Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone 

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Rampid Panjandrum
I’m a Uni student and I started doing a bit of doordash on the side. Soooo many people don’t tip. Would you not tip a waiter or pizza driver?? Like come on we get a few dollars at most for base pay.
locutus94 12 órája
I've used these services twice and then decided I'm done. Cold pancakes from iHop isn't close to being worth $30. I either pick it up myself or I don't get takeout
The Nerd Bird
The Nerd Bird 16 órája
we always say deliveroo even if we're getting food from uber eats
Chelsea L
Chelsea L Napja
Little update for ya: British Columbia, Canada capped the commission percentage that the app could collect from the restaurants, so Skip the Dishes added the “BC” fee of $1 that the customers have to pay on every single order. It gets better. That BC fee? It’s TAXABLE. That’s right, we pay tax on a fee that serves no purpose except charging the customer MORE money.
neftron Napja
Companies know how to shift profits and show that they are operating at a loss on the books, even though they are not. So, it best to get a cut of the gross, rather than the net.
Brens exe
Brens exe Napja
Not a pinned comment yet 😲
They purposefully do it like this. Id buy 2 meals and use it for lunch and dinner
Lena Jones
Lena Jones Napja
I ordered twice this week from Uber eats and yeah I know it's exagerate... That's why you can't order from Uber eats all the time, it has to be occasional. But yeah the problem is, it's practical especially with the curfew at 6pm and the restaurants being closed (I mostly order from there when I don't have other options and yeah I feel guilty about it) P.S: I live in France
Alisa Kinzel
Oh my gosh thank you for talking about this! Yes! It’s so annoying when the tiny restaurant I worked for got so little money after working like crazy to get the orders in but because of the lockdown they didn’t have another option.
O1993 Napja
Uber Eats has a shitty refund policy. I got buzzed once and had to order something. None of the drivers took my order and 2 hours later I couldn’t get a refund.
Ignaz S.
Ignaz S. 2 napja
I have never used delivery apps because I'm so cheap. Yet I worked for tips for 13 years. 🤔
Sarah Gaines
Sarah Gaines 2 napja
Big colin jost vibe. I’d love to see you on weekend update one day.
Seth 2 napja
I'm a driver. Uber Eats is the worst. Completely glitchy, terrible customer service. Postmates has gotten considerably worse after UE bought them.
Emperor Hirohito
As a manager at a food establishment, this is a pain at times because our menu changes seasonally and most of these apps don’t update the menu and we have no control over updating it manually and in addition tho that we are unable to contact customers to inform them that the menu is not correct.
J. J.
J. J. 2 napja
I don’t understand how but like half of the times I order something from these apps they forget the goddamn drinks. It’s so frustrating
Avivamae 2 napja
My husband used to do deliveroo delivery on the side and they constantly screwed him over in so many ways and would rip him off and not pay him every opportunity they could (and boy did they go out of their way to make those opportunities magically appear every day multiple times a day). Often they would cancel the order out of the system after he already delivered it or while in process so he couldn't get paid and other gross shady stuff like that every freaking day. They constantly stole the money he rightfully earned and would screws up with the addresses sending him across the city when he specifically logged into work within the local area and would send him outside of the agreed upon zone like crazy far away (and he was on a bike making it impossible and not what the delivery person agreed to do). Ohh and the insane way they did the schedule, you would have to pick your shifts at least a week or so ahead but they set it up so that some drivers get preferential treatment when it comes to choosing shift, the more delivery you do after a set number the earlier you can choose your shifts and you have to requalify every week so if you get sick one week you can't get any decent hours the next week because you are held back from being able to choose a shift while some other drivers get special early access and take all of the good shift where you can actually make any money. The way they treat the delivery people is absolutely disgusting and actually seeing how they repeatedly stole from and screwed over my husband make me feel sick and I will never use their service. He worked his ass off and wasn't even making minimum wage most of the time.
Busyness 2 napja
So, what can you do? Where order?
Sarah Fayecroft
Lol he says Hey guy?
