Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well 

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Jenny Lambert
Jenny Lambert 8 hónapja
an idiot
an idiot 10 napja
I love how he pinned this tho
Murph theGangster
Me tooooooo! Omg we’re so quirkyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Omg!!!!
Mark Shepardson
Mark Shepardson Hónapja
Idk why this have like so much
Amelia Wakefield
Amelia Wakefield 2 hónapja
the true Snom Vish
the true Snom Vish 2 hónapja
This was pinned that is hilarious
Mothman4570 28 perccel
“Alexa, self destruct.” Huh, sounds like a starkid reference.
Uncle 2 órája
My cat just ate me Im commenting this from inside my cat, help
Pufn 3 órája
Okay, but Now You See It seems like a bad rip-off of Mostly Ghostly. It even has a charcter named Max and a Ring.
Eli Heinsey
Eli Heinsey 5 órája
My Alexa rlly went on self destruct mode. WTF HELP LIEK SHE SAID SHE WOULD
Jeremy Hernandez
Jeremy Hernandez 7 órája
"strange racist bullshit"
caleb 8 órája
4:40...well, *now* *you* *have...*
Annika Presentati
Annika Presentati 10 órája
Oh my god, the "Alexa Self-Destruct" made me think of The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, and I can't get over it
Californium-252 11 órája
13:35 It's name is... PE DO PHI LI A
Jacqueline Lara
Jacqueline Lara 22 órája
my alexa actually heard you??? it said "im not sure" i just wasnt expecting that
Levi Rodenburg
Levi Rodenburg 23 órája
Jokes on you, Im too poor for an alexa.
sour chuck
sour chuck Napja
The zippy illegal histopathologically fence because grease technologically drop sans a guiltless macrame. orange, abrasive canada
Scorpio Panda
So it's like big but way creepier since the kid is like 8
Ricky Lafleur
WOW...Was anyone else terrified that thirsty cougar woman was going to ask that boy to spend the night at her house during the scene at 11:30??
Lauren Mueller
The line I have in my head forever is from that ice skating movie where the girl also likes math The mom: You’re giving up your dream! The girl: No mom, I’m giving up YOUR dream.
Calamity Napja
Mr jug fsn I don’t have any other people I have a lot to say bye mama mama I don’t want you mama I swear I love mama bye mama I don’t want you to do that it just didn’t mean that you don’t have a good night I don’t want you to feel bad I don’t want to do you know that I just didn’t say anything about you I just want you mama I love the way I love the kids love bye dcghdyhstny you bye mama bye love bye mama ahyrhhyrshrshhysnstyyttysysytntsnty
Logan K
Logan K Napja
I hated Disney even when I was a kid. I always thought their movies and shows were always off and creepy.
Ricky Lafleur
Yeah, I have NO idea how this script about a full grown woman having a romantic relationship with a little boy got approved! Do you think seeing the adult actress staring at him with lust at 11:30 looks illegal?
Conroads Dev
7:35 what, asian voodoo?
The Opinions Google Censors
Bro everybody knows that it’s only statutory when the adult in the relationship is a man. Just as all court cases that involve a female teacher and male child-student have shown us so far...
Rowan 2 napja
My alexa actually responded.😂
sims sweet
sims sweet 2 napja
You actually triggered my Alexa. She said no
Hand Hooker
Hand Hooker 2 napja
13:38 they wasn’t allowed to use ‘ tongue’ while filming this they just had to peck on the lips which is still disgusting well note fair on the kid
Ricky Lafleur
Well I would hope that wasn't allowed! Do you think the scene at 11:30 when the woman was staring at the boy with lust somehow looks even more illegal than her giving him that LONG kiss on the mouth?
