Gender Reveal Parties 

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I think it's time to not do this anymore please
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Christopher Amador
Christopher Amador 5 hónapja
Im not gonna watch this one, thanks anyways drew
Maxxy 2 napja
@Peirsil k
Peirsil 2 napja
Maxxy 2 napja
me just sitting here watching the arguments and learning stuff 🍿 👀
Endgame is Bad
@Titipe Ze healing dislikes 🔥
strayffe 3 órája
I had mine revealed via isis video. They held a man hostage and shot him in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun. He exploded and his blood was blue.
rami4470 rami4470
its a boy! FIRE its a girl! FIRE And that is why I hate gender reveal parties
Bagel Bagel
Bagel Bagel 6 órája
Why can't people just reveal the gender of the baby with a colored cake or something? Why must people be so fucking extra? Also, I have a strong fucking feeling that this only happens in the US.
Woodshake 10 órája
Did he just say ginger reveals?
Deku Leaf
Deku Leaf 12 órája
Smoky the bear would disapprove
Handsome Gunner
Handsome Gunner 17 órája
Drew...did you mean to have an ad for gender reveal parties as a mid-roll?
Cyrene Domogalla
Cyrene Domogalla 20 órája
... news of a father dying as he set up the explosives for a gender reveal just happened a couple days ago. It's so tragically senseless
Jordan Bolton
You forgot baby got back
Nonsense Plastic
Straight people are so weird....
Ava G
Ava G Napja
the other day the dad died due to an explosive at a practice gender reveal. thank god that it was only a practice round and there weren’t a lot of people there.
Among Sus
Among Sus Napja
54321 fire pog
:\\ Hawks //:
Thank you HUrun for the gender reveal company ad on this video.
Bibhabaree Sahu
“Oh how did grandma die mom?” “Oh she died in ur gender reveal party”
Lily Notfound
Lily Notfound 2 napja
“I’m disappointed that people are stupid” honestly same
LadyNickinam 2 napja
So I'm months away from relevant, and I assume no one will see this. But if you do, know Drew made a significant error in the beginning of this video: he called them innocuous. These type of parties just aren't. Calling them "Gender" reveal parties is inherently harmful. At best, you can call them "Sex" reveals because they deal with biological born traits, but that does a HUGE discredit to our intersex population. Gender is social ( and relevant to discussions of trans and nonbinany perspectives). Sex is biological. But both (BOTH!!!!!) live on a spectrum. If you want to celebrate your pregnancy, do a baby shower. If you want a second party? Do a baby-meet-and-greet. Do a name guessing party. Do anything that isn't a "GeNdEr ReVeAl", especially if your best idea involve pyrotechnics. PS I am cis. Any Trans or Intersex who want to correct me on anything I've said, please do. Not claiming any sort of authority. This is just how I see these... parties....
gerard ways vomit dealer
Imagine you’re these kids like yea we killed grandma at ur gender reveal party 😌 *decapitates grandma and pink flows out of her body*
Caroline Brett
i forgot Iowa was a real state...
pop rocks
pop rocks 3 napja
Fun fact the lady who made the first gender reveal party made it as a celebration that her child got to the stage were your could tell it’s sex cause she’d been having a lot of miscarriages so it was a big mile stone which makes me go have you had multiple miscarriages and this is a big moment for you no no it isn’t so stop s//t up, also she wants people to stop doing them because their getting to destructive and her son is trans
pop rocks
pop rocks 3 napja
*stop blowing s//t up
Kevin Clarke
Kevin Clarke 3 napja
Luckily, where all i live gender reveal parties arent a thing
Mukhtasar Khuseinova
Drew is so handsome!!!