Shadouwz 2 napja
I was waiting the hellofresh sponsor, missed opportunity there
Genevieve Henry
you're generation z's Seth Meyers
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 3 napja
i got a doordash ad. Womp
Saga 3 napja
I ordered sushi from a place once that had a minimum order quantity, and by the time I’d ordered a couple of odds and ends to make it, the total was $40AUD. There’s now a sushi vendor in my supermarket with the exact same stuff, and it costs $15AUD total. I’m in walking distance too, so it take less time to get it myself than deliver. I think of Doordash and Uber Eats as convenience takeaway - I only order from there because my laziness outweighs the ridiculous markup, but usually I’ll order directly from the restaurant
Virginia D.
Virginia D. 3 napja
see if your area has a local delivery service - we have takeout central it’s pretty reasonably priced, and restaurants seem to like it. customer service is super responsive too
Harvey 3 napja
In the nicest way possible, do young Americans actually cook? I get convenience but is it really worth 4x the price and shitty middle men companies to not cook a meal that can last like 3 portions? From what I personally have experienced, in the UK getting take out is like a once a week treat, Americans seem to have take out food for most of their meals
Patryk Patty
Patryk Patty 3 napja
I am dumbfounded as to why people use any of these services when every single restaurant in my area (Brooklyn) has free delivery. Fast food is the only exception. One of my coworkers uses uber eats everyday to order from a place that has free delivery and I am confused
Porcelanne 3 napja
My verb is doordash 👹
Melanie Young
Melanie Young 3 napja
I don’t think delivery services are necessary AT ALL. If someone doesn’t use them, are they gonna starve? No. There was a time before grubhub etc. also, if you’re broke and spending $30 on lunch, you are your own worst problem.
ca-ke 4 napja
I just dont think these delivery apps even have a viable business model, but they are using VC funding to dominate and completely screw over the food delivery system.
ca-ke 4 napja
Someday people will realize that they are just like wework, but less obvious.
ca-ke 4 napja
Also I wonder if there will be an attention economy born where attention is the currency, seeing as the internet is a "public good", quite difficult to restrict access to in order to make profit in monetary terms, but there is no denying the value and influence that these apps have. Either that or the silicon valley bubble pops and the VC probably cash in way before common folk.
ca-ke 4 napja
Also, spending all that money to avoid treating their drivers as employees is definitely less efficient than just treating their "gig workers" like employees which basically do doordash like a full time job anyways.
Jeremiah Liggins
They expect tips...for literally doing their job...um...
Ana Uruchurtu
Ana Uruchurtu 3 napja
Tops should only be applied to people that work hard jobs like restaurant jobs that deal with bad people on the daily but just driving around getting food isn’t hard
esma monem
esma monem 4 napja
Netflix seems to care more about programming people than making profit
Phil Frizzle
Phil Frizzle 4 napja
I know you'll read this comment months later. Silicon Valley companies don't care about short term profits. They care about growth - hyper growth. Billionaires subsidize the consumer. The lower cost attracts more users to the platform. The company destroys all the existing businesses in that space. Once these companies crush all the competition, they raise rates back around to what they used to cost. Now we have to pay taxi rates for our uber, with no taxi alternative.
fede edelstein
In my country the delivery costs like a fixed fee that is less than 1 dolar (its like 25% of a single mcdonalds meal)
Brandiepop 4 napja
one time just eat came to me with an empty bag it was meant to be kfc and it was a big order for my household of 6 people it was £40 but we didnt get a refund we got 1 free bucket of chicken thats it for 6 people in the end kfc got blamed because just eat says it not our fault at all im sure the guy didnt know it was empty it was filled with napkins so it looked full also why did they have a bag of napkins thank god it was kfc and not a small restaurant like morley's chicken shop we didnt get it because it was too late so we couldve ended up blaming a small restaurant that is going out of business from the lockdown
Jaylop97 4 napja
I like a lot of people that work at restaurants really hate these companies because it's extremely insulting that their drivers get tipped while the people making the food get slammed so many times with customers wanting so many things ordered and get disrespected and complained at by people that don't even have much reliability behind them. The restaurant I work at always gets orders on top of orders from the big 3 and our online system, and we simply cannot keep up because we don't have enough staff to make as many orders and then to resupply our stock. If these places tip, many restaurants should be the ones getting most of that instead, I really hate the fact that restaurants are bigger sources of income to more people, especially someone like me that can't drive and they are the most at risk for getting shut down for not meeting demand for rent and other fees that are already high enough, for some companies that take advantage of customers and don't worry as much about their business tanking thanks to high demand.