Tristan Radeka
Disney is okay with this kind of shit but notice how they never include openly gay characters. As much as I do enjoy a lot of the Disney classics, it’s a corporation built on the bigotry and prejudice of the past and it shows in their movies. Nowadays they try to have a squeaky clean image and act all accepting but it’s all for show. I can almost guarantee that the people in charge at Disney are just as bad as Walt Disney himself
Ricky Lafleur
I noticed that too! There was a cute new Disney sitcom called Side Hustle which started a few months ago, then it seems like the show was quickly cancelled as soon as the 2 female teen actresses in it admitted they are secretly dating each other
Echo 2 napja
i remember seeing this video for the first time and thinking the thumbnail was super clickbaity only to be disappointed in humanity a few minutes later
jmobrawler 2 napja
Omg I forgot they kissed and you look disgusted af in the thumbnail 😂 I was probably younger than Preston when I saw this. At the time I did not think much when I saw the two kiss but now I cringed a little watching it. And Pat was evil lol.
Patricia Uch
Patricia Uch 2 napja
Wtf Disney was high af when they decided to have the woman and the kid kiss, imagine how awkward it was filming that scene, they probably had to do multiple takes! Dang!! Disney is crazy!! Oh and the actress obviously agreed to play that role and im surprised that she didn't decline as soon a she read the script!
Patricia Uch
@Ricky Lafleur ikr! That woman is crazy
Ricky Lafleur
Yeah, and they probably had to rehearse the kissing scene too! Why the heck didn't that full grown actress walk away after reading the script was about an adult woman having a romantic relationship with a little boy??
froggy 2 napja
'Maybe the ending is good?' Whoa spoilers!
Unwillfully Ignorant
Macintosh sounds like a villain in a Splinter Cell game.
Eren Toraman
Eren Toraman 3 napja
Holy shit I watched the blank check and I really loved it and didn't even realise how weird the kid being with the woman was lmao
Ricky Lafleur
IKR! Do you think that woman looks like a huge pervert when she's staring at the little boy with lust at 11:30?
Beckss 3 napja
Imagine if it were a grown man kissing a little girl. Outrage. But since it’s a woman and a little boy...
Random Girl
That reminds me of some tv show from the 70s or 80s where a middle aged man would ask little girls to kiss him. All of it is disgusting
JuneFlower OG
JuneFlower OG 3 napja
Ha I have a google mini 😈
Pajama Sam
Pajama Sam 4 napja
Why were they allowed to kiss???? Omfg I can't deal with this right now.
Ricky Lafleur
Yeah, a quick peck on the cheek would have been fine, but that full kiss on the mouth looked borderline illegal! Do you think the seeing that woman staring at the kid with lust at 11:30 looks super creepy too?
Elyse Fox
Elyse Fox 4 napja
Just Looking
Just Looking 4 napja
John Mulaney
Jessica Arce
Jessica Arce 4 napja
Most Disney movies are either super sad, super happy, or super cringey with super cringey dancing, or just borderline racist, and a bunch of pedo things involved 🤮
Anthopo Phobia
I remember Blank Check now...I didn't remember it being so, uh, strange
Danice Lobrin
Danice Lobrin 4 napja
“Strong accent that the actors didn’t even have”
Brandon Denver
Change the role. Make the kid a female and watch the whole World go bat shit crazy.
Larissa Leonor
"Blank check" was weird even when I was a child because of that scene. And I'm 33!
LizzieShiro 5 napja
“It’s the guy from Moody’s point.” I knew that face was familiar.
Lijo George
Lijo George 5 napja
Jokes on you I have headphones on.
mk 5 napja
i saw the kiss and my mind just blanked. just kept going "what the fuck" for so long i didnt realise the video was over.
Blagard12 5 napja
I like that he said "cancel Disney." Yeah... That's something that can actually happen.
The Goodly Dragon
How do so many pre-teens in the year 2002 have cell phones? The script writers must have been rich and living in a rich bubble, not knowing what's normal for the plebs.
Cationna 6 napja
Kid has a crush on an adult: happens irl, kinda cute?, probably a good subject to actually deal with responsibly as it's often part of growing up Said adult encouraging the kid in any shape or form: *No.*
Ninja Nibba
Ninja Nibba 6 napja
I'm not gonna pretend i haven't lusted after older women when i was 9, i peaked VERY early, but seeing that on screen....even if i can relate to the attraction, it's still wrong to execute it on screen Like boundaries? This movie was on purpose.....wow
Haleigh G
Haleigh G 6 napja
SINGLE PARENTS, that's what I know Taron Egerton from! This is my third time watching this and it only just now finally dawned on me, since I didn't care enough to actually look him up haha
aditi solanki
aditi solanki 6 napja
I found him today today was a good day
aditi solanki
aditi solanki 6 napja
I don’t have an Alexa but what happened to your Alexa !!?
