Gender Reveal Parties 

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I think it's time to not do this anymore please
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Christopher Amador
Christopher Amador 8 hónapja
Im not gonna watch this one, thanks anyways drew
lilstaargirl 16 órája
m e
m e 5 napja
😳 moment
Admin Team gaming
Elk182 14 napja
TheComicalOverlord 10 órája
“During a heatwave” Butterfly in stomach mouth go AWOOGA
our remote
our remote 2 napja
give me hate (please im bored)
l e p r o l h a s n o f r i e n d s
Ah yes I always put the description in the link
Vedika Gulati
Vedika Gulati 3 napja
Being an Indian, it’s not legal for ANYONE (maybe except for the doctor) to know the baby’s gender before the baby is born. Not because of those atrocious gender reveal parties, but because conservative families (decades ago) asked the mother to seek treatment for the decline of the baby, if the baby were a female, and try again for a boy. As a girl, this grosses me out to an another level, but the times have changed and 95% families don’t think the same way. I’m kinda grateful for it to be illegal where I live cause now we don’t have gender reveal parties!
Jayaprada Maddela
Another Indian girl here. Agreed with what you said. Older India is very infuriating.
pee bottle
pee bottle 4 napja
sorry but the family who deadass named their kid POSIE should not be allowed to have children
pee bottle
pee bottle 4 napja
or...at least they shouldn't be allowed to name them
Lion Catsu
Lion Catsu 4 napja
I’m so happy that my younger siblings gender reveal parties where normal. For my youngest sister it was cake and for my youngest brother it was just some email-
e- elysian
e- elysian 4 napja
i want a fire
sin teya
sin teya 4 napja
this reminded me of h3😂
Ligate 4 napja
it's a disaster!
Dead Rat
Dead Rat 4 napja
Pov: the kid turns out non-binary
Shycu 5 napja
imagine finding out your parents burned down California to find out your gender
My Movie reviews
Gender reveal parties then: ok so I thought that we could make a cake with white frosting on it, but inside it is the color of the babies gender Gender reveal parties now: ok so we’re gonna use this tank and it will fire a missile at grandma, and whatever color her blood is is the babies gender
bright / rowan
quite ironic that this video was released on my birthday
Silent Whisperer21
“Ohhh so THATS why in Australia had a fire forest It’s because of a gender reveal it makes sense now!”
Indy P. L.
Indy P. L. 6 napja
I don't feel bad for the people I'm just concerned for the wildlife😥
Rose star
Rose star 6 napja
Karen's with babies + bombs equal s chaos
Rose star
Rose star 6 napja
These people should get arrested for pure stupidity.
Fabio Zmugg
Fabio Zmugg 6 napja
It‘s the antichrist!
Genius Pigby
Genius Pigby 6 napja
*_Ginger_* reveal?
Patrick Scannell
Since birds are dinosaurs, I image there have been deaths in 2018 by dinosaurs. Probably mostly via food poisoning or chicken flu....
Lloyd Ndlovu
Lloyd Ndlovu 7 napja
I do consume many of your videos and I know this is not a humourous subject but 1:41 just killed...
Alaina H
Alaina H 7 napja
the "having a really bad day" stuff hits different...
lydia wheeler
lydia wheeler 7 napja
0:45 ginger reveal parties
Burnt Cheese
Burnt Cheese 7 napja
“That’s right the one where I’m in 😔”
Bobtheconqueror 42
there's no way 0 people were killed by dinosaurs in 2019. someone must've been killed by a bird, cuz like birds are dinosaurs
MTF11 8 napja
The last thing seconds before the world ended from a gender reveal in California was that it Was a boy
Brody B
Brody B 9 napja
Kinda sucks that that bit about “he had a bad day” had to come back in such a tragic way this year.
rian peeter
rian peeter 9 napja
I swear to god next year the question is gonna be *so what color were grandma's ashes?*
Caroline Ashley
What’s the point of a gender reveal if it’s a gender we already know about?
Roof Railways
Roof Railways 9 napja
What’s always wondered me is why do the parents act so ‘surprised’ I mean, they obviously know what gender it is because they had to order the stuff and set up the party!