Wolfpack Productions
You should’ve made this video later, mainly because of the grub hub ad
munib malik
munib malik 5 napja
Just to add the drivers will also appreciate if ppl didn’t follow the 20% rule on delivery apps (small orders only) cuz a waiter serving u less stuff has to work less, but drivers r hauling the same amount. So tip by the driving mins please. Maybe even 25c every 5 mins (for small orders)
Jeremiah Liggins
Are you saying the drivers don't get paid? Because if they do, then tips are just extra and shouldn't be expected
MrDane634 5 napja
Wrong orders and cold food isn’t the deliverers fault as 95% of bags are sealed nowadays
Nick 5 napja
I recently discovered you and I just realized what is so familiar. You are John Mulaney but in the former of a HUrunr. This is everything I’ve ever wanted
Nick Fouts
Nick Fouts 5 napja
As a driver, these companies still do use tips to subsidize pay. Doordash will say I will be paid $7 for an order, but after I drop off I learn that $5 of that is tip, and $2 is actual pay. Postmates doesn’t do this, but they also don’t show pay up front so it’s a gamble with every order, and customers on Postmates don’t tend to tip much if at all. Grubhub is better IMO, they at least show full pay up front and customers tend to tip better. This all applies at least to my area, each area is different.
Nick Fouts
Nick Fouts 5 napja
I should add that I am able to make a decent living with delivery as my side hustle. As a driver, you’re allowed to pick which orders your accept and decline, so you don’t have to take low pay/no tip orders. As long as you’re picky with your orders you’ll be fine. There’s a lot of other positives such as being able to work on your own schedule and manage yourself. It’s not for everyone but works great for a lot of folks.
Remy 5 napja
this is why i make a new account every 30 days so i don’t have to pay a delivery fee
Taco Sloth
Taco Sloth 5 napja
I just use absurd coupon codes to get my food for 1 - 5 dollars. The 20 bucks off coupon is pretty much free food. Edit: I am talking about ubereats, because postmates is literally awful and crazy expensive. I also like how using uber gets you rewards for ubereats.
Tall Ginger
Tall Ginger 5 napja
frogspew 5 napja
gonna postsmate wendys
Coffee cup
Coffee cup 5 napja
In argentina a 4 people dinner costs around 1000 pesos
livalil 5 napja
this just makes me realize that america allows businesses to scam. that’s it.
oh no
oh no 6 napja
Glad to know that I'm being laid off for a third time since covid, while my position is being dissolved and outsourced to a 'superior alternative'
dokess Ezeaka
dokess Ezeaka 6 napja
Don't forget the $5 service fee on door dash... For what! Not even the delivery fee goes to the delivery drivers.
dokess Ezeaka
dokess Ezeaka 6 napja
Should have invested in food delivery services
Matt K
Matt K 6 napja
I don't use delivery apps much but had to spend one weekend in a hotel in another city so I tried Uber eats once...I ordered McDonald's that added up to $20 before extra charges. $30 after. Well, 2 hours later and nobody had picked it up. Tried to cancel and Uber eats claims McDonald's already started the food so I can't get my $20 back. Right, if they made the food 2 hours ago I don't want it anyways. I looked all over on how to get the full refund. Not possible. I got my $10 back and deleted the app. Fuckers probably never even have the $20 they stole from me to McDonald's
Mace Jetzer
Mace Jetzer 6 napja
You say „google something“ even when you use a different search engine
Some guy
Some guy 6 napja
Drew: I’ve decided to make my own food delivery service it’s going to to be called drewber uber we’re we get 2.5% of profit and spend money to lose money
PlayedTooMuch 6 napja
one time my doordash guy got in a car accident :((
Laura Ellen
Laura Ellen 7 napja
Never used them. Never will. I've also never used Lyft or Uber. I guess I'm an anomaly.
