Insane How-To Videos from the 50s 

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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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*Charliii* Évvel
Ew....you’re weird lol.
Bredopp 12 napja
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Nadia Claudio
Nadia Claudio 12 napja
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•BTS mocha•
•BTS mocha• 12 napja
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zoombiefroog Hónapja
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Mason and Tyler
Mason and Tyler Hónapja
sorio99 Napja
Dress well, be bisexual, don’t get into trouble...is that how you end up popular, or how to succeed on HUrun?
Bec P
Bec P Napja
I laughed so fucking hard at your Aussie impression at the end there. It was spot on.
Aaron Kirchinger.
You have great videos
jenny seems fun as fuck i bet shes wild
Felicia Gauthier
Behind SyphusIsSus
Man if being bisexual is that popular why the hell am I still hanging by the trash can...
George Linson
George Linson 7 napja
Why does one of the thumbnail dudes look like tobey Maguire from spiderman 3
The Human Tree
Dress well, be bisexual, and don't get into trouble... Well... I'm like halfway there....
Intel Core i7
Intel Core i7 8 napja
I wish in that guy getting fired skit instead of saying bad job you just said bad taste
priestpilot 9 napja
I find the "unkept" lady more attractive. She's clearly focused in whatever she's studying and has no time or desire to impress random men.
mr. floof
mr. floof 10 napja
thanks man, i almost thought it was yesterday until that intro
Riley Complains
Riley Complains 12 napja
I think this is my favorite video drew has ever posted
•BTS mocha•
•BTS mocha• 12 napja
Greg Oden
Greg Oden 14 napja
10:10 as an aussie i understood this perfectly 😂😂
Bruno Ntahomvukiye
I’ve been binging your content since I discovered and man I am out of breath. That’s some funny stuff
Gustavo Lopez Celestino
Fuck no wonder a bunch of boomers are the dumbass way they are lol
Elias black
Elias black 15 napja
3:15 ah, shit, i'll never find love
Henrayiii The 3rd
why’d i dislike this?!
li marie
li marie 16 napja
Amanda looks so pretty!
Averon god of Fire
Straight laced Bisexuals who dress well, where you at?!💖💜💙 💖💜💙 💖💜💙 💖💜💙 💖💜💙
Future Soup
Future Soup 17 napja
from personal experience I can tell you that the key to surviving school is to be bisexual and not get into any trouble
Charlotte Calvert
How tf is this already a year old?
R M 18 napja
Dress well? be bisexual? dont get in trouble? Goddamn i wouldve been THE popular kid in 50s America
Random internet person
Drew: How to attract a man! Ladies listen up! Lesbians: *No* Gay guys and bi guys: Can I listen too?
M Lm
M Lm 18 napja
The Aussie said : “no, no. i wouldn’t say that. poor old man works too hArd, the wife’s got nothing to do”
Liquid Mercury
Liquid Mercury 18 napja
The lack of background music makes me ✨uncomfy✨
Tin 19 napja
The reason people were more, “vicious” with their words back then was because they were taught to be tough. And not to be offended by everything they disagree with.
R. Holt Mangum
R. Holt Mangum 16 napja
They were also taught to be homophobic and awful to women lol
Madelyn Kinsley
Madelyn Kinsley 19 napja
I just love the mountain grown man. He deserves all of my respect.
flowey fangirl
flowey fangirl 19 napja
as a 50s girl, I speak for everyone involved: Im sorry. Those were craaaazy times
Just Me Content
Just Me Content 19 napja
1:12 gay men: *..oh*
Kai Baker
Kai Baker 19 napja
The old Disney PSA about periods is actually really informative and I wish I would have seen it BEFORE puberty.
ZeroFox75 20 napja
Part of me wonders if Amanda is joking about the whole divorce thing or if she’s secretly trying to send us a message. Blink twice if Drew is holding you hostage and force feeding you Hellofresh
Syno Nymous
Syno Nymous 20 napja
1) Dress well 2) Be bisexual 3) Don't get into any trouble I think I just got my life motto
Tanya 20 napja
The second video is actually from the late 60s someone just made it black and white and said it was from a different date
J I N X 20 napja
getting popular? oh golly, well I wear beach type clothing that make me look socially awkward. and I am bisexual. and I do get in trouble a lot. and I wear glasses. but because this is a 21 century Disney movie....all I have to do is take my glasses off and...WOW. I'm a hot beach boy with curly hair. I'm popular and all the girls and boys are after me *insert unnecessary wink*. **#sponcesredbyDisney**. not really. thanks Morgan and Morgan. *thumbs up with the classes twinkle tooth.*
J I N X 20 napja
that #. its not real. ... ... ok bye
Olivia P.
