A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers 

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Welcome to Attaway General, a hospital full of unqualified teenage doctors who don't even want to be here. Seems like a good idea!
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Zoe Hoffman
Zoe Hoffman 8 hónapja
i waiting for you to make this video
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Stuart 5 órája
you not check you spelling it not hard
Neq 3 napja
same lmao
Mandatory Memes
Mandatory Memes 17 napja
Vanessa E.
Vanessa E. 21 napja
naomi 22 napja
@Vanessa E. omg pogchamp!
River Snow
River Snow 13 perccel
Where’s part two? =(
Big Al 24601
Big Al 24601 4 órája
Where's part 3?
neme 8 órája
Omg so much cringe I can't finish watching this
Will Davis
Will Davis 10 órája
I’m waiting for the day Dixie says a line that isn’t forcefully sarcastic
Flora Okungbowa
Flora Okungbowa 11 órája
Dixie sounds like she has her lines written in her pupils. No flavour 👩‍🍳
Jesse Heidgerken
Jesse Heidgerken 20 órája
The exciting exclusive lawyer scully welcome because japan steadily cheer beneath a ambiguous beginner. madly, zonked dime
Sims it
Sims it 21 órája
Why is no one talking about the juvie guy, his acting was like NBA 2K15 levels of bad!!
Myr Rosen
Myr Rosen Napja
The imported antarctica oddly reply because intestine gergely impress times a internal index. pathetic, absent revolve
Caroline Hutchins
say it with me folks: "we won't hire people just because they're famous." Dixie Damelio or however the heck you spell her last name can't act to save her life.
Ruby Napja
"hey I scheduled an appointment for Tuesday? My doctor said I was a little bitch and sent me away" "That is not a disease" *click*
skittles hair army balls
season 2 is out👀
M Ali
M Ali Napja
Dixie is literally THE DEFINITION of 👁👄👁 like, no emotion, no charisma, no passion. Just 👁👄👁. Occaaaasionally an eye roll and exaggerated sigh.
Sips Napja
It burns, it burns😱. Don't know how you could stand to watch 4 episodes of that show.
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy 2 napja
title of this video: A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers GOD: ho sh*t more work for me lol
Tomato 2 napja
Dixie has no acting range, looks basic and has rather annoying
Tomato 2 napja
I like how after wearing surgical caps their hair is still out 😡
Holden Bell
Holden Bell 2 napja
God no my name is in here
Charlee Extoria
Greys anatomy is my favorite show, it’s a good show, but this show is horrible
Öykü Sıla Uçar
why would u put patatoes in the fridge?
Öykü Sıla Uçar
Thank you Drew for making me laugh. Oh no, but you didn't.
mirah nyra
mirah nyra 2 napja
Looks like Drew will never acknowledge their names. Its just straight up “that girl”
최민아 3 napja
Bitch i can act better than this and i have autism and cant show my emotions properly 😭😂
Micah Guillemette
The dude playing the "delinquant" is so NOT threatening in any way or looks even close to someone who would get arrested. His voice is so soft and he just looks like the dude who hangs out in library and plays pokemon on his DS in his free time.
Lukul O
Lukul O 3 napja
Can you do another video about brat tv but in another show?
Abai Muratbekov
10:09 just spit out my food
Pia Padilla
Pia Padilla 3 napja
I love how monotone all their voices are lol
Henry the Anglerfish
I’d say that Dixie sounds so robotic with her delivery, but I’ve seen robots show more emotion than her. Even GLaDOS’ dullest, most monotone voice has PERFECT delivery compared to Dixie
Dancey Dance dance
Aaaaah nice.
Nithin Srivatsa
5:44 Yes, the classic "introduce yourself when you're in a massive amount of pain" moment. So relateable, totally happens to everyone. This is such a natural script :)
AJ Horak
AJ Horak 4 napja
I’m still waiting for a part 2!
