joking" ... Except no.
Kraken 15 napja
There channel is so flusterating
first name
first name 15 napja
I mean... give me the house if you are gonna complain about the tiles
JohnDoc 16 napja
If your house has an echo you need to change some things in your life.
ebbisen 09
ebbisen 09 16 napja
ebbisen 09
ebbisen 09 9 napja
@marceline campbell yeah, I sure hope it does
marceline campbell
road work ahead?
John 15 napja
if this is a serious question, yes, yes he is
sunshinbel 16 napja
Wait, when was the ace family relatable?
Jck17 16 napja
These people are just sickening. Except I don't think that people are jealous of their marriage, relationship issues, their fraudulent scams, their reputation. I'd rather have my stuff and a loving family, it's more than enough for me. Yeah their daughter has heard them fight and has learned about cheating, sick!!!
NinjaBuns7 16 napja
Ace Family Wife Looks Like Shes Getting Mind Controlled
Shivam Maharshi
Shivam Maharshi 17 napja
South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are exceptions to this video. They are the second richest comedians with a net worth of over 500 million USD. Yet every year, year after year, they come up with South Park seasons that are just as relatable as when they started in 1997. They still write their shit. Truly the heroes we want but not the ones we deserve 🙏🏻
Sir Hamps the Great
It’s like Ricegum, but instead it’s... Acegum... heh, see what I did there?
Asia Jones
Asia Jones 17 napja
Lame family
subtle art of disappointment
The ‘plz send us money’ comment at 11:45 sent me 😂😂😂
M MJ 18 napja
I hate to wait for my landscape to be complete. It is so stressful, I can't take it! Tough decisions are so tough...
Ava Broussard
Ava Broussard 18 napja
Why is you cat so cute?!
I like to eat batteries
Who here watching this in 20019
Imma try to be Justin Y
It’s so funny that they act like they’re building the house by themselves when it’s really the workers and they’re just chillin at their OTHER MANSION complaining
Melany Rachel Toussaint Sosa
*What is funny is that he speaks like he is building the house like bruhhh SHUT UP! You are not in the sun putting cement and stuff ahhhhh it makes me ummmmm* 😒😒😑😑🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Small Might
Small Might 19 napja
11:47 *Plz send me money plz*
Small Might
Small Might 19 napja
"No one ever builds their own house," My grandparents who built their own house and are by no means wealthy:🤔
BluWoolify 19 napja
Turns out our real friends were the scary monsters just outside of frame we made along the way
potatopouf 19 napja
dude yes! some of those youtubers are so annoying. but like jenna marbles is amazing and I love her (and miss her vids) and so are you!
Angel Frankie Emerson
i love how drew hasnt lost his relatability or likable characteristics since being well known on vine and youtube just ... it’s really very (good) nice to see ❤️
Sonicspeedboi 19 napja
my dog died a couple weeks back, but at least I didn't have to feel the pain and hardships of being tremendously rich
Stay safe on April 24
**Flustraiting Twerking**
The Furious Killers
It makes people more delusional. Now every other person has a youtube channel begging for subs in comments.
The Furious Killers
There are millions of people who cant fulfill thier dreams and they know they cant in thier whole lives, so they make other people rich. At some point we all do that
I’m still always completely stunned to see that people can live this lavishly off of HUrun.
@Nikki G makes me wonder what I’m doing grinding at a 9 to 5, all you have to do is churn out content targeted at 6 to 12 year olds.
Nikki G
Nikki G 11 napja
Right? And with no talent whatsoever, apparently. They're obnoxious idiots with two kids and some video equipment. Just... How? Why? It makes me sick.
Kevin ODonoghue
Kevin ODonoghue 20 napja
Owning a huge mansion like that must have an unfathomably large heating/AC bill..
Alphawolf299 20 napja
"jerry sienfeld probably only flies first class" bruh he is private jet rich.
Lily or something
Seeing somebody with a dog :/ Somebody with a cat tho :0 WHATS THERE NAME IS IT A TABBY OMG WAIT DO YOU HAVE ADOPTION PHOTOS
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