"so you can start imposing a personality on your unborn child" thank you drew, it had to be said
Hi, nice to meet you
Just wanted to say that I really appreciate Drew consistently distinguishing between biological sex and gender in this video. Genitals don't decide your gender, and it's wonderful to see someone acknowledge that trans/nonbinary people exist and are valid. Thank you Drew :)
MCRtrash#1 4 napja
0:28 whoever did the captions has never heard the word "innocuous" 😂
eye pasta
eye pasta 4 napja
All I have to say is, Florida. That is it
Brett Richardson
we both know i dont have that good attention span
among we
among we 5 napja
Call me drew
ꜱ ᴘ ᴏ ᴏ ɴ
*only forest fires prevent bears* _please don't take this seriously hkajalsjlskaoa_
Bob Bart
Bob Bart 5 napja
I’m rewatching this because yesterday on 2/22, a father-to-be died while making an explosive for a gender reveal party. You’d think people would’ve learned after the forest fire, but no. Now when that kid asks his mom what happened to his dad, she’s gonna have to tell him that he fucking turned himself to bits while making a pipe bomb for the kids gender reveal party. If you desperately need to have a gender reveal party, pop a balloon with blue or pink confetti in it or food dye a piece of cake. Better yet, don’t have one at all because there’s a motherfucking deadly disease going around and you’re not supposed to have large fucking gatherings. Just call people or zoom them. I guarantee that you don’t have more than 100 family members and friends who give a shit about whether your baby has a dick or not. It’s not that god damn hard to figure out
Lazarus451 5 napja
If I would have to do a gender reveal party for my children, it would just be me and my partner shouting who gives a sh**t
kbforme 5 napja
I just don't understand why the gender needs to be revealed in such crazy ways.
kbforme 4 napja
@rowan Idk I'm not a parent but I can guess that it's something people want to know. I know a lot of men, myself included, want a son to carry on their name. Personally I wouldn't want to throw a party over it but to each his own, just no sense in doing something you can get killed by.
rowan 4 napja
I just don't understand why the gender needs to be revealed.
James Vincent
James Vincent 6 napja
This video has aged well.
HazardL2 6 napja
me thinking about the other 76 genders that people think exist...
Diogo Andrade
Diogo Andrade 6 napja
Under15 6 napja
One of the best thumbnails I've ever seen.
lil loserYT
lil loserYT 6 napja
7:02 can you guess what state this happened in My dumb ass: aLaBaMA
Immortal Overdrive
This is why my family just bought a bunch those watermelon drink mixs and shot them
novelcvre 7 napja
i searched “gender reveal danny gonzalez” and this was the first result. got an explanation drew!!1!!1!1!1!1?1??1?1?1?
Belley K.
Belley K. 7 napja
My cousin's gender reveal was crazy.. she was born and then my relative called us like "It's a girl" and we were like "cool"
Zulqarnayan Hossain
This video's got 1.5k dislikes! That explains everything
lara 7 napja
does anyone else do this besides Americans tho?💀
Axiom Steel
Axiom Steel 7 napja
Is this American exclusive or something?
jacĸѕon нyde
Western Countries' stupid tradition. We don't do that here in India
SayitSayuri 7 napja
"So this happened in Iowa" Holy fudge, I thought that looked like Iowa, but I'm not familiar with kcci, I only know kcrg
Jacob Robert Desio
To all the people who disliked the video 8:26
So Vidushi
So Vidushi 7 napja
In India you cannot legally know the gender of ur baby until it's born. It's always a surprise and it saves us from crap like this ✌
Jyreen 8 napja
I'm a fire, are you attacking my gender?
Keith Norris
Keith Norris 8 napja
So disappointed with my fare was it that further information was not forthcoming.
Aabra Dabra
Aabra Dabra 8 napja
Ginger reaveal parties...
wow drew you don’t look a day over 45 in this video! :D
offended 8 napja
oh boy, glad india has a law to- no sex determination...maybe for different reasons but still it has 2 benefits now
Col598 8 napja
thanks danny
Emma Carlson
Emma Carlson 9 napja
dinosaurs are not danger
Alex Ruth
Alex Ruth 9 napja
my gender reveal party revealed nothing. i'm non binary.
Zero Fox Given
You named your son Carson? No, we named our son arson.
Gregory Sinkleris
Why is Drew so adamant about sacrificing grandma?
Boris von Cookie
When my gender revealed my brother my aunt made a cupcake and the way everyone found out if it was a boy or a girl was when toddler me bit into it it had either blue cream or pink cream in the middle. A fire might have added some flare but what can you do.
Fire would've been nice
TV Living Room
Mapache Muerto
wow this video was posted on independence day in my country so epic
FrySauce 9 napja
if my parents had burned down a forest for my gender reveal party, I would have come out as transgender just to say "fuck you"
Dr_Merciful 9 napja
I got a gender reveal party ad at the start of this video.
Aiden Kidd
Aiden Kidd 9 napja
I just don’t understand why people need elaborate and dangerous things for a gender reveal party. Just take a black balloon and fill it with blue/pink confetti
O'Brien O'Brien
This just reminded me that i was the only one out of all of my siblings who didn't get a baby shower
Camille 9 napja
Idiot !