Animator Ireenie
1:08 OMG, I'm not the only one!!
Laura Gudger
Laura Gudger 6 napja
oh wow
Jaxon Weatherford
ayy I remember that weird ass freaky friday movie
Don’t like
Just A Dolphin
okay but the asian stereotypes are still in place... look at bebe rexha’s “baby i’m jealous” music video ://
olivia 7 napja
hurts knowing that the kid was likely forced into this movie by his parents in order to have more money. any good parents would straight-up refuse to have their child in a film like that.
Jason Bourne
@Random Girl same difference, my girl was pretty but not as much as this lady.
Random Girl
@Jason Bourne Ok that's pretty normal, but if it was with an adult that's not
Jason Bourne
@Random Girl when i was 12 I had my first kiss.
Random Girl
@Jason Bourne Yes its perfectly normal for kids to have crushes on adults, but it's the adults job to say no. Yet the parents, writers, and the female actor agreed to it.
olivia 6 napja
@Jason Bourne i was meaning that they as the parents are responsible for ultimately deciding what movies their child is in, and they agreed to this one
Sanskriti Garg
hah jokes on you i have a google home. foiled your plans
Thing You Know
The guy who wrote Blank Check later wrote popular books on screenwriting. Millions of people get screenwriting advice from the writer of Blank Check.
Hermela Yoseph
That moment when you realize that that kid could've paid to go to nearly any college he wanted while your here struggling in debt.
Emilee N.
Emilee N. 8 napja
they won’t put the episode of suite life about dyslexia on disney + but they have THIS MONSTROSITY
Miu 8 napja
The prominent reviewer is very handsome hmmmmm
Thanks my childhood is ruined
Lina 8 napja
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
IKR! Do you think seeing the woman staring at the kid while flirting with him int he back of the limo at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene?
S7ORM397 MURR 8 napja
Killing Gunther?
AICooL 8 napja
Disney+ films are just glorified Bollywood films.
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit
Blank check is actually one of my favs though the girl part is WEIRD
Crackhead crackhead crackhead nightmare nightmare
I feel like I’ve seen this video before 🤔
Fleebo 9 napja
I remember in 7th grade we had this financial literacy class and the teacher showed us Blank Check to tell us about saving our money. Even then we were all grossed out by the borderline pedophilia.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
I remember all us kids were freaked out watching this in school too! Do you think seeing that woman staring at the boy with pure lust at 11:30 while she was sweating and breathing heavy looks even more inappropriate than the kissing scene?
whatever 9 napja
OH MY GOSH "NOW YOU SEE IT" IS HERE.... DIDN'T KNOW SOMEONE HAS ALSO...SEEN IT i remember loving this film and even searching it on the internet. now im interested whether that was reasonable
whatever 9 napja
omfg i watched this part of the video and- girl why????just why???
BananaJoe 9 napja
Dude I loved blank check as a kid! Unfortunately I watched it over the holidays with my parents and I looked really fucking weird to them! What are the odds?!
BananaJoe 6 napja
@Ricky Lafleur Yeah, I just showed my spouse the scenes, agreed with your replies. Very creepy, I hope the kid wasn't affected by this in real life. If the roles were reversed, holy hell there would have been a shit storm.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
@BananaJoe Yeah, it's one thing when the boy develops a crush on the beautiful lady, but it's creepy how she was clearly very attracted to the kid and she didn't keep her professional distance! Do you notice she seemed to enjoy kissing him on the mouth much more than she should have?
BananaJoe 6 napja
@Ricky Lafleur It made me uncomfortable for sure. It's hard to tell, cuz it SEEMS like she's just doing her job, which I forget if you know she's an agent yet. We all know what happens in the end and that really makes this scene worse.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
IKR! Do you think the part at 11:30 when the woman was staring at the kid with lust looks even creepier than the kissing scene? I was scared she was going to invite him to spend the night at her house!