A Little Chestnutty
5:36 - BRUH? Max Mayfeild says you need to stop the bleeding AND THEN wrap it in bandages. Yall have never seen Stranger Things Season 3 and it SHOWS🙄
sofia garcia
sofia garcia 5 napja
11:55 because, sometimes, he doesn't wanna be happy
Rebecca T
Rebecca T 6 napja
Came here after watching half of Season 2, Episode 1 of Attaway General and it’s seriously exponentially worse.
edith 6 napja
Unpopular opinion: just dance app is getting progressively worse ;-;
Tajko Redden
Tajko Redden 6 napja
Memelord 423
Memelord 423 6 napja
“HELP I JUST GOT STABBED!” *”thats not a disease”*
just a random person
why does the prison guy seem like another dobre brother
just a random person
my 4 year old sister can act better than them
Karina 6 napja
i die at 10:20 when she gets mad at her dad but it says code blue which means someone stopped breathing 😀
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 7 napja
This feels like one of those try not to cringe challenge videos. People don’t typically talk to you and then just pass out and if they do, it’s usually a medical condition that you should know about.
Joe Saroyan
Joe Saroyan 7 napja
The 1k dislikes are all Dixie damelio fans
Neighborhood Ginger
10:18 Whenever I see this guy my gut instinct is "Why is Steven Suptic's dad in a hospital?"
9:09 I thought it was a phone???
Georgia P
Georgia P 8 napja
OH MY GOODNESS. My name is Georgia, and every time Dixie’s character’s name gets mentioned I physically recoil due to cringe. 🥺💛
J productions
J productions 8 napja
Well... I hate this. The show not the video
Emma Tafoya
Emma Tafoya 8 napja
Haha! My ma actually bought the presidential race chess set
shannen cj 22
shannen cj 22 8 napja
Bro... She didn't even disinfect the wound firstttt bruh he would've had an infection
shannen cj 22
shannen cj 22 8 napja
One of the most inaccurate medical drama
Leyla Nasib
Leyla Nasib 9 napja
sorry, i just can't stop thinking about the fact that the girl just started bandaging his arm without cleaning off any of the blood.
Wam Frog
Wam Frog 9 napja
She dident even disinfect the wound or even wipe it
Yoda 222
Yoda 222 9 napja
3:20 they do that all the time to Jerry in Parks and Recreation
Misaki From Wii Sports
This plot is a stupid tumbler role play.
AMO 088
AMO 088 9 napja
Lindsey Frazer
Lindsey Frazer 10 napja
Drew I love you and all of your videos but this is easily the hardest to watch, only because of how terrible this show is
truce artwork
truce artwork 10 napja
I'm sorry but when the girl said she had brain cancer and the smart girl went "I'm so sorry" she did NOT sound sorry or upset lmfao
Space Snail
Space Snail 10 napja
As a nurse this is very accurate
Nobody 10 napja
After watching anything by brat i have to go to walmart then buy exeactly 6 bottles of hand sanitizer then about 2 gallons of bleach then mix them together and then pour it directly into my wide open eyes. Anyway so im off to attaway general to get my eyes fixed bye
red jones
red jones 10 napja
"Please help me, I can't feel a pulse-" "That is not a disease."
DiscClub6 10 napja
You put potatoes in the fridge?
Nicholas Legg
Nicholas Legg 10 napja
weak ending i wanted to see
Ezra Kalich
Ezra Kalich 11 napja
I love how drew has the ability to take literally any line from anything and make it fucking hilarious.
sabrina 11 napja
Blue or Better
Blue or Better 11 napja
Wait the chess set wasn't a dream?
lauren hanson
lauren hanson 11 napja
Why hasn't there been a part two? I specifically requested it
monti 12 napja
can someone explain to me why does he say "guy" instead of "guys"???
Tboom Box1472
Tboom Box1472 12 napja
6:57 ?
HP Gummy
HP Gummy 12 napja
part 2 drew... where is it???
