Let's Leave Pranks in 2020 

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Benjamin Gardiner
Benjamin Gardiner 4 hónapja
Why Hasn't he pinned a comment yet
Futuremotions Hónapja
SupaJohn679 :D
SupaJohn679 :D Hónapja
I think he has
tAnyA Hónapja
Well he did now
tAnyA Hónapja
@madi lol
PaperBags 2 hónapja
491th reply I mean my bad
Ninja Productions
Ninja Productions 11 órája
I love how at 6:48 you can see that Drew already disliked the video
Kate Blondell
Kate Blondell 20 órája
I agree, Danny.
Fairuz Fairuz
I've like the video and commented on this video previously but I has zero collection of this video. Did I.... lost memories?
I’m so uncomfortable with that photo of the girl that popped up at 4:34. What parent is okay with that? She must be like 10 max!
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn 2 napja
I just noticed the comments are turned off on all of their videos. They know people think what they are doing is fucked up and they don't care, because they get exploit their family for money.
Too Many Opinions
I’ve always HATED pranks and prank videos.
BitchpLs StopIwillDIE Tachi
ReMeMbEr wHeN i WrOtE yOu a sOng WaKe up in the morning thinking of so many things.. i wish it get better and try to get rid of them..
Nicc the animator guy
1:39 i have that fortnite backpack
Mystyne-Marie Grant
Love piper rockelle thanks for including her
Samantha Holt
Samantha Holt 5 napja
if you look at piper rockelle’s vids they are just WILD, I honestly feel bad for her because the adults in her life are obviously not setting a good example. How can an adult not only stand by but ENCOURAGE her to trick the people she loves into thinking she can’t remember them? that’s literally evil
Gamers:we need vbucks Me:me to but we can’t get free vbucks Me:why are you still reading this
xwulfd 6 napja
i wish i can be a trillionaire, buy youtube and delete these cancer youtube vids
Guest ?
Guest ? 6 napja
Yeah they will go away
Ale Plays YouTube
I'm pretty sure if you fell so hard that you don't remember anything you'd be dead
ridespirals 6 napja
wow 7:38 dancing to the song, and 7:43 "I wrote that song for you", rapid fire hilarious
Ligate 7 napja
*You look like something bad happened* now that's a quote
Layla Clark
Layla Clark 7 napja
I’ve had to be in a wheelchair before. This makes me a little mad.
Cat 7 napja
The fact that people watch this shit makes me so sad
Bob Squid
Bob Squid 7 napja
O n m y m o m
big bird
big bird 8 napja
Fizalex 8 napja
Burn it to the ground. About a decade ago I lost my memory for ablut 30 minutes. It ain't funny, I was asking where my dead friend was, thought I was in another province. I couldn't even tell my friends what my name was.
LVBBoi 8 napja
I was not looking at the screen with headphones on and when 4:47 hit, I said to myself: "Let me guess, that's a shot of Drew with an existential stare" And yep.
Fake Name
Fake Name 9 napja
exclusively for children over the age of 18
Pesty Lucas
Pesty Lucas 9 napja
It’s cool how he revisited all of the prank channels he made a video about in his final prank commentary video.
Gubbin 9 napja
I don't wanna be one of those comments that just quote what was said in the video but "Fuck I wrote that song for you!" It's the funniest shit that drew has ever said
Alexa 9 napja
bro wtf
yin 10 napja
"where theres a trend, theres a dobre" - a wise man 2020
Eclectic Witch Quinn
Ah, yes, because the second I start fainting I let my family members know "I'm fainting right now"
Other people are sharing their stories about family members who were actually affected by memory loss, so i’m gonna share mine. My grandfather recently had a really bad stroke, and he’s slowly getting better, very, very slowly, and one of the main side affects is that he doesn’t remember much. He still remembers me, my dad’s childhood, and small stuff like that. The problem is that the doctors are saying that around 10 months from now, he’s gonna be done with recovering, meaning that even if he’s the same as he is now, he’s not gonna continue recovering. So if he remains the same, he would have forgotten so much, along with other life-threatening things. To see people joke about this and make revenue off of it, it’s horrible. People are being seriously affected by this, some even dying, but by saying 🎉IT’S A PRANK!!!! 🤪 it’s suddenly fine to joke about it.
Dedi Dedi
Dedi Dedi 10 napja
my memories hurting
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 10 napja
Every family vlog channel panics when a commentary HUrunr subscribes to them
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter 11 napja
Shit bro that dog Finna steal my girl.