Kaylin Bosworth
When you're sitting right by your alexa and she's like "aIgHT LeTs sElF dEsTruCt IvE bEeN wAiTiNg fOr tHiS"
Taydencake 10 napja
I didn’t know Zoe Lavern was in a Disney movie
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez 10 napja
jokes on you...Im broke so i dont have alexa
swuzz 10 napja
HOLLY SHIT, WHEN YOU SAID THAT TO MY ALEXA SHE SAID "system sequence not recognized, self destruct program denied" Welp... I'm fucking dead
Sarah Selim
Sarah Selim 10 napja
On apple tv and prime video the edited out their date and kissing scene so it could not be a complete disgrace to humanity
Alexis Carrion
Alexis Carrion 10 napja
Cool Cucumbers
Cool Cucumbers 10 napja
we got shown that movie in 6th grade in *2016* . I sat there cringing as any 12 yo would at that shite. I can't believe they showed it to 120 kids and none of the adults ever said 'huh.... MAYBE THIS IS KINDA CREEPY' but nope. they still show the movie to kids every year.
Cool Cucumbers
@Ricky Lafleur , yeah I was horrified but the teachers were laughing..... like.... who the actual hell gave them jobs.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
IKR! Were you scared the woman was going to invite the kid to spend the night at her house when she was staring at him with lust at 11:30?
aokiji’s wife
aokiji’s wife 10 napja
its the horrible greenscreen that cracks me up 😭
Keillor Gulick
Keillor Gulick 10 napja
Drew you turned my alexa on that scared the hell out of me
Voxelize 10 napja
Oof... I loved Blank Check. I think this explains some internalized things...
Choccy_ Milk
Choccy_ Milk 10 napja
How about we don’t promote pedophilia ok? Ok
First Last
First Last 11 napja
hm, child grooming in a hollywood film... color me surprised.
Radical_Rush 11 napja
momochimanju 11 napja
Moody's Point!!
Georgia Overdrive
13:32 I was like "No no no no no no no"
Jacob Robert Desio
The 2000s were wierd... they would cast people like Christopher walken as an Asian man and rob schnider as a South American man 🤦‍♂️
SunnyDBoy 12 napja
Hey Danny
Emily Hounjet
Emily Hounjet 12 napja
I have AirPods in so my Alexa didn’t hear you😂
Emerald Rain
Emerald Rain 12 napja
Moshe Perlmutter
How is that movie even legal?
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
I'm wondering the same thing! Do you think that woman looks like a huge pervert when she's staring at the boy with lust at 11:30?
Blen 12 napja
Chosen Architect
Blank Check, Love that movie & still do, thank you Drew for reminding me of it (probably not in the way you'd expect anyone to react) & I'll defend it to my grave hahaha.
Aarjav Islam
Aarjav Islam 12 napja
bruh this romance is so disgusting
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
Yeah! It was one thing when the boy had a crush on the lady, but do you think it's creepy how she reciprocated and seemed to be clearly attracted to him?
Harry Mack
Harry Mack 12 napja
Everyone else has made various good points and I can't think of anything else to add so... If anyone is curious the mansion would still have costed about two million dollars in 1993.
the blob kingdom
that movie made me so uncomfortable
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
Yep! Think seeing the woman soaked in sweat, breathing heavy, and staring at the kid with lust at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene?
Ash Gulewicz
Ash Gulewicz 12 napja
Michael #5679
Michael #5679 13 napja
Hey, my last name is McIntosh. No relation.
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid 13 napja
Beauty and the beast is just a happy ending to Stockholm syndrome
Veronica 13 napja
I remember watching "Blank Check" when I was a kid and her kissing him made me feel really grossed out.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 6 napja
Do you think the scene at 11:30 is even worse? The woman looks like a huge pervert when she's staring at the kid like that!
Nobody Important
"I wasn't aloud to wach cartoon network till I was like 13" hah same