Snowiipaint 9 napja
3:48 The fact that a guy who killed people actually got away with this irl-
Kewl 9 napja
Next thing you know your grandchildren bought north korea nuclear bomb to find the gender
bloodbonnieking 10 napja
Me if I had a child Friend: won't you do a gender reveal party? Me: no Friend: why? Me: I don't want to set the forest on fire and kill a woman
Boyd The Goofball
If Elon Musk wanted to do a gender reveal he could outdo everyone on earth by spraying it from a rocket 🚀 going into orbit.
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas 10 napja
honestly if the day that you started a wildfire is the worst day of your life, you've had a pretty good life so far lmao
Eclectic Witch Quinn
Imagine the baby actually being the other sex and the ultrasounds were just wrong-
Bee Lynne
Bee Lynne 10 napja
My aunt lost her house because of that stupid gender reveal party. She lost everything. Everything.
Alaska Stupid
Alaska Stupid 10 napja
*Happy not born yet*
Liky D
Liky D 10 napja
Is it sad that in court they actually let someone go because he was “having a bad day”. He killed someone
Snazzy As Fuck
Snazzy As Fuck 10 napja
People stupid enough to cause fires at gender reveal parties should not raise children
Katylyn Elizabeth
Gender reveal idea: blueberries or strawberries thrown at you (any fruit works but if you want to do the stereotypical blue and pink/red merry Christmas)
N0va5o5 10 napja
Strange, we don't even have gender reveal parties.. we just tell the relatives over phone or whatever..
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe 10 napja
Daughter: Dad, why am I named Joy? Dad: Because when you were born, you caused joy for all of us. Son: Dad, why am I named $8,000,000 worth of damage?
Kristijan Antolovic
What gender is "grandma turning into red mist"?
Plantern 45
Plantern 45 11 napja
Gender reveal parties are just an expense mess. its unnecessary, and at times the actual gender of the child is mistaken thus making it embarrassing for yourself since u already revealed to others that your child's gender is the other. I know its just to have fun and to cheer up... but its better to save money instead.
edvis8686 11 napja
Just go to Europe
Naveed Zahoor
Naveed Zahoor 11 napja
unpopular opinion: */11 was a gender reveal party.
v I I c
v I I c 11 napja
Ginger reveals
Anna Voiselle
Anna Voiselle 11 napja
Ginger reveal party
Mary Nova
Mary Nova 11 napja
Awww, I wanted to start a WWIII and make the bullets the color of the baby😢
madisonzz 11 napja
like in general it’s fine, use cake or something (hell, my parents used cake for my little sister and fun fact no one died) but just.. don’t be stupid?? it’s not that hard.
Taytoast 12 napja
I keep hearing "ginger" reveal
Sushi Is Swag
Sushi Is Swag 12 napja
My parents were so overly excited about me being born as female they fucking hated me when I came out as non binary and I wasn't interested in any "female things" :))))
Zoe P
Zoe P 12 napja
the thumbnail gets me every time
Obsidian 999
Obsidian 999 12 napja
MrBej 13 napja
I can't find the description in the link.
MrBej 13 napja
Can't wait for Kim Jong Un' gender reveal parties, eradicating the entire planet with nukes. Blue/pink nukes.
Pheonix_7789 13 napja
Everybody gangsta till the military family launches a Nuke for the gender reveal family
Verbodon Otaku
Verbodon Otaku 13 napja
The only okay gender reveal party I've been to is when my coworker's daughter came out as trans
jesus christ
jesus christ 13 napja
Can’t wait for the gender reveal nuke
Enchanter110 13 napja
0:45 ginger reveal parties?
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat 13 napja
Not to bust your facts but crocodiles are technically dinosaurs
Ideal Gender Reveal is me throwing a party for myself as a transperson
Tikklil 13 napja
the "having a bad day" joke aged like milk
Gloria 13 napja
This is what I always say to people (because not everyone has a brain), if your gonna decide to do a stupid reveal of your child's gender in a big way.. make sure you can do it in your house around millions of computers that you don't want to explode. :)
Don M
Don M 13 napja
Birds kill people. Birds are dinosaurs. Let the gender reveal parties continue!