Tyler Comix
Tyler Comix 11 napja
Is no one gonna talk about how annoying it is to hear the mom using that dumb voice to use a dog as a puppet as if it’s a video prop... No wonder frank ran away.. JUST LEAVE THE GOD DAMN DOG ALONE
Candy 11 napja
I think that’s bad karma to do a prank pretending to be disabled or missing. What if something bad actually happens to them
solis perez
solis perez 11 napja
Khushboo Agrawal
I just discovered his channel and why all of his topics a huge WTF! Oh well but its funny in how bad they are.
Theunknown 11 napja
We all need stupid people to do stupid stuff. Otherwise we wouldn't have had you
MegaMall 12 napja
His comment on 2020 aged like milk
Psycho Fish
Psycho Fish 12 napja
Can u make more reaction to piper Rockwell videos
thetotallyawesome cuber
"your look like something bad happen"
water wolf
water wolf 12 napja
The real prank was the friends we made along the way
Sunny Baudelaire
Memory isn't a thing to be made fun of. My grandfather had lost his memory, he wouldn't remeber if he had eaten, would forget names and people. Overall traumatizing
Sunny Baudelaire
This literally happened three months ago, we needed a sling for a fractured arm, the last sling was bought by a "prankster".
ReectJ The Minecraft Weeb
2021 is worse
Vaishnavi Pandey
Not only are those kids dating but they have a song together where the kid acts like a frat boy....their parents set a great of people who should not have kids. Not only are they encouraging shit like that, they literally help them out with this....like wtf. Stop exploiting your kids for money....
Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami 13 napja
When you buy a huge house but it turns out.....LAME 😫
Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami 13 napja
I went missing.(gone wrong)(not fake)(Real)(I drank water)(Mom got hit by a bus)
World Wonderland
I have Alzheimer’s in my family and have had loved ones in accidents that left them with little to no memory. This isn’t a joke.
Lexi Uhrin
Lexi Uhrin 13 napja
the thumbs up saga really kept me on my toes
Eu Eu
Eu Eu 13 napja
In the child's defense, that dog looks like a rat.
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini 14 napja
These kind of pranks are just insensitive. Some experienced losing someone (kidnapping related scenarios) but these dumbasses really had the audacity to make fun of that like it's normal and funny. Uggghhh I hate idiots
xLionsxxSmithyx 14 napja
Everybody losing their memory and here I am losing my hope for humanity.
Deirdre Leamy
Deirdre Leamy 16 napja
the ad I got before this video was a mobile game as noob be pro and the noob was trump and the pro was Obama. It was geography ad.
Overly Large Kid
“woah dude it was just a prank” “You just stormed the fucking U.S Capitol
Pug 16 napja
And then- He was wrong about the next year
Summer Rae
Summer Rae 16 napja
I don't know anyone in real life with memory problems or in a wheelchair, but I still know that you shouldn't use that type of shit for some prank. People with memory problems genuinely forget stuff like how to put on a shirt or how to eat. Imagine having just a little bit of compassion.
Jck17 16 napja
Hippy Hair
Hippy Hair 17 napja
“sir you’re getting arrested for murdering your brother” “bro it’s just a prank man”
Maxon Mitchell
Maxon Mitchell 17 napja
15:35 that is a good rap beat
Cole Page
Cole Page 18 napja
2020 wasn't that bad.
so ur telling me u cant monetize informational videos about actual missing people but if u put **PRANK** on it its ok??
Mark Neagov
Mark Neagov 18 napja
Dad: “DO YOU KNOW THIS DOG” Son: “WHAt is tHat” Dad: “It a DOG”
Andrea Cane
Andrea Cane 18 napja
I almost choked on my frozen yogurt when that dad said my name on that first prank
Dana Bananas
Dana Bananas 18 napja
I can't stand that voice they do for the dog .. every kid does that voice and it drives me nuts ...and it's the mom?... Obnoxious lol...
RUN CMD 18 napja
That look at 1:32 is my spirit animal.
Kennedy 18 napja
“woah dude it was just a prank” “You just rioted, looted, and destroyed a fucking Target”
Plaupa celms
Plaupa celms 18 napja
I love how now a days it's cool to fake disabilities
Misguided Fire
Misguided Fire 19 napja
Rewatching this... yeah it didn’t get better 😂
Alice Bennett
Alice Bennett 19 napja
Dobre brothers be like “dat you!!!”