Jacob Lancelot
Lmao. You claim the companies are exploiting restaurants, consumers, and workers. You say they are “price gouging”, not giving employees enough benefits (despite it being self employment work), and that they somehow take advantage of restaurants by taking a percentage of the order. Yet you admit that these companies are also loosing millions of dollars every month. They aren’t profitable. How do you exploit someone when they are voluntarily choosing to use your service. Not only that, but the delivery companies aren’t even making enough to pay their bills!! Yeah, these evil corporations...🙄
Comic Creators yt
The 1.2 dislikes are from the delivery apps workers
Cantara Bella
Cantara Bella 7 napja
Base pay drops to $1 during peak pay and decent customer tip, your driver seeing their delivery payout at the end 😒 Omg that schedule zoom of 12:30-1:00, 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Ivory
Hunter Ivory 7 napja
fun doordash story: i did delivery for them for a few months and a woman was somehow allowed to order from a store that WASN’T EVEN DONE BEING BUILT
J. J.
J. J. 2 napja
Hahahahaha that’s hilarious
Carla W.
Carla W. 7 napja
Gig economy is late stage capitalism at its worst
TinnieTa21 7 napja
As a person from Canada, North American society and our concept of "tipping" is just completely idiotic! Every pro-tip person's argument is, waitresses, waiters, delivery people, etc work hard and deserve the extra money. Believe me, my mom came to Canada as an immigrant and worked a number of waitressing jobs. I have all of the sympathy in the world for these workers. However, they should be compensated fairly by the employer, not the customer! And many employers take the tips away anyways. My biggest issue with tipping is that it isn't standardized and is based on situational pressures and more often than not, how attractive the worker is at that time.
Leonid Ellisor
This video was brought to me by door dash 🤣
Linda Vel
Linda Vel 8 napja
Yep. I worked for a big company and we always had companies giving us discounts. We had one for a food delivery. It was like 30 dollars...luckily I got mine for free since we got a promotion. Never used it again after that.
aidan dead
aidan dead 8 napja
Thanks for the grub hub add
sleepynomi 9 napja
i know i'm late to this comments section, but i want everyone to know that the uk's high court has ruled that food delivery drivers are employees of the company rather than gig workers, which is good news for delivery drivers everywhere! hopefully this will set a precedent for legislature in other parts of the world :)
Vince Villanueva
Fat chance we had a ballot measure like that in California back during election season in 2020 ( prop 22 : made delivery drivers and Lyft / Uber drivers “independent contractors” ) and the proposition passed due to heavy advertising by Uber , Lyft , Postmates , ect. Making it look like the most pro worker Proposition ever. When in actuality it just makes sure that corporations like Uber and Lyft can screw over drivers further , after the measure passed many drivers actually have been suing to get the Proposition overturned as they feel it violates the California Constitution and that they should be given the rights of other workers as they see themselves as employees rather than gig drivers. To make matters worse a constitutional challenge to prop 22 was thrown out by the Californian Supreme Court earlier this month, clearing the path for Prop 22 to take full effect.
Mason Reith
Mason Reith 9 napja
As a restaurant worker that is forced to use third party delivery services, this means a whole lot! Thanks for posting about something that directly affects my life as well as so many others in such an honest and direct way! I appreciate you guy
Lou Reed
Lou Reed 9 napja
Truth bomb alert at 3:55, so true that people sometimes can be stupid and quick to blame the restaurant as opposed to their amateur hour 3rd party app they used to order when something goes wrong.
Bas Barnes
Bas Barnes 9 napja
Deliveroo slaps, ftw
AJ Mason
AJ Mason 9 napja
Who else got a grubhub ad on this video?