Olivia P. 21 napja
The reaction to bad coffee here feels like episode options: Your wife gives you bad coffee! > •DIVORCE • Throw it on flowers • scream at her • *buy good coffee (20 gems)*
some guy
some guy 21 napja
Fun fact! The coffee ad at 6:10 is for a company called Folger's. Abigail Folger, an heiress to the Folger fortune, was among the five victims who were murdered on August 9, 1969, by the Charles Manson 'family' cult at the home of actress Sharon Tate.
hjt091 23 napja
The before and after of the 'ugly' woman in the first video look exactly the same
Viccolas Vic
Viccolas Vic 25 napja
I like how all these videos are geared towards women but they're still featuring men and male opinions. Like I thought this was gonna be about moms teaching their daughters about makeup and periods.
Fragmenta Official
Aussie here, I've translated that bizarre clip from Australian to normal. Aussie: "Poorawleeendiewoifgadnathinndadoo" Normal: "The poor old man, he works too hard, the wife's got nothing to do."
Octavia Eyde
Octavia Eyde 25 napja
I think the guy was irish😂😂
trite 26 napja
10:15 Translation (I think): "The man works too hard and the wife would have nothing to do."
Sarah Justo
Sarah Justo 17 napja
I think it's "poor old man, he works too hard. The wives have got nothing to do."
AnIdiotOnline 27 napja
I, too, say “oh brother” when I find someone attractive.
The apples place TM
Girls just standing there minding her own business and the narrator's like "OH MY GOD ITS HIDEOUS SOMEONE TAKE CARE OF THIS ABOMINATION ITS RUINING MY LIFE AHHHH" like will you relax and let women exist without having to put extra effort into how they look??
iexinoir 28 napja
Ari 28 napja
I think it was in the early 1900's when women used to be able to divorce her husband if he couldn't provide her with coffee.
NT 28 napja
Big Bongs420
Big Bongs420 29 napja
That dude gassed her out :0
Blue Collar Men Productions
Essentially how you get fired in Illinois
Blue Collar Men Productions
I can’t wait when 70 years from now it’ll “be insane Drew Gooden videos from the 10s”
Who Wants to Know
See, even in the 50's they were like "Put down your book and go outside!"
Toby Mayhew
Toby Mayhew Hónapja
YOU’RE 26?!?
Iañ C
Iañ C Hónapja
“The 50’s were weird! People wore suits all the time!” John mulaney: :)
Izzy R
Izzy R Hónapja
The Aussie guy was saying “the poor, old man works too hard and the wives have got nothing to do”
O K Hónapja
their inflections gives me american psycho vibes
procaccio Hónapja
the way i got an advertisement for folgers during this video
Isaac and Luxo
Isaac and Luxo Hónapja
I’m upset that he talked about coffee for so much but didn’t mention the brutal Wilkins coffee commercials by Jim Hendson
Ydundun Talmud
Ydundun Talmud Hónapja
Mfw John James McCullough posts a hilarious new video
Im Bored
Im Bored Hónapja
Omg is this Danny Gonzales second channel 😱😱
toast man
toast man Hónapja
6:50 bAd TaStE
jasmin iqbal
jasmin iqbal Hónapja
Drew makes me actually laugh.
Avarms257 Hónapja
When I tell you I choked when drew said you should dress well, be bisexual and not get into trouble
Alexandra Symes
Alexandra Symes Hónapja
Dress well ❌ Be bi ✅
hunter mooney
hunter mooney Hónapja
I just realized that Amanda was parodying the guy in the coffee commercial when they were doing the Hello Fresh ad.
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Hónapja
Eüropæn Guy
Eüropæn Guy Hónapja
I -
tape dispenser
tape dispenser Hónapja
as a trans man i can confirm thats not how you attract men ;;
Seven Vile Eyes
Seven Vile Eyes Hónapja
I got some coffee now.
Dolly Lain
Dolly Lain Hónapja
drews trans Atlantic accent suits him
danny gonzalez
danny gonzalez Hónapja
it’s actually wednesday
B u m b l e B e e
now it’s Thursday
Laura Higson
Laura Higson Hónapja
His parents forgot to patent him and that's why Danny Gonzalez exists.