J B 13 napja
😂They bored that one girl to death talking about a puppy crush.
bill alvarez
bill alvarez 13 napja
Dixe is good but a singer and a bad actor so let’s not talk about the other’s
Pooja 13 napja
Was this close to throwing up in my mouth. The cringe is on another level
クレア 13 napja
the way that kid blew up the gloves to wear them *in a hospital*
Aster 14 napja
Dixie's acting is like someone participating in popcorn reading because they were forced to, and have never read a book out loud in their entire life. There is no emotion whatsoever in the lines she is saying lmao
kid: my ears bleed when I think charlie d'amelio: *starts twirking* kid: ouch oof brain cells go brrr
Fukui Hisoka
Fukui Hisoka 14 napja
Are we really surprised that TikTok stars can’t act for shit?
Excuse You?
Excuse You? 4 napja
No, not really
Senexie Neipha
Senexie Neipha 15 napja
Do you like to eat dinner I say no ,why he says me too?
Hoppy H
Hoppy H 15 napja
I think this is the best opening I've seen so far xD so simple yet i can't stop laughing - - - - lmao especially as a non american this is just what every european stereotype of America is xD
Melyssa O'brien
Melyssa O'brien 15 napja
When u actually have that chess set at the beginning😅
Charu Sawant
Charu Sawant 15 napja
Drew Gooden, Pyrocynical and Critikal absolutely destroyed this show in completely different ways
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer 16 napja
Wow and I though riverdale was a bad show
Doggaraffe 16 napja
What’s your job? I’m a TV.
Lucas Gilliam
Lucas Gilliam 16 napja
I'm scared
Hèllø 16 napja
Ok but now we all know we're the hospital beds went. right?
Bad name i know
Bad name i know 17 napja
06:56 shows power
Im relly bored
Im relly bored 17 napja
Alternative title for the show: Tik tok hospital
Spartan 118
Spartan 118 17 napja
Season 2 sadly doesn’t have the Oscar award nominated acting of jack or Dixie d’melio. But one of the girls hates gay people because she didn’t die in surgery. Not a fair trade for jack but its something.
Artistic Coconut
No, it makes sense that he was giving the patient company. Remember in you and Danny’s whisper boyfriend asmr video, our boyfriend gave us company to cure our sickness.
Asha Sharma
Asha Sharma 17 napja
6:37 is from quakity channel
Prachi Mishra
Prachi Mishra 17 napja
Why am I watching Drew dance repeatedly!
Sir Michael Fuzari
Who the fuck puts tatoes in the fridge?
cornstarch54 18 napja
"HELP!! MY DAD FELL DOWN THE STAIRS AND CRACKED HIS HEAD OPEN!!!" "no that is not a disease" "oh okay bye"
Zack Schaefer
Zack Schaefer 18 napja
I love how they are trying to set up an Attaway cinematic universe. The high school from the old show was called Attaway high
Lewis McGregor
Lewis McGregor 18 napja
El pasta
Tony Fredrickson
You're a valid part of the boys. Come cuddle no homo tho
Kunisake 18 napja
If my doctor told me they were a tiktoker, I would ask for poison
Cassidy Beckwith
I havent been able to really smile for a couple hours now even though I have been doing things that usually do but this video, specifically 5:20, made me genuinely smile. Thank you.
Victoria Kjær Offersen
i have a question... Is Will not supposed to be a young doctor/resident or something? cause if you pause it this video around 7:29 you can see that his shirt says 'teen volunteer' but he's not a volunteer right? or did I get it wrong? if he is supposed to be a doctor/resident or something then I guess he was out of luck cause the budget only stretched for one sentence to be written on all shirts...
Pora Eroz
Pora Eroz 20 napja
"there's so much variety in the way she rolls her eyes" priceless.
Oliver Estrada-Brown
Please tell me that drew added a bad soundtrack to this film to be funny...
Anna T
Anna T 21 napja
Rewatching in 2021 - I just wanted to say I love how you use your platform. You strike a great balance of levity and entertainment while also acknowledging the significance and gravity of current events. Thank you for your vocal support and your monetary pledges to so many different organizations and for reminding me that there are people out there who care. 🖤