The909Virus 9 napja
Tipping on DoorDash all really depends on a number of factors. Sometimes you can't simply use percentages to justify a delivery. One thing drivers will notice first hand is how far away a delivery may be from the restaurant to your home. So if the percentage does not match the miles driven, it could impact how soon you'll be receiving your food. I would tip twice the amount if you live further than 4 miles away (ie: 5 miles; $10 tip, 7 miles; $14 tip) because you're making drivers move away from the hotspots that help them receive more orders and into a rural area. It helps make up for the potential loss. And, of course, pre-tipping helps you get your food delivered sooner. Typical pizza chains work with nearby locations to make deliveries optimal and safe for their drivers. Usuallly they don't exceed 4 miles on delivery routes. 3rd-party delivery services don't have sophisticated systems like that in place, so a driver is likely to receive "bad" orders because it's based on a 5-mile RADIUS opposed to driving ROUTES. So like someone could be living 9 miles away based on the ROUTE, but the RADIUS is still 5 miles, which is an unrealistic depiction of doing proper business. TL;DR: Check the restaurant location and see how far away it is on Google Maps and use that information along with other factors to gauge the appropriate way to tip. P.S.: We're not paid for our mileage or for our tolls, and because of this, deliveries requested that are far away need to have an expectation their food will be taking 30 minutes to an hour because we're taking the backroads. P.P.S.: If you live far away and you don't want to wait longer for your food, try using the tipping etiquette for DoorDash on UberEats. Uber pays an amount for the mileage and they fully pay for the tolls their drivers make their way through. I don't use UberEats a lot as a driver because I get more stiffs while working for them and DoorDash doesn't penalize me for declining orders, but if everyone contributed positively for their UberEats drivers, it would blow DoorDash out of the water.
Alexander Mendez
What the fuck? They charge the customer a service fee AND charge commission?
ii_ClayBee 10 napja
Me just waiting for him to talk about the grub hub ad:
Gabriel Gangon
Gabriel Gangon 10 napja
This guys voice is buttery af
gibus theinfamous
A rare instance where a Drew video doesn't have a pinned comment saying something totally against him and/or his videos.
I See The Future
I’ve been a Doordash driver for 8 months now and I can assure you that Doordash takes most of the money per order, if there’s a $25 order we probably will get paid like $5
Tasha Ely
Tasha Ely 10 napja
Work at a sushi joint in Canada and 25% of the order goes to skip the dishes (think their canadian) and 30% of order total to door dash, also will put in 14min prep time on door dash app and the driver rolls up in 5 and have to pay the driver for the minutes they wait, not sure of that is also case if their within the prep time but yeh it's bs. You get a lot more business for sure but everyone loses out save the companies. There will be 2-3 people packing orders and no tips go to the restaurant who cook and prep orders and if its busy than tables get left behind I find to avoid the driver waiting fee. Basically just a shit show. Always best to pick up ur food if you can, we give 10% off to pick up customers and candies in their bags! :)
DirtyHank 10 napja
Im not American but do you have to tip there? And if so isn’t it more of a fee?
warped temptress
the delivery fee is technically the money they make but a tip isn’t mandatory but it’s usually the nice thing to do lol
Lili Salem
Lili Salem 11 napja
I used Postmates once and I paid $10 for a single cherry Slurpee. My mom was pissed, and now I can see why.
N P 11 napja
Uber is definitely the best to work for in case anyone is wondering. Postmates is horrible and Doordash falsely accused me of assaulting someone. so....
Imogen Velazquez
lol! I love the humor
Anubea Waldron
Anubea Waldron 11 napja
Honestly, Uber Eats.
Rebecca Waller
Rebecca Waller 11 napja
Me eating the leftover chipotle I ordered on doordash last night while I watch this 👁️👄👁️
Eric Gudgeon
Eric Gudgeon 11 napja
Nice shirt, drew.
Introverts World
Support your local mom and pops by going there in person or seeing if they offer delivery that's not through GrubHub
Bridey O’Boyle
My parents are small restaurant owners and we have gotten so many people upset with us because we refuse to use those delivery apps when they tried taking 20%, it got to the point where doordash put us on the app without our permission with an old menu and it just furthered us from ever going on those little hell raisers.