Eri Johnston
Eri Johnston Hónapja
Mm☹️ Bad taste!🤢
Denner Araujo
Denner Araujo Hónapja
7:43 small talk Kevin Malone would love this
Purple Squid
Purple Squid Hónapja
10:10 Man: Oh good lord no, no I wouldn't uh, I wouldn't say that I don't think- Interviewer: Oh, why's that? Man: Oh, poor old man he works too hard, the wife'd got nothing to do. Source: I'm Australian
Mr. Raccoon
Mr. Raccoon Hónapja
My parents took AGES to invent me.
Joe H.S
Joe H.S Hónapja
These explains a lot of how boomers see the world today. My god.
Randi Hónapja
Imagine those videos are made in 2021
Olivia Carlin
Olivia Carlin Hónapja
6:59 the dude looks like drew....... drew do you have something to tell us....are you a time traveler????? new conspiracy...drew gooden the time traveler
IbeWeirdzz Hónapja
Why are y'all so mad about men in the 50s it was literally like 70 years ago like all you people are really getting feminist about men 70 years ago like move on with your life
party like it's 1949
He literally said in the beginning of the video that this isn't meant to be a commentary on sexism in the 50s, it's to make fun of the dumb commercials. You missed the whole point.
max koltun
max koltun Hónapja
@IbeWeirdzz he was just making fun of the videos bruhbruh, there's no deeper sociopolitical meaning
IbeWeirdzz Hónapja
@max koltun so was the point of this video to call out men in the fifties 🤨
max koltun
max koltun Hónapja
you really missed the point of this video lmao
Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk Hónapja
This comment section made me realize how dumb humanity has been, both present and in the 50s
Jack Kirk
Jack Kirk Hónapja
This comment section made me realize how dumb humanity has been, both present and in the 50s
verbokkkj Hónapja
The hmm hmm and uuhhumm bad taste guy is basically skinny kevin from the office
Guardian Of The Duat
So if I was straight and in high school I would go out with the girl who is "popular with all the boys" because I at least I would have fun it's high school ur supposed to be have some fun flings here and there
Brody B
Brody B Hónapja
He said “Poor old man he works too hard and the wife’s got nothing to do.” Sounds like my granddad lol
the show
the show Hónapja
lmfao gen z really out here thinking millennials made up *_coffee is a personality trait_*
Nap Lad
Nap Lad Hónapja
10:15, he's speaking Australian I'll translate: "Oh god no; I would never help around the house ." "Well, poor old man be the wiser and got other stuff to do." This is the modern translation; Yeah, 50's Australian is different to modern Australian
Haggstromi Hónapja
4:57 I’m moderately popular and I’ve followed all these steps. It’s works for somethn :))
Stephen Mitchell
you should do another one of these "revisiting the 50's" kind of videos
Hidden Manna
Hidden Manna Hónapja
The coffee wife was hot..who gives a shit about shitty coffee.. Were 50s people that gullible? Yes. Drew..we need more commentary on these!! Pure gold.
Kesha Moon 2.0
Kesha Moon 2.0 Hónapja
I LiKe ThE OlD DaYs
anKniteOwl Hónapja
good thing no body is judgemental these days! evalution
Georgianne Chimes
The empty utensil connolly wash because key pertinently fence at a gabby sunshine. many, rightful penalty
I fit into all those categories. Guess I'm popular 😂
Cardine Sardine
Cardine Sardine Hónapja
2:29 I sHaLl ReAd tHiS bOoK eLsEwHeRe
BlackCat _5
BlackCat _5 Hónapja
Seduction how-to info from the 50s: 1. When you walk into a room, fall so he can catch you 2. Point out that the death rate of single men is twice that of married men (or that married men are killing single men at an alarming rate) 3. Call your husband Diane and have him call you Fred 4. wHaT aRe YoU wEaRiNg??? 5. Have a song (I recommend Yakety Yak) and an anniversary (August 23rd, maybe) And one more, but this one's easy: 6. Be an unbelievably powerful witch capable of creating miles of illusions and taking down one of the most powerful witches ever 6a. Be married to a nonexistent (but also dead) carbon-based synthezoid
Anonymous Onyx
Anonymous Onyx Hónapja
It is Tuesday for me Drew (:
Freggy can
Freggy can Hónapja
top right of 11:41 danny cameo
Jessica Parvi
Jessica Parvi Hónapja
Woman in the 50s: has nice personality Mouth: Why, I shall destroy m’lady’s enjoyable career as a nurse and only a nurse
Super Wack
Super Wack Hónapja
4:05 Guy in back looks like hes plotting a murder
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