You’re_stuck_with_me _
Am I the only one who heard: “Ginger reveal party’s”
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming 14 napja
I’m not gonna be surprised if they inject dye into someone’s body and shoot them to see what colour they’re blood is
A Person
A Person 14 napja
3:55 Jesus Christ this aged so poorly
Max Riley
Max Riley 14 napja
this boy is on fire
EpicBruh024 14 napja
3:53 “I was having a bad day” aged pretty bad 😬
la reina
la reina 14 napja
An Arab couple did a "gender revealing" party and it was announced at the world's tallest tower they lighted the whole fucking thing with the word: it's a boy!
Yasmin M
Yasmin M 14 napja
Drew said "I was just having a bad day" as a joke about people who don't get appropriate sentences for their crimes. Fast forward to the guy who murdered 8 people on an anti-asian killing spree at an Atlanta spa and they LITERALLY said he was "having a bad day" lol total bs
forever concerned
I think drew predicted that one guy killing people and the judge writing it off as "he had a bad day."
ArrOwO 15 napja
"I was just having a bad day..." a bit too relatable rn
The0therEthan 15 napja
Every few months this video ages better but also in the worst way possible
Luke McCord
Luke McCord 15 napja
my parents literally just popped a blue balloon
Katerina Liakou
Katerina Liakou 15 napja
Craziest gender reveal party I attended was when my friend called me and told me it's a girl.
Axxel Loxzi
Axxel Loxzi 16 napja
Parents- it's a girl/boy! Labor: Doctor- it's an hermaphrodite Parents- 🙃
lord raptor
lord raptor 16 napja
tannerite isn't illegal
Tanguy Trevisan
Tanguy Trevisan 16 napja
Op 13 in anime are awesome
bruh one party shook two states
Vinicius Rabello
people are so obsessed over their baby's genitals yet they blame the LGBT+ community for "subverting" their "values"
RoachWoman 17 napja
"im upset people are stupid"-betty 2020
Jesse Boddaert
Jesse Boddaert 18 napja
The world? No, no, no it's more like 90% Americans.
Commander Shepard
California is as flammable as a dry peace of dead tree soaked in gasoline, and you THINK IT'S OKAY TO USE FIREWORKS? Also California is dumb as fuck, oh you can't have that AR-15 with a 30 round magazine, but this incendiary device? yeah sure, go have fun at your vegan gathering
Pop 18 napja
my mother just waited till i was born to find out my gender, she didn’t care just as long as i was healthy
Stone S
Stone S 18 napja
"Can you guess what state this happened in?" The phrase 'pet alligator' kinda gave that one away pretty immediately...
Just Me Content
Just Me Content 18 napja
If I will ever have children I'll probably just tell my close friends something along the lines of "they have a cucumber/"cAt" so yeah" Not an entire fucking bomb
Wolfie 18 napja
When my mom came to reveal the gender of my baby sister, she walked in smiling and said it was a girl. nothing special, no blowing up my gramma
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 18 napja
3:54 aged TOO well
Whimsy 18 napja
*Gets invited to a gender reveal party, and sees wife all perky and offering horderves to every damn person every 5 seconds, taking their coats, and doesn't stop smiling, while the husband sits around, makes small talk, and nods.* I already know the gender, and we haven't even had cake yet.
Sapphinese 19 napja
“I was havwing a bad day :(“ I cannot believe Drew predicted the future
Becky Robey
Becky Robey 19 napja
3:50 they actually tried to do this again for the guy that murdered 8 people (majority asians) by saying he had a bad day. America is on a whole different plane of dumb
LazyySloth 25
LazyySloth 25 19 napja
My good he judge hd
themuffin1man 19 napja
as a trans person this comment section literally terrifies me 😁
Little Trickster
For real and idk how
Andrius Pavliukas
Are ginger reveal parties even a thing?
kate 19 napja
the whole “i was just having a bad day” did not age well😀😭
Anika Brown
Anika Brown 19 napja
that court skit didn’t age well
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