Disney Channel Musicals 

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SCR33M 9 hónapja
I didn't mean to click this video, sorry.
farqway 25 napja
You made a good mistake
Isabelle 이사벨
Another Papa Sheev
Replied to have replies and feel like people are talking to me
PearTree Hónapja
Manny Lai
Manny Lai Hónapja
I didn't mean to reply to you... sorry.
Olivia Allman
Olivia Allman 18 órája
My high school had car class.
Max Guy
Max Guy 18 órája
Throughout the whole video, I got distracted by the picture of a trumpet Drew photoshopped in. Unless he didn't actually do that an the picture was already there by default. But it really doesn't match with it's surroundings.
Rando Human?
I had a Hannah Montana DVD game😂
alyssa !!
alyssa !! 4 napja
JuciyNinja 4 napja
Great video, I’m on my zune
Nobody Important
“If you don’t know that plot” Me who got forced to watch EVERYTHING related to high school musical in one day: nervously sweating
Lach 5 napja
Bruh Drew finishing the lyrics off as "Fuck it or Suck it" absolutely floored me lmao.
_ gambetta _
_ gambetta _ 6 napja
this is probably the gayest channel made by a non gay person in youtube
Sp Who Me?
Sp Who Me? 6 napja
Make *_an_* app.
Joshweiser 6 napja
you can probably find it at your local Toys R Us or KB Toys!
kealy h
kealy h 6 napja
my favorite jonas brother is frankie
Ashley Tilke
Ashley Tilke 6 napja
they're so cute together kjdlfjdsdh
Livi Coleman
Livi Coleman 7 napja
Ok but the Harry Potter and Disney dvd games are absolutely fantastic.
hc sports
hc sports 7 napja
I dont understand musicals. They are all terrible. It's just a bunch of people running around and singing. I cant go 3 minutes without cringing. It is the worst movie genre to ever exist.
Maniacallaugh 7 napja
YOU’RE NOT JUST A GUY Hey Guy, and welcome back to the first and only channel on HUrun.
¡jüly! 8 napja
this is unrelated but i wrote a four chapter long love story between zach efron and julius caesar
SammyGecko_ 8 napja
My dad was Romeo in the school play and captain of the basketball team All I can say is.. Troy Bolton makes a great father :)
sophie eula
sophie eula 9 napja
hey amanda i know this is your channel and you can do what you want but im kinda tired of your husband being in all the videos, like its cute you want him there but idk i think we'd all just prefer videos with just you!!
Weirdo Madness
Weirdo Madness 12 napja
Is it just me or is everyone sponsored by expressvpn, nordvpn, and surfshark?
Makayla Grace
Makayla Grace 12 napja
I literally just started this as I clicked on my zoom call
Kendall Gore
Kendall Gore 12 napja
Drew and Amanda are the most precous thing ever you cant change my mind
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes 14 napja
Ah, the things you learn from Drew’s videos. For example, you can win one thousand dollars from playing a shitty game, Drew is secretly Demi and Amanda is Nick Jonas. Science
aRMy senpai
aRMy senpai 14 napja
Unpopular opinion: hsm did sharpay dirty and tbh if people study the movie deep enough, the messages that they try to convey are very bad
Robby Videos
Robby Videos 14 napja
NanoBalls 16 napja
I love how whenever I click on a Drew Gooden video, it automatically goes to 720p 60fps and when I click on any other video, it goes to 480p.
Hailey Warhol
Hailey Warhol 16 napja
When I was young my friends all liked Joe or Nick. I felt bad for him so I said I liked Kevin.
Braindead 420
Braindead 420 17 napja
ngl, my school has a auto garage connected to it, and a cosmetology class, and a criminal justice class, so yeah.
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 17 napja
“Welcome to the bank, may I take your order?”
Farid Zeineddine
More Amanda please
jjuupo 18 napja
Omg I'm on my zune
Lenni Alen
Lenni Alen 19 napja
You should do a part 2 of the new disney musical: Hamilton
Jennifer Rairigh
Is this dominos? “NO THIS IS PATRICK”
Yawning Moonwolf
13:24 Oh hi kitty in the back :3 15:27 oh no kitty- RUN :0
Yawning Moonwolf
Sofia Antillon
Sofia Antillon 19 napja
he really explains how straight he is...
I put off watching this for months because I thought he was going to ruin High School Musical and I am so glad I was wrong. Love u drew 💓 HSM was a big part of my childhood too, though I was an 8 year old girl when it came out and not a 13 year old boy
Maximo Scott
Maximo Scott 21 napja
Your relationship is so wholesome!
Moon Child ఌ
Moon Child ఌ 21 napja
Abraham Mathew [Sanish]
the like to dislike ratio is amazing
Steph Kass
Steph Kass 21 napja
Am I the only person who hasn’t seen camp rock?:/ I feel left out HAHAH
ch3rr 21 napja
someone hack google so when you type up john mulaney drew gooden pops up and vice versa
Soladat 23 napja
That game brought back horrible twilight dvd game memories
Greg E
Greg E 23 napja
#LifeIsSquirting so true, so true
SanitaryMailbox -
I can't believe you didn't let Amanda win at her favorite game
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 24 napja
You got higher ping and that is bad
Sean Dixon
Sean Dixon 24 napja
58k likes and only 10k comments
Diddynuggetツ 24 napja
i love videos with u and Amanda
Maiah Slaughter
Maiah Slaughter 24 napja
High school musical is filmed and set in Salt Lake City, Utah
Meta Ray
Meta Ray 25 napja
Maisie Geobey
Maisie Geobey 25 napja
I love the energy you two give out in this video 🥰
Garacian00 25 napja
watching from my zune
Amelia Lee
Amelia Lee 25 napja
Fun fact our 5th grade class, to leave our elementary school, we performed a rendition of the high school musical ending dance “we’re all in this together”. It was bad. Obviously.
im watching this on my zune
Ava Murphy
Ava Murphy 26 napja
"Trash can!" "Trash can said it!"