Alice Bennett
Alice Bennett 19 napja
The dobre brothers are so terrible
TehMinja 19 napja
yooo in rainbows is a fucking great album.
tesnic 19 napja
You’re the king of dry comedy, dying laughing every episode. Thanks :)
MC Brodz
MC Brodz 20 napja
Cody Power
Cody Power 20 napja
What absolute garbage people
Ahegao Squidward
in the thumbnail skit you'll see that his microsoft paint art is greenscreened in. i feel betrayed.
Androgynous Maggot
Hahaha! Disability, abuse, and missing children are so hilarious events for the whole family to enjoy! Great job HUrun 👌
Ellery 20 napja
On the question of the employers being confused if someone who can walk bought a wheelchair, it is worth pointing out that some wheelchair users actually can walk (varies on how long), and the misconception that every wheelchair user can't has lead to abled-bodied people loudly accusing (mostly strangers in public) of faking being disabled
Not Acare
Not Acare 21 napja
You know the fact that people who talk with their hands are more successful in life it’s the opposite to these people
betp 21 napja
actually my grandfather was recently hospitalized and when he was improving he insisted on leaving against medical advice, and he did leave in the hospital gown. he claimed the nurses stole and burned his clothes. so it IS possible, assuming Twin is a legal adult. not clear on why his is made of like, clubbing mesh though
DentedTester36 21 napja
Memory loss prank Did you mean emotionally abusing family members by pretending to be seriously hurt?
Cj Schneider
Cj Schneider 22 napja
Wait a minute.....those arnt real band-aids(tm). You lied to me!
I like to eat batteries
I feel so bad for the poor children that they made cry. That’s so f*cked up Jesus.
Helix Jac
Helix Jac 22 napja
There are so many kids that don't know that these videos are staged like my 6 yr old brother. Its hard explaining the videos to him because he sees nothing wrong with them. Now my family checks what he watches and we tell him whether something is ok to do or not. Sucks though because he looks so confused, like " why can't I do that?". Well, they have money. He asks us if we can start a channel like Ryan. Honestly, it sucks.
Helix Jac
Helix Jac 22 napja
My brother wasn't answering his phone and was across town. We called the cops and we all went ballistic running around town trying to find him. He was in a park and turned off his phone. Didn't tell anybody because he assumed we would know where he was. It was nearly dark when we got him home and the fear will forever be with me. The feelings will forever stay even though we got him home. So seeing the missing pranks hurt because some people aren't able to find their loved ones until its too late. It really hurt me seeing that.
Nongmaithem Avinash
There are some actual good prank channels like ThatWasEpic.
KyssedByFyre 23 napja
As a DISABLED PERSON With memory issues, I ABSOLUUUUTELY HATE this level of ignorance and. ABLEISM. They don't even know how WRONG what they're doing is, or why! 😒 Like racist ppl who just grew up that way. If these parents aren't teaching these kids to respect disabled people and UNDERSTAND DISABILITIES, then there is yet another generation of ableist people to oppress my community.
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 23 napja
Is that the kid that called his mum mamacita?
celine / vara
celine / vara 23 napja
as someone who is disabled and has memory impairment due to adhd, it kind of hurts to see someone using something i struggle with as a prank, as something temporary, that inconveniences other people..? also stop fucking taking away resources from disabled people who need them for a literal fucking "PRANK"
afannoe 23 napja
That's a John Mulaney almost accent I hear.
Crystal Newman
Crystal Newman 23 napja
Whaaat 🌭
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra 23 napja
i saw a comment saying that the dobrebro's depiction of amnesia was most accurate and if that's the case, then something is wrong with your prank.
Jessabella Productions
I would just **smack smack smackaty smack** they would remember me *fine*
Bhashitha 24 napja
Actually Cows >> Dobre Bros 😂
Just a dude that comments on videos.
"It was just a prank" -Adolf Hitler
Face Of Failure
Face Of Failure 24 napja
*kid WALKS out of medical supply store with a wheel chair*
Safety Last
Safety Last 25 napja
Hands Solo
Hands Solo 25 napja
Bro these HUrun channels targeting kid audiences are soooo cringe
Daichi Sawamura • 20 years ago
sawarasenai🥰kimi😸wa⛓shojo👻na💅no ✨bökù🌸wâ🧚ÿariçhiñ🤴bįcchī😾ńo😩osû🚣dà🎉yo💦
Reagan 26 napja
ok so horsefriend.com isn't taken as of rn? yall what r u doing
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