Idiot ! 10 napja
If the kid who’s gender party burned down California comes out as non-binary in the future....
furby bodacious
furby bodacious 10 napja
california citizen here!! how're y'all down in the south though, hope you're doing okay. what's happening is literally terrifying
Glossy 10 napja
My stepsisters dad had a gender reveal party for her half sister and they had fireworks and they got caught in the grass and started a fire
MementoMori 10 napja
Just cut a cake guys
Danial Khan
Danial Khan 10 napja
That bit about grandmas funeral is good but should have ended with grandmas funeral is Tuesday I say we just explode the casket
Zack 1
Zack 1 10 napja
J Robert Oppenheimer: IT'S A BOOOYYY!!!!
Roxy Hart
Roxy Hart 10 napja
I wish people cheered when I pooped...
i keep seeing the comments joking ab how the parents would react if their kid was trans, and all i can imagine is them “redoing” the gender reveal party-
Daidle 11 napja
Why are these people huddled around me and then started cheering when i took a shit?
Mukuro Ikusaba
Mukuro Ikusaba 11 napja
My dad is both homophobic and transphobic and so obviously the universe decided to lode those two things into his eldest child, me. But the ones that people don't believe exist. Nice to meet you, I'm an asexual, biromantic, nonbinary person
ti soa
ti soa 11 napja
what happened to making cupcakes with colored frosting in the middle
Elodie Elvira
Elodie Elvira 11 napja
I’m also mad at the stupidity of people. They need to fine them the entirety of what the damages they caused was. We’re doomed as a species because of people like this
bad avocado
bad avocado 11 napja
00:45 ginger reveal parties?? "Oh fuck, it's a ginger?!" "Is it too late to abort??!" "Julie, you got some 'splainin to do..."
god is dead
god is dead 11 napja
sometimes knowing that drew lives about 1 1/2 hours from me really fucks me up
Woolly Pidgeon
Woolly Pidgeon 12 napja
6:57 "What an amazing way of showing you and your sister are having a beautiful baby boy"
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton 12 napja
Drew Gooden singlehandedly keeping Florida from completely going off the rails
Physi 12 napja
Man this fire was like 2 miles away from me and one of my friends had to take literally everything out of their house because they had to evacuate (the el dorado fire)
Gabe Hockett
Gabe Hockett 12 napja
Gender reveal parties aren’t even revealing the baby’s gender. It’s revealing their sex. Their gender probably won’t get known until they’re a teenager.
Conroads Dev
Conroads Dev 13 napja
savages of awesome
At the end of the day we’re all sperm
Weirdo Madness
Weirdo Madness 13 napja
Plot twist: 5 years later, his gender reveal party burns down California
Hayden Games
Hayden Games 13 napja
Hey guy
Joe Dad
Joe Dad 14 napja
They at least could have used an endothermic reaction so it didn't start a fire, that would be neat
charlesispi 14 napja
just fill a balloon with blue or pink confetti and pop it holy shit why do you need explosives
Wonka - Mania
Wonka - Mania 14 napja
I once went to a gender reveal party where they cracked eggs on each other’s heads and the color the egg was was the gender... that’s it. No explosives, the worst thing that happened was egg on the tv.
Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple 15 napja
I personally fed my family windex to inform them that I would be having a girl!
Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple 15 napja
Thank you! No one has ever complimented my attention span before. Oh, and for the record, I share your sentiments regarding folks having safe celebrations that are free from obvious accidents.
VashtaxNerada 15 napja
0:44 'ginger reveal parties'
Lagtim3 15 napja
Man, that poor gator. I have no doubt in my mind that it's not kept by people that actually give a good god damn about its well-being. I hope it doesn't end up hurting their kids. The parents could stand to lose a few fingers, though.
Calem Dab
Calem Dab 15 napja
Just put sprinkles in a cup cake
Jared Somthing somthing
0:50 what the fuck.......
max donches
max donches 15 napja
Ran an ad for a gender reveal kit. Intentional or FBI watching me?
WDWE 15 napja
oml I knew I recognized that plane picture from somewhere. That was litterally my 5th grade science teacher. She missed like 3 days cause she got stitches since she was in the plane with her husband
String Cheese ᄋᄉᄋ
WDWE 15 napja
please I didnt even know it was big news 😭🤚 she just told us abt it and then continued talking about sedimentary rock
Liam Farmer
Liam Farmer 16 napja
0:44 Yes, I too believe that ginger review parties mostly don’t do no harm... mostly
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez 16 napja
Mr. Tuna sandwhich
I like your shirt.
gibus theinfamous
0:35 3 yee old callback. Good one