Maddi Noelle
Maddi Noelle 12 napja
I deliver through my work and they charge a 5$ processing fee so people usually end up tipping less than 5$ or even less than 2$. I make more in DoorDash lmao... edit: yes you were right about the tipping thing. Definitely tip in cash please lol (if you can). I usually end up with making 5 dollars off of an 18 mile delivery. Delivering for ANYWHERE sucks. Funny story, I got drunk and didn’t realize that the store itself was 10 miles from me and the guy ended up driving a total of 20 miles for a 6 dollar tip so I just threw more money at him and let him keep the shake I ordered. Drunk or not, make sure you know where things are the apps are really misleading with distance and sometimes it sends you to a different store than you intended
Ben S
Ben S 12 napja
They are operating at a loss to get their businesses up to scale (creating the infrastructure for them to operate at the highest efficiency) all that money is going into research and development. They use borrowed money to make the process go faster. At some point, these companies will become profitable. The one to do it first will have a very strong position in the market. They are in debt because they are racing to get to scale and operating at a loss (sacrificing now for future rewards) is their best shot at doing so.
David Konevky
David Konevky 12 napja
In my country you only pay the profe of the food and a little bit more of money for the delivery itself. Why do people make everything so complicated?
Pipluphmv 12 napja
I don't know if this counts but I'm a writer and my go-to vague description for one of my stories is "Teenaged girl and some aliens deliver god's GrubHub order" even though GrubHub is not involved in the least and it's more a grocery order than a meal. Also, yes that story sounds absurd cause it is absurd. I am absurd.
Erik No
Erik No 12 napja
Yet, somehow i can call the restaurants and order food without an app.
Gen Z Perspective
EYEoftheneedle 13 napja
I got paid $10 to deliver a single drink from Wendy’s like 3km distance. Probably cost him like $20 for a single drink.
Fat Yoshi
Fat Yoshi 13 napja
I love how I got a delivery app ad in the beginning of this video
Eddie Gluskin
Eddie Gluskin 14 napja
I cant count the times uber eats have stollen my food and i received no refund
dick castle
dick castle 14 napja
what about mr beast burger? i think its pretty much the same thing, just curious. its mildly irritating to me that ppl are acting like hes some kinda hero or something
speciauxability 14 napja
If those fees actually went to the delivery drivers, it wouldnt be a problem at all. I work delivery. Most of the time people dont want to tip much because of all the fees.
M H 14 napja
As someone who works in the industry, thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I have dealt with some real crap from these companies such as signing us up without our permission which led to them having the wrong info about our business. They have also sent in very unprofessional drivers and of course the blame falls on our business instead of them. They are essentially stealing money from my servers that rely on tips as the majority of their pay. Of course because of the pandemic they are already taking a huge cut in what they used to make. Thanks for pointing this out because too many people do not understand that these delivery services are hurting businesses more than helping them. If you want to support small businesses at this time, go to the place yourself. Many businesses will accommodate those that are worried about being exposed to potential illness.
Meghan 14 napja
A restaurant that's a family regular briefly left Uber Eats because the couriers kept coming in through his front door/dining room, even though he'd repeatedly told them to come in through the rear service/employee door. The couriers don't bother to read explicit delivery instructions. I rent a rear basement apartment and always tell them in very explicit detailed directions to leave it on the rear patio table and ring my bell, and they always leave it on my landlord's front porch. I abbreviate so for example, to order liquor, I Skip, last night I Dashed some pizza, because DoorDash is the only food courier service that delivers Pizza Hut in my area.
RM M 14 napja
You Tube was bleeding Google money until they figured out how to make it profitable, that's why sometimes they hang on to the IP, and they're not losing their money, but investors money so they don't give a shit in the end.
Joe O’Neill
Joe O’Neill 14 napja
I love how you put the sponsored segment at the end of the video so i know exactly when to start watching another video
Orson Christian
Orson Christian 14 napja
The part about looking up the number somewhere else is important. The number listed in the app is very often a forwarded number owned by the app, and they will bill the restaurant for you ordering. Even for just calling. They have been sued for listing restaurants and billing them for calls who never even agreed to use the service.
not real
not real 15 napja
idk about america but here in ontario doordash is buttcheeks💀 they brought me my mcdonald’s in an unsealed bag with like half my fries missing😂