Abby's Sanctuary
We did the end dance in HSM for my middle school choir
Kevin Amburgey
Kevin Amburgey 26 napja
As a Kevin, this video is offensive.
Elina Kaarna
Elina Kaarna 27 napja
i forgot what happened in the previous 14 mins the moment i saw the cat
FanFicnic 27 napja
Godbless that mom who took that picture of Amanda and her friends surrounded by those pictures. That is HISTORY
Hunni Boba
Hunni Boba 28 napja
"they got car class?" yes. my school is by no means fancy and we have wood work and mechanics-
RainyDayDoodles 28 napja
But Drew, just because they're hot garbage doesn't mean they're not *good* hot garbage!
JellyFish 29 napja
Wait he says express vpn is faster than others, but in the ad read it says it is slower... nvm who cares
Michaela Santos
Michaela Santos Hónapja
“We’ve had it three years and never opened it” 1 min later “she makes me play every night before bed” 😂
Krista M
Krista M Hónapja
Krista M
Krista M Hónapja
I feel like none of the actors in camp rock have ever touched a guitar in their life
Kate Holland
Kate Holland Hónapja
Outro: Drew What I notice: Is that a kit cat in the background on the couch!?!
nabby Hónapja
Ben Pucci
Ben Pucci Hónapja
chomusuke Hónapja
Somehow this movie is nostalgic even though I've never seen it
Katie Pratt
Katie Pratt Hónapja
At 8:05 it looks like drew was too strong and bent the box, which we know is not true
Amira Brown
Amira Brown Hónapja
It’s so wierd that it’s set in Albuquerque becuase everything in the movie is the opposite of everything about Albuquerque.
GotInterest Hónapja
Most of the time I don't like it when HUrunrs bring on their significant others (not a diss on their S.O's it's just I don't normally like guests on any kind of show that doesn't normally have guests) but I did enjoy Amanda's presence here. She's just great on camera and has a similar vibe to Drew so it feels natural.
Narcoleptic Axolotl
I'm not gonna say that Amanda being in the thumbnail was the ONLY reason I clicked on this video, but let's be honest here, she's the biggest reason I clicked on this video. And no, Drew, I'm not crushing on your wife. . . . That would be weird.
Elainie Butler
Elainie Butler Hónapja
I had to learn the dance in 4th grade for a chorus show
Jimena Moreno
Jimena Moreno Hónapja
Put some respect on Kevin’s name
katdartistry Hónapja
Drew you keep pressing my buttons by shitting on all the movies I loved as a kid. You’re right about everything but it stings.
Girls Fuentes
Girls Fuentes Hónapja
Look im younger than most people comenting, but if like to think I'm well versed from the 80's-present, BUT WHAT THE HECK IS A ZUNE!!!
Krystian Huff
Krystian Huff Hónapja
So sweet, had a huge smile the entire time I watched this.
Snow06 Hónapja
I just realized that mid 2000s could mean both 2005 and 2500
Syclonguy_YT Hónapja
try HSM the series god it's a nightmare
Manny Lai
Manny Lai Hónapja
any one else seen the film theroy episode?
I liked camp rock so much I bought the DVD with special backstage facts and bloopers in blue ray I THEN bought the CD of the songs and enjoyed them both
DragonBagon123 :O
I just relized Amanda is on the cover of this video
Bells Fantastic
Bells Fantastic Hónapja
13-16 secs into the vid growing man child lol 😂
Joe B
Joe B Hónapja
I am watching this on my Zune
Sell Me This Pen
I went to a shitty high-school in New York it was full of fight and drama .. but it did have alot of extra curriculum activities
Alice Hónapja
This is your reminder that I don’t dance from hsm2 is about being gay cause I said so
Alice Hónapja
Hsm said no to toxic masculinity tbh. Respect
Alice Hónapja
Camp rock 2 is much better quality but still not near hsm
Alice Hónapja
I went to a state school from the uk and I remember watching this and being so bloody confused that the sports team where like celebrities?? I don’t even know if our school had a football team
Aluma Dan
Aluma Dan Hónapja
Mine was Kevin
J Lupus
J Lupus Hónapja
I couldn't help but cheer when he said "we're using this DVD as a tax write-off"
azul weiter azul
I love this channel jajaj
azul weiter azul
cactus Hónapja
I don’t know if anyone’s already said this but the place that the title is at 0:42 actually whistler, idk just figured it was kinda neat
Jacob Bemiller
Jacob Bemiller Hónapja
Fun fact 2 lead actors from Disney channel movies portrayed two of the worst serial killers ever Zac Efron as Ted bundy in extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile Ross lynch as Jeffery dahmer in my friend dahmer
Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver Hónapja
Zuuuuune. F, i forgot those existed. 😂
YouTuber Shoutout fun
Me: Searches the game. The internet: Oh, well we've got a billion of that game that you've literally never seen in our stores or anywhere else.
Benjamin Mitchell
i'm.... taller than zach efron. get fucking rekt
MikeSG87 Hónapja
School envy was so big for high school musical and Zoey 101 omg